University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Russell Adams Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Oscar Albert Parsons (grad student)
Mohiuddin Ahmad
Robert E. Anderson
Hibah Awwad Pharmaceutical Sciences20072013 Kelly Standifer (post-doc)
Matthew Baier Pharmaceutical Sciences20172021 Hibah Awwad (research assistant)
Deepa Bandi RaoToxicology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Audiology2000 Laurence D. Fechter (grad student)
William Beatty
Lea Bennett Cell Biology2014 Robert E. Anderson (grad student)
Cady Blockneuropsychology Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences20132014 Russell Adams (grad student), James Scott (grad student)
Rebba C. Boswell-CasteelMembrane Protein Transporters Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20112016 Franklin A. Hays (grad student)
Aaron ChalonerNeuroscience Biology, Endocrinology Biology2012 Beverley G. Meerveld (grad student)
Marshall K. CheneyPublic Health, Behavioral Sciences Psychology2010 Roy Oman (grad student)
Sarah S. ChristmanSpeech Pathology, Cognitive Psychology
Courtney L. DonicaNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacy, Molecular Biology Neuroscience2012 Kelly Standifer (grad student)
Charles Dukes Psychiatry20062008 Jeff S. Seaman (post-doc)
Michael H. ElliottVisual system, blood-retinal barrier, Caveolin-1
Rafal A. FarjoOphthalmology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2006 Muna Naash (grad student)
Laurence D. FechterToxicology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Audiology
Kar-Ming FungThe biology of brain tumor with special emphasis on the cell proliferation and cell death of medulloblastoma cells and their response to chemotherapeutic drugs19941995 John Q. Trojanowski (post-doc)
Dianca R. Graham-Finchgp130/STAT3, neuroprotection2007 John D. Ash (grad student)
Jeffrey D. GriffittsOncology, Biomedical Engineering2008 Rheal A. Towner (grad student)
XIAOWU Andy GUVisual system, blood-retinal barrier20112011 John D. Ash (grad student), Michael H. Elliott (grad student)
Jess Hermann
Frank HollowayPhysiological Psychology, Pharmacology
Blake R. Hopiavuori Robert E. Anderson (research scientist)
Zhong Huang2000 Robert E. Anderson (grad student)
Ivana IvanovicCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology Biology2009 Raju Rajala (grad student)
Morgan P. JohnstonNeuroscience, neurons, mental health, TBI, Oxytocin, Vasopressin Cell Biology Pharmacology20192020 Shannon M. Conley (research assistant), Hibah Awwad (research scientist)
Adrian T. KentPhysiological Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology2004 Betty Pfefferbaum (grad student)
Adarsha KoiralaCell Biology2012 Muna Naash (grad student)
Guangpu LiCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Guiyuan Li2007 Robert E. Anderson (grad student)
Yuechueng LiuNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Sreemathi Logan2012 Robert E. Anderson (grad student)
Brian T. MaynardPsychobiology Psychology2005 Frank Holloway (grad student)
Clayton Morris MD Psychiatry20042008 Jeff S. Seaman (post-doc)
Jordan A. MechanicPsychobiology Psychology, Mental Health2002 Frank Holloway (grad student)
Beverley G. MeerveldNeuroscience Biology
Brent MyersNeuroscience Biology2010 Beverley G. Meerveld (grad student)
Dean A. MyersNeuroscience Biology, Physiological Psychology, Mental Health
Muna NaashNeuroscience Biology, Pathology, Genetics
May NourNeuroscience Biology, Pathology, Genetics2003 Muna Naash (grad student)
Roy OmanPublic Health, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
William C. OrrPhysiological Psychology, Pathology
Oscar Albert Parsonsneuropsychology
Betty PfefferbaumPhysiological Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Anuradha PradhanNeuroscience Biology, Pathology2005 Yuechueng Liu (grad student)
Raju RajalaCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology Biology
Lisa RioloImmunology, Cognitive Psychology
Amy E. RobersonCell Biology, Endocrinology Biology2010 Dean A. Myers (grad student)
Michael C. Roberts Pediatric psychology C. Eugene Walker (grad student), Logan Wright (grad student)
Eva Troyano Rodriguez Cell Biology Mohiuddin Ahmad (research scientist)
Dana Rundle2000 Robert E. Anderson (grad student)
Katherine A. Ryder2004 William Beatty (grad student)
Anisse Saadigp130/STAT3, neuroprotection2009 John D. Ash (grad student)
James Scott
Jeff S. Seamandelirium
Jack D. ShepardNeuroscience Biology, Physiological Psychology, Mental Health2000 Dean A. Myers (grad student)
Kelly StandiferNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacy, Molecular Biology
Ethan Stolzenber
Ethan Stolzenberg
Heidi M. StrickerCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2005 Muna Naash (grad student)
Troy Templeton
Rheal A. TownerNeuroscience Biology
Lee TranMolecular Biology, Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology Neuroscience Beverley G. Meerveld (post-doc)
Yumi Uekigp130/STAT3, neuroprotection2009 John D. Ash (grad student)
Beverley G. Van MeerveldNeuroscience Biology, Endocrinology Biology
C. Eugene Walker
Jill A. WasielewskiPhysiological Psychology, Pharmacology2001 Frank Holloway (grad student)
Logan Wright
Jingnan XiaoNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology2003 Yuechueng Liu (grad student)