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2012 Post RM, Leverich GS, Altshuler LL, Frye MA, Suppes T, McElroy SL, Keck PE, Nolen WA, Rowe M, Kupka RW, Grunze H, Goodwin FK. Relationship of prior antidepressant exposure to long-term prospective outcome in bipolar I disorder outpatients. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 73: 924-30. PMID 22480597 DOI: 10.4088/Jcp.11M07396  0.38
2009 Goldberg JF, Calabrese JR, Saville BR, Frye MA, Ketter TA, Suppes T, Post RM, Goodwin FK. Mood stabilization and destabilization during acute and continuation phase treatment for bipolar I disorder with lamotrigine or placebo. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 70: 1273-80. PMID 19689918 DOI: 10.4088/Jcp.08M04381  0.37
2004 Wirz-Justice A, Terman M, Oren DA, Goodwin FK, Kripke DF, Whybrow PC, Wisner KL, Wu JC, Lam RW, Berger M, Danilenko KV, Kasper S, Smeraldi E, Takahashi K, Thompson C, et al. Brightening depression. Science (New York, N.Y.). 303: 467-9. PMID 14739440 DOI: 10.1126/science.303.5657.467c  0.531
1983 Gold PW, Robertson GL, Ballenger JC, Goodwin FK, Rubinow DR, Kellner C, Post RM. Neurohypophyseal function in affective illness. Psychopharmacology Bulletin. 19: 426-31. PMID 6635117  0.333
1983 Gold PW, Robertson GL, Ballenger JC, Kaye W, Chen J, Rubinow DR, Goodwin FK, Post RM. Carbamazepine diminishes the sensitivity of the plasma arginine vasopressin response to osmotic stimulation. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 57: 952-7. PMID 6619270 DOI: 10.1210/Jcem-57-5-952  0.384
1983 Gold PW, Robertson GL, Post RM, Kaye W, Ballenger J, Rubinow D, Goodwin FK. The effect of lithium on the osmoregulation of arginine vasopressin secretion. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 56: 295-9. PMID 6401749 DOI: 10.1210/jcem-56-2-295  0.362
1983 Cowdry RW, Ebert MH, van Kammen DP, Post RM, Goodwin FK. Cerebrospinal fluid probenecid studies: a reinterpretation. Biological Psychiatry. 18: 1287-99. PMID 6197100  0.333
1983 Goodwin FK, Post RM. 5-hydroxytryptamine and depression: a model for the interaction of normal variance with pathology. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 15: 393S-405S. PMID 6190490  0.333
1982 Lewy AJ, Wehr TA, Rosenthal NE, Nurnberger JI, Siever LJ, Uhde TW, Newsome DA, Becker LE, Markey SP, Kopin IJ, Goodwin FK. Melatonin secretion as a neurobiological "marker" and effects of light in humans. Psychopharmacology Bulletin. 18: 127-9. PMID 7156273  0.354
1982 Goodwin FK, Prange AJ, Post RM, Muscettola G, Lipton MA. Potentiation of antidepressant effects by L-triiodothyronine in tricyclic nonresponders. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 139: 34-8. PMID 7055275 DOI: 10.1176/AJP.139.1.34  0.594
1982 Post RM, Gold P, Rubinow DR, Ballenger JC, Bunney WE, Goodwin FK. Peptides in the cerebrospinal fluid of neuropsychiatric patients: an approach to central nervous system peptide function. Life Sciences. 31: 1-15. PMID 6180277 DOI: 10.1016/0024-3205(82)90394-0  0.323
1981 Weingartner H, Gold P, Ballenger JC, Smallberg SA, Summers R, Rubinow DR, Post RM, Goodwin FK. Effects of vasopressin on human memory functions. Science (New York, N.Y.). 211: 601-3. PMID 7455701 DOI: 10.1126/science.7455701  0.314
1981 Jimerson DC, Ballenger JC, Lake CR, Post RM, Goodwin FK, Kopin IJ. Plasma and CSF MHPG in normals [proceedings]. Psychopharmacology Bulletin. 17: 86-7. PMID 7232666  0.467
1981 Gold PW, Goodwin FK, Post RM, Robertson GL. Vasopressin function in depression and mania [proceedings]. Psychopharmacology Bulletin. 17: 7-9. PMID 7232662  0.333
1981 Gillin JC, Duncan WC, Murphy DL, Post RM, Wehr TA, Goodwin FK, Wyatt RJ, Bunney WE. Age-related changes in sleep in depressed and normal subjects. Psychiatry Research. 4: 73-8. PMID 6939001 DOI: 10.1016/0165-1781(81)90010-X  0.351
1981 Naber D, Pickar D, Post RM, Van Kammen DP, Waters RN, Ballenger JC, Goodwin FK, Bunney WE. Endogenous opioid activity and beta-endorphin immunoreactivity in CSF of psychiatric patients and normal volunteers. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 138: 1457-62. PMID 6271019 DOI: 10.1176/ajp.138.11.1457  0.383
1980 Gillin JC, Sitaram N, Duncan WC, Gershon ES, Nurnberger J, Post RM, Murphy DL, Wehr T, Goodwin FK, Bunney WE. Sleep disturbance in depression: diagnostic potential and pathophysiology [proceedings]. Psychopharmacology Bulletin. 16: 40-2. PMID 7454933  0.333
