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Lund University, Lund, Skåne län, Sweden 

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2020 Olsson A, Olsson M, Fedorowski A, Hagell P, Wictorin K. The Orthostatic Hypotension Questionnaire in Swedish tested in patients with parkinsonism. Brain and Behavior. e01746. PMID 32633094 DOI: 10.1002/brb3.1746  0.72
2020 Svenningsson P, Odin P, Dizdar N, Johansson A, Grigoriou S, Tsitsi P, Wictorin K, Bergquist F, Nyholm D, Rinne J, Hansson F, Sonesson C, Tedroff J. A Phase 2a Trial Investigating the Safety and Tolerability of the Novel Cortical Enhancer IRL752 in Parkinson's Disease Dementia. Movement Disorders : Official Journal of the Movement Disorder Society. PMID 32198802 DOI: 10.1002/mds.28020  0.4
2016 Wictorin K, Widner H. Memantine and reduced time with dyskinesia in Parkinson's Disease Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. 133: 355-360. DOI: 10.1111/ane.12468  1
2015 Svenningsson P, Rosenblad C, Af Edholm Arvidsson K, Wictorin K, Keywood C, Shankar B, Lowe DA, Björklund A, Widner H. Eltoprazine counteracts l-DOPA-induced dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease: a dose-finding study. Brain : a Journal of Neurology. 138: 963-73. PMID 25669730 DOI: 10.1093/brain/awu409  0.88
2014 Wictorin K, Brådvik B, Nilsson K, Soller M, van Westen D, Bynke G, Bauer P, Schöls L, Puschmann A. Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia with slow ocular saccades, neuropathy and orthostatism: a novel entity? Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. 20: 748-54. PMID 24787759 DOI: 10.1016/j.parkreldis.2014.03.029  1
2010 Nilsson MH, Hariz GM, Wictorin K, Miller M, Forsgren L, Hagell P. Development and testing of a self administered version of the Freezing of Gait Questionnaire. Bmc Neurology. 10: 85. PMID 20863392 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2377-10-85  1
2003 Eriksson C, Wictorin K. Neuronal and glial differentiation within expanded glial cultures derived from the lateral and medial ganglionic eminences. Experimental Neurology. 184: 1058-63. PMID 14769401 DOI: 10.1016/j.expneurol.2003.08.014  1
2003 Eriksson C, Björklund A, Wictorin K. Neuronal differentiation following transplantation of expanded mouse neurosphere cultures derived from different embryonic forebrain regions. Experimental Neurology. 184: 615-35. PMID 14769354 DOI: 10.1016/S0014-4886(03)00271-1  1
2002 Englund U, Bjorklund A, Wictorin K, Lindvall O, Kokaia M. Grafted neural stem cells develop into functional pyramidal neurons and integrate into host cortical circuitry. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 99: 17089-94. PMID 12471158 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.252589099  1
2002 Wojciechowski AB, Englund U, Lundberg C, Wictorin K, Warfvinge K. Subretinal transplantation of brain-derived precursor cells to young RCS rats promotes photoreceptor cell survival. Experimental Eye Research. 75: 23-37. PMID 12123634 DOI: 10.1006/exer.2001.1172  1
2002 Lundberg C, Englund U, Trono D, Björklund A, Wictorin K. Differentiation of the RN33B cell line into forebrain projection neurons after transplantation into the neonatal rat brain. Experimental Neurology. 175: 370-87. PMID 12061867 DOI: 10.1006/exnr.2002.7888  1
2002 Englund U, Björklund A, Wictorin K. Migration patterns and phenotypic differentiation of long-term expanded human neural progenitor cells after transplantation into the adult rat brain. Brain Research. Developmental Brain Research. 134: 123-41. PMID 11947943 DOI: 10.1016/S0165-3806(01)00330-3  1
2002 Ericson C, Wictorin K, Lundberg C. Ex vivo and in vitro studies of transgene expression in rat astrocytes transduced with lentiviral vectors. Experimental Neurology. 173: 22-30. PMID 11771936 DOI: 10.1006/exnr.2001.7829  1
2002 Englund U, Fricker-Gates RA, Lundberg C, Björklund A, Wictorin K. Transplantation of human neural progenitor cells into the neonatal rat brain: extensive migration and differentiation with long-distance axonal projections. Experimental Neurology. 173: 1-21. PMID 11771935 DOI: 10.1006/exnr.2001.7750  1
