UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Michael D. CrosslandVision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience20062004 Gary S. Rubin (grad student), Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
Steven C. Dakinvision, motion, crowding19992000 Michael J. Morgan (post-doc)
Isabelle MareschalVisual psychophysics20012005 Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
John A. GreenwoodVisual perception, psychophysics20082010 Peter Bex (post-doc)
John R. CassVisual psychophysics Steven C. Dakin (post-doc), Peter Bex (post-doc)
Tony RedmondVisual Psychophysics20102011 Steven C. Dakin (post-doc), David F. Garway-Heath (post-doc)
Nilpa C. ShahVisual Psychophysics20132016 Roger S. Anderson (grad student), Steven C. Dakin (grad student)
Padraig J. MulhollandVisual Psychophysics20102013 David F. Garway-Heath (grad student)
Elaine J. AndersonVisual system, fMRI Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
David KaneVisual psychophysics20062010 Steven C. Dakin (grad student), Peter Bex (grad student)
Gary S. RubinVision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience
Manuela Bossi20132017 Steven C. Dakin (grad student)
Reena Chopra Padraig J. Mulholland (grad student)
Lisa M Hamm School of Optometry and Vision Science2015 Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
David F. Garway-HeathVisual Fields and Ocular Imaging