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Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 

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2021 Fenner BM, Fenner ME, Prowse N, Hayley SP. LRRK2 and WAVE2 regulate microglial-transition through distinct morphological phenotypes to induce neurotoxicity in a novel two-hit in vitro model of neurodegeneration. Journal of Cellular Physiology. PMID 34543438 DOI: 10.1002/jcp.30588  1
2021 Dwyer Z, Chaiquin M, Landrigan J, Ayoub K, Shail P, Rocha J, Childers CL, Storey KB, Philpott DJ, Sun H, Hayley S. The impact of dextran sodium sulphate and probiotic pre-treatment in a murine model of Parkinson's disease. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 18: 20. PMID 33422110 DOI: 10.1186/s12974-020-02062-2  1
2020 Dwyer Z, Rudyk C, Farmer K, Beauchamp S, Shail P, Derksen A, Fortin T, Ventura K, Torres C, Ayoub K, Hayley S. Characterizing the protracted neurobiological and neuroanatomical effects of paraquat in a murine model of Parkinson's disease. Neurobiology of Aging. 100: 11-21. PMID 33450723 DOI: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2020.11.013  1
2020 Hayley S, Hakim AM, Albert PR. Depression, dementia and immune dysregulation. Brain : a Journal of Neurology. PMID 33279966 DOI: 10.1093/brain/awaa405  0.24
2020 Thompson AM, Farmer K, Rowe EK, Hayley SP. Erythropoietin modulates antioxidant signalling. Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences. 103554. PMID 32971229 DOI: 10.1016/j.mcn.2020.103554  1
2020 Al-Chami A, Ross A, Hayley S, Sun H. Early life stress facilitates synapse premature unsilencing to enhance AMPA receptor function in the developing hippocampus. Journal of Neurophysiology. PMID 32783592 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00339.2020  1
2020 Ross A, Xing V, Wang TT, Bureau SC, Link GA, Fortin T, Zhang H, Hayley S, Sun H. Alleviating toxic α-Synuclein accumulation by membrane depolarization: evidence from an in vitro model of Parkinson's disease. Molecular Brain. 13: 108. PMID 32736645 DOI: 10.1186/s13041-020-00648-8  1
2020 Dwyer Z, Rudyk C, Thompson A, Farmer K, Fenner B, Fortin T, Derksen A, Sun H, Hayley S. Leucine-rich repeat kinase-2 (LRRK2) modulates microglial phenotype and dopaminergic neurodegeneration. Neurobiology of Aging. PMID 32247534 DOI: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2020.02.017  1
2019 Farmer K, Abd-Elrahman KS, Derksen A, Rowe EM, Thompson AM, Rudyk CA, Prowse NA, Dwyer Z, Bureau SC, Fortin T, Ferguson SSG, Hayley S. mGluR5 Allosteric Modulation Promotes Neurorecovery in a 6-OHDA-Toxicant Model of Parkinson's Disease. Molecular Neurobiology. PMID 31754998 DOI: 10.1007/s12035-019-01818-z  1
2019 Landrigan J, Dwyer Z, Beauchamp S, Rodriguez R, Fortin T, Hayley S. Quantum dot conjugated saporin activates microglia and induces selective substantia nigra degeneration. Neurotoxicology. PMID 31738977 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuro.2019.11.007  1
2019 Prowse N, Dwyer Z, Thompson A, Fortin T, Elson K, Robeson H, Fenner B, Hayley S. Early life selective knockdown of the TrkB receptor and maternal separation modulates adult stress phenotype. Behavioural Brain Research. 112260. PMID 31568835 DOI: 10.1016/j.bbr.2019.112260  1
2019 Shutinoski B, Hakimi M, Harmsen IE, Lunn M, Rocha J, Lengacher N, Zhou YY, Khan J, Nguyen A, Hake-Volling Q, El-Kodsi D, Li J, Alikashani A, Beauchamp C, Majithia J, ... ... Hayley S, et al. alleles modulate inflammation during microbial infection of mice in a sex-dependent manner. Science Translational Medicine. 11. PMID 31554740 DOI: 10.1126/Scitranslmed.Aas9292  1
2019 Rudyk C, Dwyer Z, McNeill J, Salmaso N, Farmer K, Prowse N, Hayley S. Chronic unpredictable stress influenced the behavioral but not the neurodegenerative impact of paraquat. Neurobiology of Stress. 11: 100179. PMID 31304199 DOI: 10.1016/j.ynstr.2019.100179  1