1980 Davis GC, Extein I, Reus VI, Hamilton W, Post RM, Goodwin FK, Bunney WE. Failure of naloxone to reduce manic symptoms. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 137: 1583-5. PMID 7435717  0.359
1980 Potter WZ, Zavadil AP, Kopin IJ, Goodwin FK. Single-dose kinetics predict steady-state concentrations on imipramine and desipramine. Archives of General Psychiatry. 37: 314-20. PMID 7362419 DOI: 10.1001/Archpsyc.1980.01780160084010  0.354
1980 Lewy AJ, Tetsuo M, Markey SP, Goodwin FK, Kopin IJ. Pinealectomy abolishes plasma melatonin in the rat. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 50: 204-5. PMID 7350183 DOI: 10.1210/Jcem-50-1-204  0.354
1980 Post RM, Jimerson DC, Bunney WE, Goodwin FK. Dopamine and mania: behavioral and biochemical effects of the dopamine receptor blocker pimozide. Psychopharmacology. 67: 297-305. PMID 6155678 DOI: 10.1007/Bf00431272  0.34
1979 Beckmann H, Ebert MH, Post R, Goodwin FK. Effect of moderate exercise on urinary MHPG in depressed patients. Pharmakopsychiatrie, Neuro-Psychopharmakologie. 12: 351-6. PMID 504341 DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1094630  0.41
1979 Ballenger JC, Post RM, Sternberg DE, Van Kammen DP, Cowdry RW, Goodwin FK. Headaches after lumbar puncture and insensitivity to pain in psychiatric patients. The New England Journal of Medicine. 301: 110. PMID 449939 DOI: 10.1056/NEJM197907123010219  0.333
1979 Jimerson DC, Post RM, Carman JS, van Kammen DP, Wood JH, Goodwin FK, Bunney WE. CSF calcium: clinical correlates in affective illness and schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry. 14: 37-51. PMID 420907  0.333
1979 Gold PW, Weingartner H, Ballenger JC, Goodwin FK, Post RM. Effects of 1-desamo-8-D-arginine vasopressin on behaviour and cognition in primary affective disorder. Lancet. 2: 992-4. PMID 91778 DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(79)92563-7  0.402
1978 Lerner P, Goodwin FK, van Kammen DP, Post RM, Major LF, Ballenger JC, Lovenberg W. Dopamine-beta-hydroxylase in the cerebrospinal fluid of psychiatric patients. Biological Psychiatry. 13: 685-94. PMID 737256  0.333
1978 Post RM, Lake CR, Jimerson DC, Bunney WE, Wood JH, Ziegler MG, Goodwin FK. Cerebrospinal fluid norepinephrine in affective illness. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 135: 907-12. PMID 665831 DOI: 10.1176/AJP.135.8.907  0.436
1978 Post RM, Gerner RH, Carman JS, Gillin JC, Jimerson DC, Goodwin FK, Bunney WE. Effects of a dopamine agonist piribedil in depressed patients: relationship of pretreatment homovanillic acid to antidepressant response. Archives of General Psychiatry. 35: 609-15. PMID 215097 DOI: 10.1001/Archpsyc.1978.01770290091008  0.411
1978 Jimerson DC, Gordon EK, Post RM, Goodwin FK. Homovanillic acid in human CSF: comparison of fluorimetry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Communications in Psychopharmacology. 2: 343-9. PMID 103678  0.333
1977 Carman JS, Post RM, Goodwin FK, Bunney WE. Calcium and electroconvulsive therapy of severe depressive illness. Biological Psychiatry. 12: 5-17. PMID 836923  0.333
1977 Goodwin FK, Post RM, Wehr T. Clinical approaches to the evaluation of brain amine function in mental illness: some conceptual issues. Essays in Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology. 2: 71-104. PMID 361387  0.333
1977 Post RM, Cramer H, Goodwin FK. Cyclic AMP in cerebrospinal fluid of manic and depressive patients. Psychological Medicine. 7: 599-605. PMID 201957  0.333
1976 Post RM, Kotin J, Goodwin FK. Effects of sleep deprivation on mood and central amine metabolism in depressed patients. Archives of General Psychiatry. 33: 627-32. PMID 1267578  0.333
1976 Jimerson DC, Post RM, Goodwin FK. Antidepressant treatments and alterations in central serotonin turnover in affective illness. Monographs in Neural Sciences. 3: 15-22. PMID 790167 DOI: 10.1159/000399329  0.333
1976 Carman JS, Post RM, Buswell R, Goodwin FK. Negative effects of melatonin on depression. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 133: 1181-6. PMID 788529  0.428
1976 Kopin IJ, Kaufman S, Viveros H, Jacobowitz D, Lake CR, Ziegler MG, Lovenberg W, Goodwin FK. NIH conference. Dopamine- -hydroxylase. Basic and clinical studies. Annals of Internal Medicine. 85: 211-23. PMID 782312 DOI: 10.7326/0003-4819-85-2-211  0.354
1975 Lipton MA, Goodwin FK. A controlled study of thyrotropin releasing hormone in hospitalized depressed patients. Psychopharmacology Bulletin. 11: 28-9. PMID 804709  0.533
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