New Mexico State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jehad Abubaker2004 Peter J. Lammers (grad student)
Stacy J. AckerlindIndustrial Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2003 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Eve M. AdamsCounseling Psychology, Women's Studies
Philip G. BensonManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Heidi C. BironCognitive Psychology2006 Adrienne Y. Lee (grad student)
Peter S. BrainardClinical Psychology2003 Margaret G. Kaczmarek (grad student)
Michael M. BullockGABA and NMDA in Schizophrenia Elba E. Serrano (research assistant)
Albert A. BuyokTeacher Training Education, Community College Education2008 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Luisa P. CastellanosClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Mental Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies2001 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Janette E. CastilloClinical Psychology, Hispanic American Studies2007 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Alba A. Chavez-DozalEvolutionary Biology, symbiosis2012 Michele Kiyoko Nishiguchi (grad student)
Andres F. CibilsRange Management Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Geodesy
Samantha A. Ciceroretinal development, neuronal differentiation Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Michele ClingmanCommunity College Education2006 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Suzanne L. ConnerMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology2012 Gerald M. Hampton (grad student)
Laura M. Cote GonzalezCounseling Psychology, Public Health, Latin American Studies2014 Ivelisse T. Fernandez (grad student)
Ralph J. CrabbeCounseling Psychology, Multilingual Education, African American Studies2013 Ivelisse T. Fernandez (grad student)
Christine R. Dahlin2010 Timothy Wright (grad student)
Shirley DelvaClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2005 Peggy Kaczmarek (grad student)
Kristine R. DererSpecial Education, Early Childhood Education, Educational Psychology Education
Igor DolgovHuman Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognition, Perception, Video Games
Michelle L. DorseyGuidance and Counseling Education2002 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
William M. Doyondrug addiction, dopamine system Elba E. Serrano (research assistant)
Kay E. EnnisEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, Industrial Psychology2006 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Ivelisse T. FernandezCounseling Psychology, Multilingual Education, African American Studies
Peter W. FoltzPsycholinguistics, Computational modeling, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Machine Learning
Kelsie FosterCounseling Psychology, African American Studies, Higher Education2013 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Mozella GarciaAdministration Education, Community College Education, Hispanic American Studies2007 Mary Prentice (grad student)
James B. GilbreathManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2001 Philip G. Benson (grad student)
John GladdenDevelopmental Biology Elba E. Serrano (research assistant)
Joanna GlicklerIndustrial Psychology, Higher Education, Women's Studies2005 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Katherine D. GoadCommunity College Education, Sciences Education2007 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Rebecca L. GomezCognitive development Roger Schvaneveldt (grad student)
Manjula Govindarajulu2005 Peter J. Lammers (grad student)
Nancy A. GrauGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Enedina Vazquez (grad student)
Ricardo C. Guerrero FerreiraEvolutionary Biology, symbiosis2009 Michele Kiyoko Nishiguchi (grad student)
Holly R. HackettSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology Social Psychology2013 Laura Madson (grad student)
Gerald M. HamptonMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Lisa R. HardisonCommunity College Education, Administration Education, Technology of Education2007 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Robert S. HeiserMarketing Business Administration, Speech Communication2005 Shaun McQuitty (grad student)
Tracie L. HitterCounseling Psychology, Women's Studies Counseling Psychology2012 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Elizabeth A. Hobson Biology2013 Timothy Wright (grad student)
Matilde A. Holzwarthneuroscience, neuroendocrinology, sensory systems
Peter HoudePaleontology, Ornithology, Phylogenetics, Morphology
Michael P. IezziClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2009 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Jonathan J InnesHuman Factors Engineering Applied Psychology Human Computer Interaction Psychology Roger Schvaneveldt (grad student), James McDonald (grad student)
Peter K. JonasonSocial Psychology2009 Laura Madson (grad student)
Peggy KaczmarekSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Margaret G. KaczmarekDevelopmental Psychology
Philip A. KerneClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2006 Rod J. Merta (grad student)