2019 Jadavji NM, Murray LK, Emmerson JT, Rudyk CA, Hayley S, Smith PD. Paraquat exposure increases oxidative stress within the dorsal striatum of male mice with a genetic deficiency in one-carbon metabolism. Toxicological Sciences : An Official Journal of the Society of Toxicology. PMID 30726997 DOI: 10.1093/Toxsci/Kfz034  1
2018 Simard S, Coppola G, Rudyk CA, Hayley S, McQuaid RJ, Salmaso N. Profiling changes in cortical astroglial cells following chronic stress. Neuropsychopharmacology : Official Publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. PMID 29907879 DOI: 10.1038/S41386-018-0105-X  1
2017 Rudyk CA, McNeill J, Prowse N, Dwyer Z, Farmer K, Litteljohn D, Caldwell W, Hayley S. Age and Chronicity of Administration Dramatically Influenced the Impact of Low Dose Paraquat Exposure on Behavior and Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Activity. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. 9: 222. PMID 28769783 DOI: 10.3389/fnagi.2017.00222  1
2017 Litteljohn D, Rudyk C, Razmjou S, Dwyer Z, Syed S, Hayley S. Individual and interactive sex-specific effects of acute restraint and systemic IFN-γ treatment on neurochemistry. Neurochemistry International. 102: 95-104. PMID 27876634 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuint.2016.11.005  1
2016 Lau C, Hebert M, Vani MA, Walling S, Hayley S, Lagace DC, Blundell J. Absence of neurogenic response following robust predator-induced stress response. Neuroscience. PMID 27725213 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2016.10.001  0.12
2016 Razmjou S, Litteljohn D, Rudyk C, Syed S, Clarke M, Pentz R, Dwyer Z, Hayley S. The interactive effects of ketamine and magnesium upon depressive-like pathology. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. 12: 2049-56. PMID 27660449 DOI: 10.2147/NDT.S111131  1
2016 Landrigan J, Shawaf F, Dwyer Z, Abizaid A, Hayley S. Interactive effects of ghrelin and ketamine on forced swim performance: Implications for novel antidepressant strategies. Neuroscience Letters. PMID 27524676 DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2016.08.015  1
2016 Hayley S, Audet MC, Anisman H. Inflammation and the microbiome: implications for depressive disorders. Current Opinion in Pharmacology. 29: 42-46. PMID 27327647 DOI: 10.1016/J.Coph.2016.06.001  1
2016 Clarke M, Razmjou S, Prowse N, Dwyer Z, Litteljohn D, Pentz R, Anisman H, Hayley S. Ketamine modulates hippocampal neurogenesis and pro-inflammatory cytokines but not stressor induced neurochemical changes. Neuropharmacology. PMID 27106168 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2016.04.021  1
2015 Rudyk C, Litteljohn D, Syed S, Dwyer Z, Hayley S. Paraquat and psychological stressor interactions as pertains to Parkinsonian co-morbidity. Neurobiology of Stress. 2: 85-93. PMID 26844243 DOI: 10.1016/j.ynstr.2015.09.001  1
2015 Farmer K, Smith CA, Hayley S, Smith J. Major Alterations of Phosphatidylcholine and Lysophosphotidylcholine Lipids in the Substantia Nigra Using an Early Stage Model of Parkinson's Disease. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 16: 18865-77. PMID 26274953 DOI: 10.3390/Ijms160818865  1
2015 Hayley S, Du L, Litteljohn D, Palkovits M, Faludi G, Merali Z, Poulter MO, Anisman H. Gender and brain regions specific differences in brain derived neurotrophic factor protein levels of depressed individuals who died through suicide. Neuroscience Letters. 600: 12-16. PMID 26033186 DOI: 10.1016/J.Neulet.2015.05.052  1
2015 Farmer K, Rudyk C, Prowse NA, Hayley S. Hematopoietic cytokines as therapeutic players in early stages Parkinson's disease Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. 7. DOI: 10.3389/fnagi.2015.00126  1
