Wesleyan University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gloster B. AaronVisual system, slice electrophysiology, interneurons
David Adamsmotivation and aggression
Aarit Ahuja
Raghu Kiran AppasaniDevelopmental Neurobiology, Addiction, Depression
Jake V. AronowitzNeurogenesis Biology20172019 John R. Kirn (grad student)
Elliot Aronsonsocial psychology, group processes1956 David Clarence McClelland (grad student)
Kemal AsikNeurogenesis, Learning, Songbird2008 John R. Kirn (grad student)
John W. Atkinsonmotivation David Clarence McClelland (research assistant), Donald George Marquis (grad student), Edward L. Walker (grad student)
Michael BarresiAxon and Glial Guidance in the zebrafish forebrain Stephen H. Devoto (grad student)
Hilary Barthcognitive development; numerical cognition
Allan BerlindPattern generation by a rhythmic neural system
Lisa D. Bertetto2007 David Bodznick (grad student)
David Bodznick
Lisa M. Boulangerbrain development and plasticity; immune proteins in the brain19911992 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
David J. Buccilearning, memory, acetylcholine, attention19881990 Harry M. Sinnamon (research assistant)
Noah A. ByrdStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy2002 Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
Chunyu CaiStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy2008 Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
Megan R. Carey David Bodznick (research assistant)
Joseph E. CarpentinoNeural stem cell therapy20022007 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Magdalena Chechlaczneural stem cells, apoptosis, epilepsy, cortical development, hippocampal development, GABAergic interneurons2002 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Joel D'AngeloGenetics, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2004 Stephen H. Devoto (grad student)
Stephen H. DevotoMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Judith Dunn19921997 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Xuesong FengMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2007 Stephen H. Devoto (grad student)
Noelle D. GermainStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy2012 Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
Karen L. Gilliams-Francis19972003 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Laura B. GrabelStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy
Ethan GrundTemporal Lobe Epilepsy, Glial Cells20092013 Janice R. Naegele (research assistant)
Nathaniel W. HartmanNeural Stem Cells, Postnatal Electroporation, Embryonic stem cells2005 Gloster B. Aaron (grad student), Janice R. Naegele (grad student), Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
Samantha N. Hellberg Psychology Mike JF Robinson (research assistant), Caitlin B. Shepherd (research assistant)
Maxwell Hellmann Janice R. Naegele (research assistant)
Gregory O. Hjelmstad David Bodznick (research assistant)
Richard I. Humesynaptic mechanisms, neurotransmitter receptors19721975 Allan Berlind (research assistant)
Patrick Hurleybird, neurogenesis20012007 John R. Kirn (grad student)
Madeleine S. Junkins Neuroscience & Behavior20142016 John R. Kirn (research assistant)
John R. Kirn
Ben D. KuebrichSongbird Electrophysiology20082010 David Bodznick (research assistant)
Kristi A. LaMonicaStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy2009 Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
Michael N. Lehmanneuroendocrinology, circadian rhythms19711975 David Adams (research assistant)
Jose Lemossynaptic transmission, peptide release, drugs of abuse Allan Berlind (grad student)
Liza Litvina Janice R. Naegele (research assistant)
Jia LiuGlia, Epigenetics, Depression20032008 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Sydney Lollicognitive neuroscience
Psyche LouiMusic Perception, Cognitive Neuroscience
Xu MaisanoNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology2011 Jancie Naegele (grad student)
Peter F. MayeStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy2001 Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
David Clarence McClellandpersonality and motivation
Mark W. Millermotor systems, invertebrate neurotansmitters Neurobiology19831984 Allan Berlind (post-doc)
Jonathan W. MinkMotor System, Movement Disorders, Child Neurology, Batten Disease19781981 Harry M. Sinnamon (research assistant), David Adams (research assistant)
James P. MulrooneyStem Cells, Headgehog Signalling, Epilepsy2001 Laura B. Grabel (grad student)
Jancie NaegeleNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Janice R. Naegeleneural stem cells, apoptosis, epilepsy, cortical development, hippocampal development, GABAergic interneurons
Roopashree NarasimhaiahMolecular Psychiatry20002005 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Mohit NeemaNeuroimaging20032005 Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
John Gerard NewAquatic Sensory Biology David Bodznick (grad student)
Karen Ocorr Allan Berlind (grad student)
Andrea L. PatalanoCognitive Science
Emily Przysinda Psyche Loui (grad student)
Carolyn PytteAdult Neurogenesis2006 John R. Kirn (post-doc)
Shannon Rao John R. Kirn (grad student)
Efrain Antonio RibeiroNeuroplasticity, Addiction, Stem cell transplantation Janice R. Naegele (research assistant)
Mike JF RobinsonReward and Motivation, Learning and Memory, Addiction
Sara E. Royston Janice R. Naegele (research assistant)
Thomas D. SangreyCerebellum, Computational Neuroscience2003 Kara M. Beauchamp (grad student)
Jill E. SchneiderReproductive neuroendocrinology1982 Carol Becker Lynch (grad student)
Caitlin B. Shepherd
Anna Shustermanconceptual development
Harry M. Sinnamonhippocampus, locomotion
Frank StellabotteCell Biology2007 Stephen H. Devoto (grad student)
Xue Sunattention, decision20072008 John Seamon (research assistant)
Christos Suriano Biology20122018 David Bodznick (grad student)
Stephanie Tagliatela Janice R. Naegele (grad student)
Poornima K. Tekumalla2000 John R. Kirn (grad student)
Jeffrey WalkerEpilepsy2008 Gloster B. Aaron (grad student)
Niangui Wang2000 John R. Kirn (grad student)
Nick I Woods20092013 Janice R. Naegele (research assistant)
Tima Zeng20162017 Psyche Loui (research assistant)