Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Woo-Young Ahndecision making, computational models, neuroimaging, psychopathology20122014 P Read Montague (post-doc), Peter Dayan (post-doc)
Logan Alexander CampbellNeuroscience2018 Shannon Farris (research assistant)
Dongil ChungDecision Neuroscience
Richard Cameron Craddock Stephen M. LaConte (post-doc)
Dallece Elena CurleyNeuroscience Neuroscience20162018 Stefanie Robel (research assistant)
Lara Iza DahoraDevelopmental Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Neurotoxicology, Neuroendocrinology, Visual System20142016 Michael A. Fox (research assistant)
Shannon FarrisLearning & Memory, Synaptic Plasticity, Local Protein Synthesis, RNA metabolism
Jessica R Gilbertmajor depression, magnetoencephalography, effective connectivity, object processing, category-specificity, crossmodal binding20132016 Rosalyn Moran (post-doc)
Benjamin Heithoff2016 Stefanie Robel (grad student)
Alicia Kerr2014 Michael A. Fox (grad student)
Rosalyn Moran
Carmen Munoz-BallesterAstrocytes, epilepsy, glia, neuroscience, molecular biology2018 Stefanie Robel (post-doc)
Katy Elise Pannonihippocampus, memory, learning, plasticity FBRI2019 Shannon Farris (post-doc)
Stefanie Robelglia, astrocytes, CNS trauma, brain injury, epilepsy, glioma
Niesha A. SavoryMemory/Memory Loss and Learning
Oleksii Shandra2016 Stefanie Robel (post-doc)
Alec SolwayComputational cognitive neuroscience2014 P Read Montague (post-doc)
Mariya Tsyglakova Translational Biology, Medicine and Health2017 Georgia E. Hodes (grad student)
Robyn A. UmansNeuroscience, Blood-brain barrier, zebrafish, glioma2015 Harald W. Sontheimer (post-doc)
Michael J. WesleyClinical Neuroscience Human Neuroimaging Lab Addiction Recovery Research Institute20132015 P Read Montague (post-doc), Warren K. Bickel (post-doc)
Carrie A. WilliamsMolecular Biophysics