Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Katherine Arbuthnott Psychology Jamie Campbell (grad student)
Diana L. AlexanderClinical Psychology2001 Dave Scott (grad student)
Paula C. AsheMental Health, Neuroscience Biology2000 A B. Juorio (grad student)
Ashley A. BarlowSocial Psychology, Journalism, Criminology and Penology Psychology2011 Stephen Wormith (grad student)
Indika Benaragamma20092012 Jack Gray (grad student)
Eric Blincow20092012 Jack Gray (grad student)
Gerald W. BlockClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2000 J Nanson (grad student)
Patricia J. BobynNutrition2004 Phyllis Paterson (grad student)
Rebecca L. BoehmSocial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Women's Studies Psychology2011 Melanie Morrison (grad student)
Ron BorowskyCognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychology1989 Jim Cheesman (research assistant)
Gary R. Bortolotti
Alan A. BoultonNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology
Carie M. BuchananDevelopmental Psychology, Sociology of Education Psychology2012 Lorrie Sippola (grad student)
Jaydrath Butala20052008 Jack Gray (grad student)
Jamie CampbellCognitive Psychology
Philip A. CarverhillClinical Psychology2000 B Chartier (grad student)
Brittany Cazakoff John Howland (grad student)
B ChartierClinical Psychology
Brian ChartierClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology, Personality Psychology
Jim Cheesman
Jennifer Chlan20042008 David J. Schreyer (post-doc)
Michael Corcoranneural plasticity, kindling, epilepsy, learning and memory
Margaret CrossleyCognitive Psychology, Gerontology, Native American Studies, Experimental Psychology
Jacqueline R. CummineCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology Psychology2009 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Paul Dick20112013 Jack Gray (grad student)
P R. E. CrockerCognitive Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Recreation
Eftekhar EftekharpourNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology2001 Bernhard H. J. Juurlink (grad student)
Chelsea Ekstrand Psychology2019 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Lorin EliasExperimental Psychology
Carrie EsopenkoCognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychology2011 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Gerry FarthingSocial Psychology
Gerald FarthingDevelopmental Psychology
Chase R. FigleyNeuroimaging, Structural and Functional MRI John A. Weil (research assistant)
Sarah A. FigleyNeuroprotection, Neuroregeneration, Spinal Cord, Growth Factors John A. Weil (research assistant)
Neil M. Fournierepilepsy, kindling, behaviour20052009 Lisa E. Kalynchuk (grad student)
Chris Friesen Psychology2003 Ron Borowsky (post-doc)
Sandy D. GardnerCognitive Psychology2001 M Vrbancic (grad student)
Layla Gould Neurosurgery2016 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Kelly A. GrattoNeuroscience Biology2002 V M. K. Verge (grad student)
Jack GrayVision, Olfaction, Insect flight, Neuroethology
Rasheed Bani Hammad Anatomy and Cell Biology20052010 David J. Schreyer (grad student)
Darren Hannessonmemory, rhinal cortex Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Laurie HellstenEducational Psychology Education, Administration Education
John Howlandneural plasticity, learning and memory Michael Corcoran (research assistant)
Juan P. Ianowski Claudio R. Lazzari (research scientist)
Bernhard H. J. JuurlinkNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Vaigunda Ragavendran Jegadeesanperipheral nerve regeneration
Jerry B. JellisClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Brian Chartier (grad student)
Lisa M. JewellSocial Psychology, GLBT Studies Psychology2012 Melanie Morrison (grad student)
Robert ( JordensNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Alan A. Boulton (grad student)
A B. JuorioMental Health, Neuroscience Biology
V M. K. VergeNeuroscience Biology
Lisa E. Kalynchukkindling; stress; depression
Laurie A. KarchewskiNeuroscience Biology2000 Valerie Verge (grad student)
Soheila Karimi19972001 David J. Schreyer (grad student)
Soheila Karimi-AbdolrezaeeNeuroscience Biology2001 David J. Schreyer (grad student)
Chris Kelland
Michael Kelly
George K. Kostopoulos19731977 John W. Phillis (grad student)
Kent C. KowalskiCognitive Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Recreation2000 P R. E. Crocker (grad student)
