University of Bern

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Hugues Abrielion channels, channelopathies
Irene Adrian-KalchhauserNon-genetic inheritance, fish, ecology and evolution, disease pathology Center for Fish- and Wildlife Health Center for Fish- and Wildlife Health Center for Fish- and Wildlife Health Heike Schmidt-Posthaus (collaborator), Francesco Origgi (collaborator), Marie-Pierre Ryser (collaborator)
Maxime Albesa Clinical Research20062011 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Mohamed Yassine Amarouch20112014 Hugues Abriel (post-doc)
Frederique Amorepilepsy, synchronization, functional network
Maura Arsierocellular electrophysiology, cortex20022007 Michele Giugliano (grad student), Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Mojtaba BandarabadiNeuroscience Neurology20152018 Antoine Adamantidis (post-doc)
Brice BathellierOlfactory system, oscillations Matthew Evan Larkum (post-doc)
Maxime O. Baudepilepsy
Thomas Berger Hans Rudolf Lüscher (post-doc)
Philip M. Bestcalcium channels Harald Reuter (post-doc)
Beatrice Bianchi20142018 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Tobias Bock Matthew Evan Larkum (research assistant)
Cinzia CallusoDecision Making
Ozhathil Lijo CherianNeuroscience(Chloride channels, olfactory system)20152018 Hugues Abriel (post-doc)
Morgan Chevalier20132017 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Peter ClamannSynaptic transmission in spinal cord neurons Elwood Henneman (grad student)
Daniel R Coatesperipheral vision, psychophysics Institute of Psychology20162017 Bilge Sayim (post-doc)
Rui Ponte CostaComputational Neuroscience, Synaptic Plasticity, Cortical Networks, Machine Learning
Franco DelPrincipeImaging19971999 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Alexander DityatevModulation of glutamate receptors by molecules of the extracellular matrix19921996 Peter Clamann (post-doc)
Stefano Fusitheoretical neuroscience19992005 Walter Senn (research assistant), Hans Rudolf Lüscher (research scientist)
Ludovic Gillet20112015 Hugues Abriel (post-doc)
Michele Giuglianoneocortex20012005 Hans Rudolf Lüscher (post-doc)
Marc Grau Neurology Maxime O. Baud (post-doc)
Konstantin GusevCardiology20042008 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Daniel Arturo GutierrezCardiac Ca signaling20092013 Ernst Niggli (grad student)
Peter HessCalcium Channels19791984 Silvio Weidmann (post-doc)
Radoslav Janicek Physiology2015 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Carole JungIon channels20032007 Ernst Niggli (grad student)
Fernando Kasanetz Physiology Thomas Nevian (post-doc)
Daria Knoch Social Neuroscience Ernst Fehr (grad student)
Harold KÖNDGENcellular electrophysiology, neocortex20032007 Michele Giugliano (grad student), Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Tobias Krieger Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy2014 Thomas Berger (post-doc)
Giancarlo La CameraTheoretical Neuroscience; Learning and Behavior20082010 Walter Senn (grad student), Stefano Fusi (grad student), Michele Giugliano (collaborator), Walter Senn (post-doc), Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Matthew Evan LarkumDendritic integration19921996 Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Debora Ledergerber20072010 Matthew Evan Larkum (grad student)
Gregory Lepeu Neurology Maxime O. Baud (grad student)
Nicolas Lindegger20012005 Ernst Niggli (grad student)
Peter LippCardiovascular19911997 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Christian Lüscher Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Hans Rudolf Lüscherspinal cord, cortex, synaptic transmission
Hans Rudolf Lüscher
Egger Marcel Physiology19962002 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Ellen Van Maren Neurology Maxime O. Baud (grad student)
Johannes MathisSleep research Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Beat MeierMemory, Learning, Task Switching, Synaesthesia
Rogier MinNeuron-Glia interactions20082012 Thomas Nevian (post-doc)
Masanori MurayamaNeurophysiology Matthew Evan Larkum (post-doc)
Florian B. Neubauercortical network activity, multi-neuron imaging Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Thomas Nevian19992005 Hans Rudolf Lüscher (post-doc), Bert Sakmann (grad student)
Ernst NiggliCalcium signaling, cardiac muscle19871988 Robert Weingart (post-doc)
Jakob OgrodnikCardiac Ca signaling20092011 Ernst Niggli (grad student), Hugues Abriel (post-doc)
James Ord Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser (post-doc)
Francesco Origgi
Lucy Palmer Greg J. Stuart (grad student), Matthew Evan Larkum (post-doc)
Enrique Perez-Garci Matthew Evan Larkum (post-doc)
Jean-Pascal PfisterComputational Neuroscience2010 Walter Senn (research scientist)
Christophe PignierDrug research19992002 Ernst Niggli (grad student)
Duilio Michele Potenza Physiology20142018 Ernst Niggli (grad student)
Sarah Potez Matthew Evan Larkum (grad student)
Katja Reinhardretina, ganglion cells, electrophysiology20102011 Hugues Abriel (research assistant)
Harald Reuter
Jessica Rieder Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser (grad student)
Stephan Rohrcardiac muscle, optical recording
Marie-Pierre Ryser
Heike Schmidt-Posthaus
Jan M. SchulzStriatum, cortex, synaptic integration Matthew Evan Larkum (post-doc)
Walter SennComputational neuroscience Idan Segev (post-doc), John Rinzel (grad student)
John S. Shiner Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Diana Shy Clinical Research20112015 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Kristina Slabeva Neurology Maxime O. Baud (grad student)
Valentin Sottas Clinical Research20112015 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Moritz Stelzer Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser (grad student)
Jürg Streit20022004 Hans Rudolf Lüscher (post-doc), Michele Giugliano (collaborator)
Ninda Syam Clinical Research20102014 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Peter SzentesiMuscle Physiology20022004 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Miguel Fernandez Tenorio Physiology2011 Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Nina D Ullrich Ernst Niggli (post-doc)
Daniel UlrichNeural circuits in neocortex and thalamus Hans Rudolf Lüscher (grad student)
Robert Urbanczik2008 Walter Senn (research scientist)
Gabriel Gustav Valentin
Eleni VasilakiReinforcement Learning, Synaptic plasticity20052006 Walter Senn (post-doc), Stefano Fusi (collaborator)
Sarah H. Vermij20152020 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Zizun Wang20162019 Hugues Abriel (grad student)
Silvio WeidmannElectrophysiology, cardiac muscle
Robert WeingartGap Junction19801984 Silvio Weidmann (post-doc)
Adonis Yiannakasassociative learning, cognition, memory, neural circuits, interneurons