2014 Litteljohn D, Nelson E, Hayley S. IFN-γ differentially modulates memory-related processes under basal and chronic stressor conditions. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 8: 391. PMID 25477784 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2014.00391  1
2014 Serafini G, Hayley S, Pompili M, Dwivedi Y, Brahmachari G, Girardi P, Amore M. Hippocampal neurogenesis, neurotrophic factors and depression: possible therapeutic targets? Cns & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets. 13: 1708-21. PMID 25470403 DOI: 10.2174/1871527313666141130223723  0.01
2014 Liu G, Rustom N, Litteljohn D, Bobyn J, Rudyk C, Anisman H, Hayley S. Use of induced pluripotent stem cell derived neurons engineered to express BDNF for modulation of stressor related pathology. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 8: 316. PMID 25352778 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2014.00316  1
2014 Liu G, Anisman H, Bobyn J, Hayley S. Interaction between nonviral reprogrammed fibroblast stem cells and trophic factors for brain repair. Molecular Neurobiology. 50: 673-84. PMID 24677069 DOI: 10.1007/s12035-014-8680-2  1
2013 Osborn M, Rustom N, Clarke M, Litteljohn D, Rudyk C, Anisman H, Hayley S. Antidepressant-like effects of erythropoietin: a focus on behavioural and hippocampal processes. Plos One. 8: e72813. PMID 24019878 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072813  1
2013 Hayley S, Anisman H. Neurotrophic paths in the treatment of depression. Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience : Jpn. 38: 291-3. PMID 23972006 DOI: 10.1503/jpn.130146  1
2013 Caldwell W, McInnis OA, McQuaid RJ, Liu G, Stead JD, Anisman H, Hayley S. The Role of the Val66Met Polymorphism of the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene in Coping Strategies Relevant to Depressive Symptoms. Plos One. 8: e65547. PMID 23824678 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065547  1
2013 Hayley S, Scharf J, Anisman H. Central administration of murine interferon-α induces depressive-like behavioral, brain cytokine and neurochemical alterations in mice: a mini-review and original experiments. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 31: 115-27. PMID 22884959 DOI: 10.1016/j.bbi.2012.07.023  1
2012 Anisman H, Hayley S. Inflammatory factors contribute to depression and its comorbid conditions. Science Signaling. 5: pe45. PMID 23033537 DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2003579  1
2012 Clarke M, Pentz R, Bobyn J, Hayley S. Stressor-like effects of c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) inhibition. Plos One. 7. PMID 22952879 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0044073  1
2012 Litteljohn D, Hayley S. Cytokines as potential biomarkers for Parkinson's disease: a multiplex approach. Methods of Molecular Biology. 934: 121-144. PMID 22933144 DOI: 10.1007/978-1-62703-071-7_7  1
2012 Anisman H, Hayley S. Illness comorbidity as a biomarker? Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience : Jpn. 37: 221-3. PMID 22709479 DOI: 10.1503/jpn.120092  1
2012 Bobyn J, Mangano EN, Gandhi A, Nelson E, Moloney K, Clarke M, Hayley S. Viral-toxin interactions and Parkinson's disease: poly I:C priming enhanced the neurodegenerative effects of paraquat. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 9: 86. PMID 22559812 DOI: 10.1186/1742-2094-9-86  1
2012 Sliz D, Smith A, Wiebking C, Northoff G, Hayley S. Neural correlates of a single-session massage treatment. Brain Imaging and Behavior. 6: 77-87. PMID 22261925 DOI: 10.1007/S11682-011-9146-Z  1
2012 Mangano EN, Litteljohn D, So R, Nelson E, Peters S, Bethune C, Bobyn J, Hayley S. Interferon-γ plays a role in paraquat-induced neurodegeneration involving oxidative and proinflammatory pathways. Neurobiology of Aging. 33: 1411-26. PMID 21482445 DOI: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2011.02.016  1