Shawnda LantingCognitive Psychology, Gerontology, Native American Studies, Experimental Psychology Psychology2011 Margaret Crossley (grad student)
Katherina A. LebedevaStress, Depression Lisa E. Kalynchuk (grad student)
Janeen D. Loehr
Eric Lorentz Psychology2016 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Michael MacGregorPersonality Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Cody ManchesterNeuroethology2012 Jack Gray (grad student)
Abigail Mani20102011 Jack Gray (grad student)
Tammy A. MarcheCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Sebastiano MassaroDevelopmental Neurobiology Luca Quaroni (research assistant)
Patti McDougallDevelopmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Glyn McMillan20112015 Jack Gray (grad student), Jack Gray (research scientist)
Arron W. MetcalfeCognitive Psychology Psychology2011 Jamie Campbell (grad student)
Marla Mickleborough Psychology2015 Michael Corcoran (research assistant), Ron Borowsky (post-doc)
H. R. MittenLaw, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Native American Studies, Clinical Psychology Interdisciplinary Studies2011 Linda Wason-Ellam (grad student)
Melanie MorrisonSocial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Women's Studies
Gillian D. MuirNeuroscience Biology
Sean MulliganBrain blood flow, glia
J NansonClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
Josh Neudorf Psychology Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Cheuk NgEnvironmental, social, and cross-cultural psychology areas: noise, crowding, and privacy in the work and home environments, immigrants' use of space and acculturation, and more recently, retail environments and telework
Jonathan NortonIONM, FES, rehabilitation, spinal cord, motor physiology2013 Michael Kelly (collaborator)
William J. OwenCognitive Psychology2002 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Stephen C. P. WongSocial Psychology, Criminology and Penology
Karenjit K. ParharSocial Psychology, Criminology and Penology Psychology2011 Stephen C. P. Wong (grad student)
Rachel Parkinson Biology2015 Jack Gray (grad student)
Phyllis PatersonNeuroscience Biology, Nutrition
Jocelyn L. PoockClinical Psychology, Gerontology2012 Margaret Crossley (grad student)
Michelle PresniakPersonality Psychology, Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology2009 Michael MacGregor (grad student)
Erin Prosser-LooseNeuroscience Biology, Nutrition Pharmacy and Nutrition2010 Phyllis Paterson (grad student)
Zenon W. Pylyshyn1963 Neil McKinnon Agnew (grad student)
Luca Quaroni
Martin W. RempelSocial Psychology2003 Gerry Farthing (grad student)
David J. Schreyerdevelopment, regeneration
Gavin A Scott Physiology John Howland (grad student)
Dave ScottClinical Psychology
Michelle F. ShawCognitive Psychology, Gerontology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2003 Margaret Crossley (grad student)
Aaron Sheerinneural plasticity Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Lana N. ShimpClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2000 B Chartier (grad student)
Lorrie SippolaDevelopmental Psychology, Sociology of Education
Changiz Taghibiglou
William J. TrainorDevelopmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2011 Patti McDougall (grad student)
Valerie VergeNeuroscience Biology
Remko Verspui20042009 Jack Gray (grad student)
M VrbancicCognitive Psychology
ELWOOD K WALLSneuroendocrine regulation of food intake Psychology19751977 Thomas B. Wishart (grad student)
Linda Wason-EllamLaw, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Native American Studies, Clinical Psychology
Aubrey A. WebbNeuroscience Biology2003 Gillian D. Muir (grad student)
Christine Webber19972000 David J. Schreyer (grad student)
John A. WeilChemical Physics, NMR, EPR
Karen L WiebeBehavioral Ecology, Ornithology Biology19891993 Gary R. Bortolotti (grad student)
Tammy Wile Psychology2003 Ron Borowsky (grad student)
Thomas B. Wishart
Stephen WormithSocial Psychology, Journalism, Criminology and Penology
J Stephen WormithClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Women's Studies, Psychometrics Psychology
Adam Wu20052008 David J. Schreyer (grad student)
Selina D. ZaluskiDevelopmental Psychology Psychology2012 Gerald Farthing (grad student)
Sinan Zhang Biology2014 Jack Gray (grad student)
Xia Zhangdrug dependence, neuroanatomy Michael Corcoran (post-doc)