Timothy KetelaarSocial Psychology
Sreenatha Kirakodu Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
V. Bleu Knight Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Bryan L. KoenigSocial Psychology2009 Timothy Ketelaar (grad student)
Raman G. Koul2010 Peter J. Lammers (grad student)
Peter J. LammersAM Fungal Research Site, Bioinformatics Research Page
Adrienne Y. LeeCognitive Psychology
Naomi D. LingSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Developmental Psychology2001 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Julie M. Liszka-ChalonerClinical Psychology, Mental Health2004 Enedina Vazquez (grad student)
Eduardo LlamasToxicology bioinformatics20052009 Elba E. Serrano (research assistant)
Virginia LongoriaCounseling Psychology, General Psychology2014 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Laura MadsonSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Ashish MahajanManagement Business Administration2009 Philip G. Benson (grad student)
Daniel M. MalloySpeech science, cognitive development2006 Laura A. Thompson (grad student)
Jeanne M. MalmbergSpeech science, cognitive development2004 Laura A. Thompson (grad student)
Tamara Martin-CauseyClinical Psychology2001 Enedina Vazquez (grad student)
Shaun McQuittyMarketing Business Administration, Higher Education, Industrial Psychology
Rod J. MertaClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Lucy Montes-SandovalClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2003 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Marti M. MoralesSynapses, Neurotransmitters2007 Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Vinod S. NairEvolutionary Biology, symbiosis2006 Michele Kiyoko Nishiguchi (grad student)
Linda L. NeelAdministration Education, Community College Education2004 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Michele Kiyoko NishiguchiEvolutionary Biology, symbiosis
Richard J. OrtizBehavioral Neuroscience
TuShun PowersNeuroinformatics Elba E. Serrano (post-doc)
Mary PrenticeIndustrial Psychology, Higher Education, Women's Studies
Quincy A. QuickCancer, glia Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Daniel Ramirez Gordilloion channels, inner ear transcriptome, deafness Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
David Richman
Elfeda B. RivasCommunity College Education2013 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Erin Rivera Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Steven A. RugalaDevelopmental Psychology2000 Margaret G. Kaczmarek (grad student)
Alejandro Salinas-Melgoza Biology2011 Timothy Wright (grad student)
Peter J. SanchezClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2002 Rod J. Merta (grad student)
Joshua D. SandruPsychology
Mohammed SawalhahRange Management Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Geodesy2014 Andres F. Cibils (grad student)
Erin E. Schirtzinger2011 Timothy Wright (grad student)
Jeremy D. Schwark20092014 Igor Dolgov (grad student)
Jonathan P. Schwartz2001 Michael Waldo (grad student)
Wesley A. ScrogginsManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2003 Philip G. Benson (grad student)
Kim A. SeifertCommunity College Education, Administration Education2011 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Elba E. SerranoBiophysics, Sensory Systems, Glia, Tissue Engineering, Ion Channels, Neuroethics, Research Education
William SotoEvolutionary Biology, symbiosis2009 Michele Kiyoko Nishiguchi (grad student)
Walter G. StephanSocial Psychology
Andreas W. StratemeyerMarketing Business Administration, Higher Education, Industrial Psychology2001 Shaun McQuitty (grad student)
Garrett L. StrosserSocial Psychology, Hispanic American Studies2010 Laura Madson (grad student)
David R. Sultemeier2007 Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Laura A. ThompsonSpeech science, cognitive development
Ricardo TorresCounseling Psychology2014 Ivelisse T. Fernandez (grad student)
Jessica M. Torres-PryorSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2003 Enedina Vazquez (grad student)
David TrafimonSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Graciela A. Unguezneuromuscular system; electromotor systems; neural plasticity
Armando VarelaAnti-Cancer, Drug Discovery, Apoptosis Elba E. Serrano (grad student), Peter J. Lammers (grad student)
Jason VasquezSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Hispanic American Studies2009 Eve M. Adams (grad student)
Amanda VasquezLeadership Education, Higher Education, Higher Education Administration Education2014 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Enedina VazquezClinical Psychology
Selene VirkNeuroinformatics Elba E. Serrano (grad student)
Renee WhartonAdministration Education, Community College Education2004 Mary Prentice (grad student)
Linda J. WinonaEvolutionary Biology, symbiosis2007 Michele Kiyoko Nishiguchi (grad student)
Marco WolfMarketing Business Administration2008 Shaun McQuitty (grad student)
Timothy Wright
Anna M. Young2011 Timothy Wright (grad student)
Melissa L. Ziarnick Engineering Psychology20072011 Igor Dolgov (grad student)