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Visual attention

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2022 Treviño M, Birdsong G, Carrigan A, Choyke P, Drew T, Eckstein M, Fernandez A, Gallas BD, Giger M, Hewitt SM, Horowitz TS, Jiang YV, Kudrick B, Martinez-Conde S, Mitroff S, et al. Advancing Research on Medical Image Perception by Strengthening Multidisciplinary Collaboration. Jnci Cancer Spectrum. 6. PMID 35699495 DOI: 10.1093/jncics/pkab099  0.523
2019 de Liaño BG, de Liaño BG, Wiegand I, Eimer M, Võ ML, García-Delgado L, Horowitz T. Visual Search: From Youth to Old Age, from the Lab to the World Journal of Vision. 19: 7b. DOI: 10.1167/19.10.7B  0.418
2018 Palmer EM, Van Wert MJ, Horowitz TS, Wolfe JM. Measuring the time course of selection during visual search. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics. PMID 30242674 DOI: 10.3758/s13414-018-1596-6  0.76
2017 Wolfe JM, Horowitz TS. Five Factors that Guide Attention in Visual Search. Nature Human Behaviour. 1. PMID 36711068 DOI: 10.1038/s41562-017-0058  0.691
2017 Drew T, Mance I, Horowitz TS, Wolfe JM, Vogel EK. A Soft Handoff of Attention between Cerebral Hemispheres. Current Biology : Cb. 27: 3904-3905. PMID 29257955 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2017.11.076  0.568
2017 Horowitz TS. Prevalence in Visual Search: From the Clinic to the Lab and Back Again Japanese Psychological Research. 59: 65-108. DOI: 10.1111/JPR.12153  0.324
2017 Wolfe JM, Horowitz TS. Five factors that guide attention in visual search Nature Human Behaviour. 1. DOI: 10.1038/s41562-017-0058  0.7
2015 Horowitz T. The rise and fall of hybrid visual and memory search. Journal of Vision. 15: 1112. PMID 26326800 DOI: 10.1167/15.12.1112  0.363
2015 Thornton IM, Horowitz TS. Does action disrupt multiple object tracking (MOT)? Psihologija. 48: 289-301. DOI: 10.2298/PSI1503289T  0.312
2014 Drew T, Mance I, Horowitz TS, Wolfe JM, Vogel EK. A soft handoff of attention between cerebral hemispheres. Current Biology : Cb. 24: 1133-7. PMID 24768055 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2014.03.054  0.626
2014 Alberti CF, Horowitz T, Bronstad PM, Bowers AR. Visual attention measures predict pedestrian detection in central field loss: a pilot study. Plos One. 9: e89381. PMID 24558495 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089381  0.478
2014 Horowitz T. Chemotherapy impairs visual search: A meta-analysis and a call to action Journal of Vision. 14: 931-931. DOI: 10.1167/14.10.931  0.315
2013 Wolfe JM, Brunelli DN, Rubinstein J, Horowitz TS. Prevalence effects in newly trained airport checkpoint screeners: trained observers miss rare targets, too. Journal of Vision. 13: 33. PMID 24297778 DOI: 10.1167/13.3.33  0.561
2013 Bowers AR, Anastasio RJ, Sheldon SS, O'Connor MG, Hollis AM, Howe PD, Horowitz TS. Can we improve clinical prediction of at-risk older drivers? Accident; Analysis and Prevention. 59: 537-47. PMID 23954688 DOI: 10.1016/j.aap.2013.06.037  0.568
2013 Erlikhman G, Keane BP, Mettler E, Horowitz TS, Kellman PJ. Automatic feature-based grouping during multiple object tracking. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance. 39: 1625-37. PMID 23458095 DOI: 10.1037/A0031750  0.628
2013 Suzuki M, Wolfe JM, Horowitz TS, Noguchi Y. Apparent color-orientation bindings in the periphery can be influenced by feature binding in central vision. Vision Research. 82: 58-65. PMID 23454501 DOI: 10.1016/j.visres.2013.02.011  0.608
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2013 Horowitz T. Does chemotherapy lead to a visual search deficit F1000research. 4. DOI: 10.7490/F1000Research.1094258.1  0.469
2013 Horowitz T, Semmelmann K, Boettcher S, Wolfe JM. Visual foraging: Quitting behavior when searching aerial maps follows the Marginal Value Theorem Journal of Vision. 13: 1250-1250. DOI: 10.1167/13.9.1250  0.628
2012 Drew T, Horowitz TS, Wolfe JM, Vogel EK. Neural measures of dynamic changes in attentive tracking load. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 24: 440-50. PMID 21812558 DOI: 10.1162/jocn_a_00107  0.642
2012 Mettler E, Erlikhman G, Keane B, Horowitz T, Kellman P. Further evidence for automatic, feature-based grouping in multiple object tracking Journal of Vision. 12: 458-458. DOI: 10.1167/12.9.458  0.587
2011 Evans KK, Horowitz TS, Howe P, Pedersini R, Reijnen E, Pinto Y, Kuzmova Y, Wolfe JM. Visual attention. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews. Cognitive Science. 2: 503-14. PMID 26302302 DOI: 10.1002/Wcs.127  0.815
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