2011 Litteljohn D, Nelson E, Bethune C, Hayley S. The effects of paraquat on regional brain neurotransmitter activity, hippocampal BDNF and behavioural function in female mice. Neuroscience Letters. 502: 186-191. PMID 21835224 DOI: 10.1016/J.Neulet.2011.07.041  1
2011 Hayley S, Mangano E, Crowe G, Li N, Bowers WJ. An in vivo animal study assessing long-term changes in hypothalamic cytokines following perinatal exposure to a chemical mixture based on Arctic maternal body burden. Environmental Health : a Global Access Science Source. 10: 65. PMID 21745392 DOI: 10.1186/1476-069X-10-65  1
2011 Hayley S. Toward an Anti-Inflammatory Strategy for Depression Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 5: 19-19. PMID 21559062 DOI: 10.3389/Fnbeh.2011.00019  0.56
2011 Mangano EN, Peters S, Litteljohn D, So R, Bethune C, Bobyn J, Clarke M, Hayley S. Granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor protects against substantia nigra dopaminergic cell loss in an environmental toxin model of Parkinson's disease. Neurobiology of Disease. 43: 99-112. PMID 21377529 DOI: 10.1016/j.nbd.2011.02.011  1
2011 Gibb J, Hayley S, Poulter MO, Anisman H. Effects of stressors and immune activating agents on peripheral and central cytokines in mouse strains that differ in stressor responsivity. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 25: 468-82. PMID 21093579 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bbi.2010.11.008  1
2011 Litteljohn D, Mangano E, Clarke M, Bobyn J, Moloney K, Hayley S. Inflammatory mechanisms of neurodegeneration in toxin-based models of Parkinson's disease Parkinson's Disease. DOI: 10.4061/2011/713517  1
2010 Litteljohn D, Mangano E, Clarke M, Bobyn J, Moloney K, Hayley S. Inflammatory mechanisms of neurodegeneration in toxin-based models of Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's Disease. 2011: 713517. PMID 21234362 DOI: 10.4061/2011/713517  1
2010 Hayley S. A comment on the role of environmental factors in Parkinson's disease. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. 37: 555-556. PMID 21059497 DOI: 10.1017/S0317167100010684  0.4
2010 Litteljohn D, Cummings A, Brennan A, Gill A, Chunduri S, Anisman H, Hayley S. Interferon-gamma deficiency modifies the effects of a chronic stressor in mice: Implications for psychological pathology. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 24: 462-73. PMID 20004715 DOI: 10.1016/j.bbi.2009.12.001  1
2009 Litteljohn D, Mangano E, Shukla N, Hayley S. Interferon-γ deficiency modifies the motor and co-morbid behavioral pathology and neurochemical changes provoked by the pesticide paraquat Neuroscience. 164: 1894-1906. PMID 19782123 DOI: 10.1016/J.Neuroscience.2009.09.025  1
2009 Gibb J, Audet MC, Hayley S, Anisman H. Neurochemical and behavioral responses to inflammatory immune stressors. Frontiers in Bioscience (Scholar Edition). 1: 275-95. PMID 19482702  1
2009 Merali Z, Hayley S, Kent P, McIntosh J, Bédard T, Anisman H. Impact of repeated stressor exposure on the release of corticotropin-releasing hormone, arginine-vasopressin and bombesin-like peptides at the anterior pituitary. Behavioural Brain Research. 198: 105-12. PMID 19014976 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bbr.2008.10.025  1
2009 Mangano EN, Hayley S. Inflammatory priming of the substantia nigra influences the impact of later paraquat exposure: Neuroimmune sensitization of neurodegeneration. Neurobiology of Aging. 30: 1361-78. PMID 18187236 DOI: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2007.11.020  1
2009 Gibb J, Audet M, Hayley S, Anisman H. Neurochemical and behavioral responses to inflammatory immune stressors. Frontiers in Bioscience. 1: 275-295. DOI: 10.2741/E26  1