2001 Skogh C, Eriksson C, Kokaia M, Meijer XC, Wahlberg LU, Wictorin K, Campbell K. Generation of regionally specified neurons in expanded glial cultures derived from the mouse and human lateral ganglionic eminence Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience. 17: 811-820. PMID 11358480 DOI: 10.1006/mcne.2001.0973  1
2001 Warfvinge K, Kamme C, Englund U, Wictorin K. Retinal integration of grafts of brain-derived precursor cell lines implanted subretinally into adult, normal rats. Experimental Neurology. 169: 1-12. PMID 11312552 DOI: 10.1006/exnr.2001.7661  1
2000 Englund U, Ericson C, Rosenblad C, Mandel RJ, Trono D, Wictorin K, Lundberg C. The use of a recombinant lentiviral vector for ex vivo gene transfer into the rat CNS. Neuroreport. 11: 3973-7. PMID 11192612  1
2000 Eriksson C, Ericson C, Gates MA, Wictorin K. Long-term, EGF-stimulated cultures of attached GFAP-positive cells derived from the embryonic mouse lateral ganglionic eminence: in vitro and transplantation studies. Experimental Neurology. 164: 184-99. PMID 10877929 DOI: 10.1006/exnr.2000.7424  1
1997 Olsson M, Bentlage C, Wictorin K, Campbell K, Björklund A. Extensive migration and target innervation by striatal precursors after grafting into the neonatal striatum. Neuroscience. 79: 57-78. PMID 9178865 DOI: 10.1016/S0306-4522(96)00606-9  1
1996 Funa K, Yamada N, Brodin G, Pietz K, Ahgren A, Wictorin K, Lindvall O, Odin P. Enhanced synthesis of platelet-derived growth factor following injury induced by 6-hydroxydopamine in rat brain. Neuroscience. 74: 825-33. PMID 8884778 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(96)00152-2  1
1995 Olsson M, Campbell K, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Projection neurons in fetal striatal transplants are predominantly derived from the lateral ganglionic eminence. Neuroscience. 69: 1169-82. PMID 8848105 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(95)00325-D  1
1995 Campbell K, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Neurotransmitter-related gene expression in intrastriatal striatal transplants--II. Characterization of efferent projecting graft neurons. Neuroscience. 64: 35-47. PMID 7708212 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(94)00411-W  1
1995 Campbell K, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Neurotransmitter-related gene expression in intrastriatal striatal transplants--I. Phenotypical characterization of striatal and non-striatal graft regions. Neuroscience. 64: 17-33. PMID 7708203 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(94)00412-X  1
1994 Lundberg C, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Retrograde degenerative changes in the substantia nigra pars compacta following an excitotoxic lesion of the striatum. Brain Research. 644: 205-12. PMID 7914147 DOI: 10.1016/0006-8993(94)91681-0  1
1993 Campbell K, Kalén P, Lundberg C, Wictorin K, Rosengren E, Björklund A. Extracellular gamma-aminobutyric acid levels in the rat caudate-putamen: monitoring the neuronal and glial contribution by intracerebral microdialysis. Brain Research. 614: 241-50. PMID 8348317 DOI: 10.1016/0006-8993(93)91041-P  1
1993 Campbell K, Kalén P, Wictorin K, Lundberg C, Mandel RJ, Björklund A. Characterization of GABA release from intrastriatal striatal transplants: dependence on host-derived afferents. Neuroscience. 53: 403-15. PMID 8098510 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(93)90204-S  1
1993 Brundin P, Wictorin K. Neuronal transplantation in rat models of Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases Seminars in Neuroscience. 5: 413-421. DOI: 10.1016/S1044-5765(05)80013-2  1
1992 Cenci MA, Campbell K, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Striatal c-fos Induction by Cocaine or Apomorphine Occurs Preferentially in Output Neurons Projecting to the Substantia Nigra in the Rat. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 4: 376-380. PMID 12106364  1
