University of Wyoming

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Khaleelurrahman AbdulrazakNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Zoology Biology2001 Nick Fuzessery (grad student)
Christine M. AdamsSocial Psychology Psychology2007 Martin J. Bourgeois (grad student)
Julie AngiolaClinical Psychology Psychology2013 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Diane W. BackusSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Nutrition2000 David Estes (grad student)
Karen BartschDevelopmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Stephen BieserClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Dana M. BinderSocial Psychology, Law2006 Martin J. Bourgeois (grad student)
Denis G. BirgenheirClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology Psychology2012 Carolyn M. Pepper (grad student)
Christine N. BoggsTechnology of Education, Sciences Education2006 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Martin J. BourgeoisSocial Psychology
Marty BourgeoisSocial Psychology
Anne BowenExperimental Psychology
Travis Brown Yan Dong (grad student)
Cory BurghyPhysiological Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2010 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Kristen F. CantrellClinical Psychology2006 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Carol ChaffinGuidance and Counseling Education2005 Michael Loos (grad student)
Christopher A. ChaiClinical Psychology, Law, Criminology and Penology Psychology2014 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Melody L. CharltonSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2001 William E. MacLean (grad student)
Young K. Cho David V. Smith (grad student)
Sara E. ClaytonClinical Psychology, Public Health Psychology2009 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Bruce CulverNeuroscience Biology
Mindy J. DahlDevelopmental Psychology2005 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Candice M. DanielClinical Psychology Psychology2010 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Dale L. DeccoAdult and Continuing Education, Health Education, Social Psychology, Medicine and Surgery, Information Science2003 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Laran H. DespainGeneral Psychology, Counseling Psychology, General Religion Psychology2013 Walt Scott (grad student)
David W DonleyNeuroinflammation, Huntington's disease, Toxoplasma gondii Veterinary Science Molecular Biology20132018 Jonathan Fox (grad student), Jason P. Gigley (grad student)
Katelynne B DonnellyDevelopmental Neuroscience Zoology & Physiology20162018 Kara G. Pratt (grad student)
Tambra L. DonohuePersonality Psychology2006 Walt Scott (grad student)
June Etta Downey
Jeff L. Dunningbirdsong20122012 Jonathan F. Prather (grad student), Giorgio A. Ascoli (research assistant)
Sue EiClinical Psychology, Public Health, Gender Studies2006 Anne Bowen (grad student)
David EstesDevelopmental Psychology, General Psychology
Nicholas R. Farrell Psychology Brett J. Deacon (grad student)
Tamer I. FawzyClinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology Psychology2009 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Francis W. FlynnNeuroscience Biology
Jonathan Fox
Nick FuzesseryNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Zoology Biology
Zoltan Fuzesseryneuroethology
Toi Marie Geil2000 Charles Ksir (grad student)
Donald J. GieckClinical Psychology, Health Education Psychology2007 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Matt J. GrayClinical Psychology
Cynthia A. HakeClinical Psychology2006 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Gwendolen E. HaleyNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience2008 Francis W. Flynn (grad student)
Sarah K. Hamill SkochClinical Psychology, Native American Studies, Developmental Psychology Psychology2011 Walt Scott (grad student)
Christina M. HassijaClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Jessica L. HatzSocial Psychology Psychology2007 Marty Bourgeois (grad student)
Jameson K. HirschClinical Psychology2003 Martin J. Bourgeois (grad student)
Gary P. HomannExperimental Psychology Psychology2007 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Keith J. HorvathClinical Psychology, Public Health, Mass Communications2005 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Catherine S. HubbardHormones and Behavior Neuroscience2008 James D. Rose (grad student)
Dane D. JensenNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience2011 Francis W. Flynn (grad student)
Yuanyuan Jiao Neuroscience20052012 Qian-Quan Sun (grad student)
Robert Allen Johnson2000 Charles Ksir (grad student)
Jeremy S. JosephClinical Psychology Psychology2013 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Stephanie A. KeaneMental Health, Health Care Management, Clinical Psychology, Public Health2003 Michael Loos (grad student)
Andre KehnExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2010 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Joshua Kemp Psychology Brett J. Deacon (grad student)
Kioh KimTechnology of Education, Teacher Training Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2005 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Eric A. KruegerClinical Psychology Psychology2008 Walt Scott (grad student)
Charles Ksir
Gail M. Leedy
Christine LewisHormones and Behavior Neuroscience2007 James D. Rose (grad student)
James J. Lickel Psychology2010 Brett J. Deacon (grad student)
Marilyn (Lyn) Lindell2001 Tim Rush (grad student)
Julie E. LindsayClinical Psychology, Native American Studies2006 Walt Scott (grad student)
John List economics1996 Shelby Gerking (grad student)
Kamala Y. LondonDevelopmental Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Law2001 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Alison Loobysubstance use