2008 Litteljohn D, Mangano EN, Hayley S. Cyclooxygenase-2 deficiency modifies the neurochemical effects, motor impairment and co-morbid anxiety provoked by paraquat administration in mice. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 28: 707-16. PMID 18657183 DOI: 10.1111/j.1460-9568.2008.06371.x  1
2008 Kentner AC, Takeuchi A, James JS, Miki T, Seino S, Hayley S, Bielajew C. The effects of rewarding ventral tegmental area stimulation and environmental enrichment on lipopolysaccharide-induced sickness behavior and cytokine expression in female rats. Brain Research. 1217: 50-61. PMID 18511025 DOI: 10.1016/J.Brainres.2008.04.041  1
2008 Anisman H, Gibb J, Hayley S. Influence of continuous infusion of interleukin-1beta on depression-related processes in mice: corticosterone, circulating cytokines, brain monoamines, and cytokine mRNA expression. Psychopharmacology. 199: 231-44. PMID 18491079 DOI: 10.1007/s00213-008-1166-z  1
2008 Hayley S, Mangano E, Strickland M, Anisman H. Lipopolysaccharide and a social stressor influence behaviour, corticosterone and cytokine levels: divergent actions in cyclooxygenase-2 deficient mice and wild type controls. Journal of Neuroimmunology. 197: 29-36. PMID 18455806 DOI: 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2008.03.015  1
2008 Anisman H, Merali Z, Hayley S. Neurotransmitter, peptide and cytokine processes in relation to depressive disorder: comorbidity between depression and neurodegenerative disorders. Progress in Neurobiology. 85: 1-74. PMID 18346832 DOI: 10.1016/J.Pneurobio.2008.01.004  1
2008 Gibb J, Hayley S, Gandhi R, Poulter MO, Anisman H. Synergistic and additive actions of a psychosocial stressor and endotoxin challenge: Circulating and brain cytokines, plasma corticosterone and behavioral changes in mice. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 22: 573-89. PMID 18191534 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bbi.2007.12.001  1
2008 Seguin JA, Brennan J, Mangano E, Hayley S. Proinflammatory cytokines differentially influence adult hippocampal cell proliferation depending upon the route and chronicity of administration. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. 5: 5-14. DOI: 10.2147/Ndt.S4476  1
2008 Anisman H, Matheson K, Hayley S. Neurochemical and Transmitter Models of Depression Risk Factors in Depression. 63-90. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-08-045078-0.00004-6  1
2007 Anisman H, Poulter MO, Gandhi R, Merali Z, Hayley S. Interferon-alpha effects are exaggerated when administered on a psychosocial stressor backdrop: cytokine, corticosterone and brain monoamine variations. Journal of Neuroimmunology. 186: 45-53. PMID 17428549 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jneuroim.2007.02.008  1
2007 Mount MP, Lira A, Grimes D, Smith PD, Faucher S, Slack R, Anisman H, Hayley S, Park DS. Involvement of interferon-gamma in microglial-mediated loss of dopaminergic neurons. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 27: 3328-37. PMID 17376993 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.5321-06.2007  1
2007 Gandhi R, Hayley S, Gibb J, Merali Z, Anisman H. Influence of poly I:C on sickness behaviors, plasma cytokines, corticosterone and central monoamine activity: moderation by social stressors. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 21: 477-89. PMID 17267173 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bbi.2006.12.005  1
2006 Crocker SJ, Hayley SP, Smith PD, Mount MP, Lamba WR, Callaghan SM, Slack RS, Park DS. Regulation of axotomy-induced dopaminergic neuron death and c-Jun phosphorylation by targeted inhibition of cdc42 or mixed lineage kinase. Journal of Neurochemistry. 96: 489-99. PMID 16336220 DOI: 10.1111/J.1471-4159.2005.03568.X  1
