Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Pavan K. Auluckmodels of neurodegenerative disease20062008 Matthew P. Frosch (post-doc), David N. Louis (post-doc)
Amanda Baker
Trevor Balena2011 Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Allyson M. Blackburn Psychiatry Eric Bui (research assistant)
Eric BuiTrauma, Grief, Anxiety Naomi M. Simon (post-doc)
Gabriel CorfasNeuron-glia interactions, development, disease models19901995 Gerald Fischbach (post-doc)
Federico D'Oleire UquillasNeuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience
Lydia DjenouneNeurobiology, Development, Morphogenesis, Calcium Signaling Medicine2017 Iain A. Drummond (post-doc)
Iain A. Drummond
Jonas Dyhrfjeld-JohnsenHearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, synaptic transmission, excitotoxicity, hyperexcitability, electrophysiology, neurodegeneration, neuroprotection, drug development20072009 Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Volodymyr Dzhala2007 Kevin Staley (research scientist)
Andrea G. Edlow
Brian Edlow
Kiyoshi Egawa Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Lydia Federico Psychiatry Psychiatry Psychiatry Kaloyan Stefanov Tanev (research assistant), Naomi M. Simon (research assistant), Eric Bui (research assistant)
Francisco J. FloresSystems neuroscience applied to General Anesthesia and sleep Emery Brown (post-doc)
Travis D. GoodeNeurobiology of Emotion, Learning and Memory2018 Amar Sahay (post-doc)
Arvina Grahl Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging2019 Vitaly Napadow (post-doc)
David Y. HuangStroke, Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration C. Miller Fisher (post-doc)
Hee Yeon Im Radiology2015 Kestutis Kveraga (post-doc)
Theju Jacob20152017 Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Rafaella Jakubovic Psychiatry Psychiatry Psychiatry Louisa Dunning Grandin (research assistant), Meredith E. Charney (research assistant), Naomi M. Simon (research assistant)
Gina R. Kuperberglanguage, fMRI, ERPs, schizophrenia Anders M. Dale (post-doc)
Churl-Su KwonEpilepsy, DBS
Lauren Laifer Psychiatry Naomi M. Simon (research assistant)
Kyle P. Lillisneuronal imaging Neurology2009 Kevin Staley (post-doc), Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Luana MarquesImplementation, Trauma, OCD Naomi M. Simon (post-doc)
Nikolaus R. McFarlandParkinsonism, atypical parkinson disorders, neurodegenerative models, AAV Neurology20062010 Bradley T. Hyman (post-doc)
Eric D. MelonakosMechanisms of General Anesthesia, Neurophysiology
Albert Misko Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Kieran P. Normoyle Neurology2015 Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Kyung-Il Park Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Mark H. Pollack
Negah Rahmati Neurology2016 Kevin Staley (post-doc)
Yero Saponjian20132013 Kevin Staley (grad student), Kevin Staley (research scientist)
Naomi M. Simon Psyciatry Mark H. Pollack (research scientist)
Caroline J. Smith20112017 Alexa H. Veenema (grad student)
Tracey A.C.S. SuterAxon Guidance20112013 Florian Eichler (research scientist)
Waldemar Swiercz Kevin Staley (research scientist)
Kaloyan Stefanov Tanev Naomi M. Simon (research scientist)
Brian Tseng
Raphael TurcotteBiomedical Optics Charles P. Lin (grad student)
Zemin Wang
Sarah Wieman Naomi M. Simon (research assistant)
Günther Zeckretina, neurochip, Microelectrode array Richard H. Masland (post-doc)
David Wei ZhouThalamocortical rhythms, neurotechnology, general anesthesia, disorders of consciousness Neurology2016 Brian Edlow (grad student)