Michael LoosMental Health, Health Care Management, Clinical Psychology, Public Health
Valerie D. LudwigAdult and Continuing Education, Community College Education, Administration Education, Technology of Education2002 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Jessie J. LundquistMental Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2009 Walt Scott (grad student)
Christianne M. LysneClinical Psychology2005 Walt Scott (grad student)
Danielle J. MaackBehavioral Psychology Psychology2010 Carolyn M. Pepper (grad student)
William E. MacLeanClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Glen S. MarrsCellular Neuroimaging19931998 James D. Rose (research assistant)
Shawna M. McBrideNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology, Pharmacology Neuroscience2008 Francis W. Flynn (grad student)
William L. McKayClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Individual and Family Studies Psychology2007 William E. MacLean (grad student)
Ethan A. McMahanDevelopmental Psychology, General Psychology Psychology2010 David Estes (grad student)
Zack I. MedoffClinical Psychology2006 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Patricia L. MetzgerClinical Psychology Psychology2010 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
John C. MoringGeneral Psychology, Clinical Psychology Psychology2013 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Alicia C. MousseauClinical Psychology, Native American Studies Psychology2012 Walt Scott (grad student)
Khyobeni MozhuiNeurogenetics, gene expression, stress biology20032006 David V. Smith (grad student)
Karen Mrukzebrafish models of CNS injury, optogenetics
Karagh K. Murphybirdsong Jonathan F. Prather (grad student)
Lee W. NabbAdult and Continuing Education, Higher Education Adult Learning & Technology2007 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Elizabeth A. Nelson Psychology2010 Brett J. Deacon (grad student)
Jason A. NieuwsmaClinical Psychology Psychology2009 Carolyn M. Pepper (grad student)
Narina NunezSocial Psychology
Aminda J. O'HareAffective cognitive neuroscience of executive control20042005 Daren C. Jackson (research assistant), Suzanna Penningroth (research assistant)
Lisa A. PaulClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Higher Education Psychology2010 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Maura E. PelloweClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2006 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Suzanna Penningroth
Carolyn M. PepperClinical Psychology
Walter W. PetersSocial Psychology, Law2000 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Jonathan F. PratherBirdsong, animal communication, learning, memory
Kara G. Pratt
Amie M. RaganSocial Psychology, Gerontology, Social Structure and Development2000 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Rhonda R. ReidClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2000 Stephen Bieser (grad student)
Gary RenderTeacher Training Education, Educational Psychology Education
Maggie D. RenkenEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, Sciences Education Psychology2011 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Landra RezabekAdult and Continuing Education, Health Education, Social Psychology, Medicine and Surgery, Information Science
Blanche RidgelyNative American Studies, Spirituality Curriculum & Instruction2010 Tim Rush (grad student)
James D. RoseHormones and Behavior
Lindsey L. Ross-BaileyGeneral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Public Health, Women's Studies Psychology2013 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Tim RushTeacher Training Education, Educational Psychology Education
Nicholas G. Schwab Psychology2010 Daren C. Jackson (grad student)
Walt ScottClinical Psychology
Joel A. ShiresOculomotor system20042007 James D. Rose (research assistant)
Victoria L. SimpsonElementary Education, Evaluation Education, General Education Curriculum & Instruction2014 Tim Rush (grad student)
Donal C. SkinnerNeuroscience Biology, Endocrinology Biology, Physiology Biology
David M. SlagleClinical Psychology Psychology2007 Matt J. Gray (grad student)
Barbara L. Slifer Charles Ksir (grad student)
David V. SmithTaste
John D. SolisTechnology of Education, Teacher Training Education2006 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Lisa Allen Steffian2003 Charles Ksir (grad student)
Qian-Quan Sun John R. Huguenard (post-doc)
Jen T. Sy Psychology Brett J. Deacon (grad student)
Jennifer T. SyClinical Psychology Psychology2013 Brett J. Deacon (grad student)
Kai P. SyvertsenClinical Psychology, Mental Health2005 Walt Scott (grad student)
Connie M. TangDevelopmental Psychology2005 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Tanya L. TomClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology2004 Anne Bowen (grad student)
Sarah C. Voss HorrellClinical Psychology, Medicine and Surgery Psychology2007 William E. MacLean (grad student)
Christine E. WadeDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2008 Karen Bartsch (grad student)
Stephannie WalkerGeneral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2013 Narina Nunez (grad student)
Xinjun wangInhibitory microcircuit20092015 Qian-Quan Sun (grad student)
Eric M. WiltseHigher Education, Journalism2000 Landra Rezabek (grad student)
Charles J. WoodburyNeuroscience Biology
Laura E. YamamotoClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Carolyn M. Pepper (grad student)
Yi YeNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience2009 Charles J. Woodbury (grad student)
Andrew Norton YoungOlfactory2005 Qian-Quan Sun (grad student)
Victoria ZeroBehavioral Ecology20062008 Susan C.P. Renn (research assistant)
Xiaochun ZhangNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience2008 Bruce Culver (grad student)
Qin Zhuaffodances, overarm throwing, transfer of motor skills, and rehabilitation of motor skills