UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John R. CassVisual psychophysics Steven C. Dakin (post-doc), Peter Bex (post-doc)
Elaine J. AndersonVisual system, fMRI Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
Gary S. RubinVision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience
David F. Garway-HeathVisual Fields and Ocular Imaging
Lisa M Hamm School of Optometry and Vision Science2015 Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
Reena Chopra Padraig J. Mulholland (grad student)
Steven C. Dakinvision, motion, crowding19992000 Michael J. Morgan (post-doc)
Michael D. CrosslandVision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience20062004 Gary S. Rubin (grad student), Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
Isabelle MareschalVisual psychophysics20012005 Steven C. Dakin (post-doc)
David KaneVisual psychophysics20062010 Steven C. Dakin (grad student), Peter Bex (grad student)
John A. GreenwoodVisual perception, psychophysics20082010 Peter Bex (post-doc)
Tony RedmondVisual Psychophysics20102011 Steven C. Dakin (post-doc), David F. Garway-Heath (post-doc)
Padraig J. MulhollandVisual Psychophysics20102013 David F. Garway-Heath (grad student)
Nilpa C. ShahVisual Psychophysics20132016 Roger S. Anderson (grad student), Steven C. Dakin (grad student)
Manuela Bossi20132017 Steven C. Dakin (grad student)