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Ming-Ko Chiang (Info) National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan Compass 2012‑08‑15
Sandeep Robert Datta (Info) Harvard circuits, innate responses, olfaction Neuronal 2007‑03‑14
Linda Douw (Info) VUmc ZS 2014‑11‑05
Gord J. Fishell (Info) NYU School of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and the Stanley Center at the Broad Brain development and patterning, cortical interneurons Fishell 2007‑01‑24
John Flanagan (Info) Harvard Medical School qianglu 2009‑02‑20
David D. Ginty (Info) Johns Hopkins Medical School, Harvard Medical School signaling, neurotrophins, development, trophic factors david 2006‑09‑24
Riitta Hari (Info) Helsinki University of Technology miiamaaria 2008‑10‑03
Mitsuharu Hattori (Info) Nagoya City University Compass 2012‑08‑15
Arezu Jahani Asl (Info) HMS Neurobiology arezu 2013‑05‑12
Di Kang (Info) Chinese University of Hong Kong, Boston Children's Hospital, MIT Systems neuroscience dikang13 2023‑11‑28
Dong Kong (Info) Tufts, Boston Children's Hospital & Harvard Medical School Neural Circuitry and Synaptic Plasticity of Neuron-Metabolism dongkong 2012‑10‑29
Gabriel Kreiman (Info) The Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School Computational Neuroscience, Visual Object Recognition, Visual Cortex, Artificial Intelligence jgoleary 2005‑11‑02
Philip Leder (Info) Harvard Medical School Genetics lauriejg 2007‑11‑17
Sarah Ashley Low (Info) MGH & Harvard Medical School Pain salow 2018‑07‑22
Bradford Lowell (Info) Harvard Medical School The neural basis for hunger david 2016‑01‑04
Qiang Lu (Info) Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope Cerebral cortical development, neural stem cells, neurogenesis qianglu 2009‑02‑20
Richard H. Masland (Info) Harvard Medical School hayden 2005‑11‑04
Elizabeth Mormino (Info) MGH/HMS bmormino 2012‑05‑22
Masaru Nakamoto (Info) University of Aberdeen Compass 2012‑08‑15
Alexandra Nowlan (Info) HMS, CSHL, U Mass Amherst anowlan 2014‑05‑15
Tommi Raij (Info) Harvard Medical School Human, TMS, MEG, EEG, fMRI, Tractography, Physiology, Neuropsychiatry, Source modeling, Instrumentation tomraij 2011‑04‑04
Wade G. Regehr (Info) Harvard jmedina 2005‑11‑01
Stephanie Rudolph (Info) HMS wadichej 2011‑06‑17
Zsuzsika Sjoerds (Info) Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig Neuroimaging, Psychiatry, Addiction, Affective Disorders ZS 2012‑10‑03
Erik C. Sobel (Info) BAE Systems Computer Vision esobel 2008‑04‑08
Lulu Wang (Info) HMS lulu 2007‑09‑23
Farahanz Wick (Info) BWH, HMS gkreiman 2023‑02‑28
Nicole R Zurcher (Info) Harvard/MGH Autism, MR-PET zurchernicole 2017‑07‑13
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