Albany Medical College of Union University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
William G. BarnesPain research2003 Lindsay B. Hough (grad student)
Travis P. BarrNeurobiology Biology, Ecology Biology, Pharmacology2010 Frank L. Rice (grad student)
Justin Bourgeois2019 Russell J. Ferland (grad student)
Nicole H. BowensNeuroscience Biology2014 Alexander Mongin (grad student)
Keri E. CannonPain research2005 Lindsay B. Hough (grad student)
Diptaman ChatterjeeNeuroscience, neurodegeneration, therapeutic development, Parkinson's disease, alzheimer's disease, alpha-synuclein, misfolded protein disorders Anne Messer (grad student)
Jennie L. ConroyPain research20052010 Lindsay B. Hough (grad student)
Stanley D. GlickNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology
Yukiori Goto19992004 Patricio O'Donnell (grad student)
Renee E. Haskew-LaytonNeuroscience Biology2005 Harold K. Kimelberg (grad student)
Tyisha HathornNeurobiology Biology2010 Anne Messer (grad student)
Quanzhi HouNeuroscience Biology2011 Frank L. Rice (grad student)
Kiet Gia Hua2017 Russell J. Ferland (grad student)
Shubhada N. JoshiNeuroscience Biology, Neurobiology Biology Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience2013 Anne Messer (grad student)
Sridhar Kadiyala2014 Russell J. Ferland (grad student)
Harold K. KimelbergNeuroscience Biology
Anne MesserNeuroscience Biology, Neurobiology Biology
Alexander MonginNeuroscience Biology
Joshua T. MorraNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology, General2010 Stanley D. Glick (grad student)
Jesus Munoz
Jesus Munoz-Estrada Neuroscience Russell J. Ferland (post-doc)
Yvette M. PetersNeuroscience Biology, Pathology2004 Patricio O'Donnell (grad student)
James E. PolstonNeuroscience Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology2012 Stanley D. Glick (grad student)
Anil PurohitPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Mental Health2003 Milt Teitler (grad student)
Frank L. RiceNeurobiology Biology, Ecology Biology, Pharmacology
Alexandra L SchoberAstrocytes, Alzheimer's disease Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics20142018 Alexander Mongin (grad student)
Gary P. SchoolsNeuroscience Biology2001 Harold K. Kimelberg (grad student)
Damian S. ShinNeuroscience Biology, General Biology
James R. ShoblockNeuroscience Biology2003 Stanley D. Glick (grad student)
Rebecca StadelPain research2008 Lindsay B. Hough (grad student)
Alexander C. SuttonNeuroscience Biology, General Biology2013 Damian S. Shin (grad student)
Milt TeitlerPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Mental Health
Karina Tuz Russell J. Ferland (post-doc)
Min ZhouGlial cells Harold K. Kimelberg (post-doc)
Yingzi ZhuNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology2002 Harold K. Kimelberg (grad student)