National Taiwan University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Andrew ChangPsychology, Audition, Cognitive Neuroscience20122013 Chien-Chung Chen (research assistant)
Yen-Yung ChangExperimenal high energy physics, Astro-particle physics
Chun-Yen Chang
Yung-Chi Chang20112013 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student), Victor Nizet (post-doc)
Chun-hui Chang20012003 Chen-Tung Yen (grad student), K.C Liang (grad student)
Yi-Chia ChenVision20102012 Suling Yeh (research assistant)
Chien-Chung ChenVisual system Weilun Chou (collaborator)
Shih-Kuo Chen
Yi-Wen Chen Psychology20062012 Wen-Sung Lai (research assistant)
Ching-Feng Chen20122014 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Yu-Chieh Chen20092012 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Ren-Shiang ChenCav, BK channels19941996 Chung-Chin Kuo (grad student), Chen-Tung Yen (research assistant)
Pin-Chun Chen2014 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Ning Chiang20082013 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Ning Chiang
Chung-Wei Chiang20072011 Chih-Tien Wang (research assistant)
Lih-Chu ChiouDrug, Pain, Migraine, Tourette, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, Obesity
Ting-Wai ChiuLattice QCD
Weilun ChouVisual perception2001 Suling Yeh (grad student)
Tai-Li Chou
Susan Shur-Fen GauPsychiatry, ADHD, Autism, Genetic epidemiology, Neuropsychology
Yu-Tien Hsiao20072015 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Li-Chung Hsu
Pi-Chun Huang
Yating Huang Chia-huei Tseng (grad student)
Pin-Chien Huang20092011 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Ching-Hsun HuangBehavioral neurosicence
Tsung-Ren HuangComputational Cognitive Neuroscience, Learning and Memory20032004 Ting-Wai Chiu (grad student), Cheng-Yuan Liou (research assistant)
Yi-Ting Huang20132015 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Hsin-I Jen20092011 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Shao-Yen Kao20102013 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Chia-Wei Kao20082011 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Chien-Hui Tancy Kao Chien-Chung Chen (grad student)
Chung-Chin KuoSodium channels
Wen-Sung LaiSchizophrenia, behavioral neuroscience, neuroethology
Meng-Chuan LaiAutism, ADHD, Psychiatry, Resilience, Sex/Gender, Social neuroscience2003 Susan Shur-Fen Gau (research scientist)
Sebastien Lavoue
Hsing-Hao Leeattention Department of Psychology20172019 Suling Yeh (grad student)
K.C Liang
Chia-Chi LiaoSomatosensory system Chen-Tung Yen (grad student)
Wenlin LiaoDevelopmental disorders19921994 K.C Liang (grad student)
Shih-Yuan Liou2014 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Hsin-Wei LuSynaptic transmission, In vivo recordings Ming-Yuan Min (grad student)
Ming-Yuan Min
Jasmine Panvision, attention, perception Psychology20152015 Suling Yeh (research assistant)
Ming-Tsung Peng
Wen-Chi Shu2014 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Hwan-Ching Bruce TaiAging
Yu-Hung Tsai2015 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Hsiao-Tien TsaiSocial Psychology
Yuan-Feen Tsai
Kuo-Wei TsengComputer Vision, Convolutional Neural Network, Hierarchical Temporal Memory
Chia-huei Tseng
Wei-Chun Wang20072008 Chih-Tien Wang (research assistant)
Chih-Tien WangExocytosis, Retinal waves Biochemistry Physiology Physiology20091995 Tong-Bi Lo (research assistant), Li-Chung Hsu (collaborator), Yuan-Feen Tsai (grad student), Ming-Tsung Peng (grad student)
Tsu-Wei WangNeural development, Neural stem cell19961997 K.C Liang (research assistant)
Chien-Hua Wang20042005 Lih-Chu Chiou (research assistant)
Ting-Yu Wo2014 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Carolyn Wan-hsun Wusensorimotor plasticity, neuroimaging19871991 K.C Liang (research assistant)
Yu-Wei Wu Ming-Yuan Min (grad student)
Ching-Yuan Yang2015 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
En-Cheng Yang Entomology Ted Maddess (grad student)
Hui-Ju Yang2012 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Cheng-Chang Yang20132015 Chih-Tien Wang (grad student)
Suling Yehvisual perception, attention, Chinese character processing
Chen-Tung Yen Edward G. Jones (post-doc)
Chen-Tung Yensomatosensory system, thalamus, cerebral cortex, pain