2005 Hayley S, Poulter MO, Merali Z, Anisman H. The pathogenesis of clinical depression: stressor- and cytokine-induced alterations of neuroplasticity. Neuroscience. 135: 659-78. PMID 16154288 DOI: 10.1016/J.Neuroscience.2005.03.051  1
2005 Kim RH, Smith PD, Aleyasin H, Hayley S, Mount MP, Pownall S, Wakeham A, You-Ten AJ, Kalia SK, Horne P, Westaway D, Lozano AM, Anisman H, Park DS, Mak TW. Hypersensitivity of DJ-1-deficient mice to 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyrindine (MPTP) and oxidative stress. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 102: 5215-20. PMID 15784737 DOI: 10.1073/Pnas.0501282102  1
2005 Anisman H, Merali Z, Poulter MO, Hayley S. Cytokines as a precipitant of depressive illness: animal and human studies. Current Pharmaceutical Design. 11: 963-72. PMID 15777247 DOI: 10.2174/1381612053381701  1
2005 Hayley S, Anisman H. Multiple mechanisms of cytokine action in neurodegenerative and psychiatric states: neurochemical and molecular substrates. Current Pharmaceutical Design. 11: 947-62. PMID 15777246 DOI: 10.2174/1381612053381611  1
2005 Hayley S. Editorial [Hot Topic: The Role of Cytokines in Neurodegeneration and Psychiatric Conditions: Multiple Mechanisms of Action (Executive Editor: Shawn Hayley)] Current Pharmaceutical Design. 11: 945-945. DOI: 10.2174/1381612053381639  0.56
2004 Sudom K, Turrin NP, Hayley S, Anisman H. Influence of chronic interleukin-2 infusion and stressors on sickness behaviors and neurochemical change in mice. Neuroimmunomodulation. 11: 341-50. PMID 15316245 DOI: 10.1159/000079415  1
2004 Hayley S, Kelly O, Anisman H. Corticosterone changes in response to stressors, acute and protracted actions of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and lipopolysaccharide treatments in mice lacking the tumor necrosis factor-alpha p55 receptor gene. Neuroimmunomodulation. 11: 241-6. PMID 15249730 DOI: 10.1159/000078442  1
2004 Hayley S, Crocker SJ, Smith PD, Shree T, Jackson-Lewis V, Przedborski S, Mount M, Slack R, Anisman H, Park DS. Regulation of dopaminergic loss by Fas in a 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine model of Parkinson's disease. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 24: 2045-53. PMID 14985447 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.4564-03.2004  1
2003 Anisman H, Turrin NP, Merali Z, Hayley S. Neurochemical sensitization associated with systemic administration of tumor necrosis factor-alpha: adjuvant action in combination with bovine serum albumin. Journal of Neuroimmunology. 145: 91-102. PMID 14644035 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jneuroim.2003.09.014  1
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2003 Crocker SJ, Smith PD, Jackson-Lewis V, Lamba WR, Hayley SP, Grimm E, Callaghan SM, Slack RS, Melloni E, Przedborski S, Robertson GS, Anisman H, Merali Z, Park DS. Inhibition of calpains prevents neuronal and behavioral deficits in an MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 23: 4081-91. PMID 12764095 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.23-10-04081.2003  1
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1999 McIntyre DC, Kent P, Hayley S, Merali Z, Anisman H. Influence of psychogenic and neurogenic stressors on neuroendocrine and central monoamine activity in fast and slow kindling rats. Brain Research. 840: 65-74. PMID 10517953 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-8993(99)01771-0  1
1999 Hayley S, Brebner K, Lacosta S, Merali Z, Anisman H. Sensitization to the effects of tumor necrosis factor-alpha: neuroendocrine, central monoamine, and behavioral variations. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 19: 5654-65. PMID 10377371  1
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