Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Abigail A. BairdDevelopmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Hadley C. BergstromBehavioral Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, Amygala
A. Harrison Brody20112012 Kate Raley Susman (research scientist)
Duong T. Chu Neuroscience and Behavior20132015 Bojana Zupan (research assistant)
Allan D. CliftonPersonality Disorders, Personality, Social Networks
Kelli A. DuncanNeuroendocrinology
Janet Gray
Stephen Sadowsky Psychology Julius W. Kling (grad student)
Kate Raley Susman Robert M. Sapolsky (post-doc)
Susan L TrumbettaClinical psychology, behavior genetics, forensic psychology
Michele M. Tugadepositive emotions, resilience Lisa Feldman Barrett (post-doc)
Margaret Floy Washburncomparative psychology
Bojana Zupan