1992 Wictorin K. Anatomy and connectivity of intrastriatal striatal transplants Progress in Neurobiology. 38: 611-639. PMID 1589583 DOI: 10.1016/0301-0082(92)90044-F  1
1992 Mandel RJ, Wictorin K, Cenci MA, Björklund A. Fos expression in intrastriatal striatal grafts: regulation by host dopaminergic afferents. Brain Research. 583: 207-15. PMID 1504828  1
1992 Wictorin K, Björklund A. Axon outgrowth from grafts of human embryonic spinal cord in the lesioned adult rat spinal cord. Neuroreport. 3: 1045-8. PMID 1493215  1
1992 Campbell K, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Differential regulation of neuropeptide mRNA expression in intrastriatal striatal transplants by host dopaminergic afferents. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 89: 10489-93. PMID 1438238  1
1992 Wictorin K, Brundin P, Sauer H, Lindvall O, Björklund A. Long distance directed axonal growth from human dopaminergic mesencephalic neuroblasts implanted along the nigrostriatal pathway in 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned adult rats. The Journal of Comparative Neurology. 323: 475-94. PMID 1358925 DOI: 10.1002/cne.903230403  1
1992 Cenci MA, Kalén P, Mandel RJ, Wictorin K, Björklund A. Dopaminergic transplants normalize amphetamine- and apomorphine-induced Fos expression in the 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned striatum. Neuroscience. 46: 943-57. PMID 1347413 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(92)90196-9  1
1992 Labandeira-Garcia JL, Wictorin K. Development and integration of intrastriatal striatal grafts implanted into long-term ibotenate lesions Journal of Neural Transplantation and Plasticity. 3: 181-182. DOI: 10.1155/NP.1992.181  1
1991 Wictorin K, Lagenaur CF, Lund RD, Björklund A. Efferent Projections to the Host Brain from Intrastriatal Striatal Mouse-to-rat Grafts: Time Course and Tissue-type Specificity as Revealed by a Mouse Specific Neuronal Marker. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 3: 86-101. PMID 12106272  1
1991 Labandeira-Garcia JL, Wictorin K, Cunningham ET, Björklund A. Development of intrastriatal striatal grafts and their afferent innervation from the host. Neuroscience. 42: 407-26. PMID 1716746 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(91)90385-2  1
1991 Horellou P, Lundberg C, Le Bourdellès B, Wictorin K, Brundin P, Kalén P, Björklund A, Mallet J. Behavioural effects of genetically engineered cells releasing dopa and dopamine after intracerebral grafting in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. Journal De Physiologie. 85: 158-70. PMID 1687823  1
1990 Wictorin K, Clarke DJ, Bolam JP, Björklund A. Fetal striatal neurons grafted into the ibotenate lesioned adult striatum: efferent projections and synaptic contacts in the host globus pallidus. Neuroscience. 37: 301-15. PMID 2133346 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(90)90401-O  1
1990 Wictorin K, Clarke DJ, Bolam JP, Brundin P, Gustavii B, Lindvall O, Björklund A. Extensive efferent projections of intra-striatally transplanted striatal neurons as revealed by a species-specific neurofilament marker and anterograde axonal tracing. Progress in Brain Research. 82: 391-9. PMID 1705355 DOI: 10.1016/S0079-6123(08)62627-8  1
1990 Wictorin K, Brundin P, Gustavii B, Lindvall O, Björklund A. Reformation of long axon pathways in adult rat central nervous system by human forebrain neuroblasts. Nature. 347: 556-8. PMID 1699131 DOI: 10.1038/347556a0  1
1989 Wictorin K, Clarke DJ, Bolam JP, Björklund A. Host Corticostriatal Fibres Establish Synaptic Connections with Grafted Striatal Neurons in the Ibotenic Acid Lesioned Striatum. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 1: 189-195. PMID 12106150 DOI: 10.1111/j.1460-9568.1989.tb00787.x  1
1989 Wictorin K, Ouimet CC, Björklund A. Intrinsic Organization and Connectivity of Intrastriatal Striatal Transplants in Rats as Revealed by DARPP-32 Immunohistochemistry: Specificity of Connections with the Lesioned Host Brain. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 1: 690-701. PMID 12106127 DOI: 10.1111/j.1460-9568.1989.tb00375.x  1
1989 Wictorin K, Simerly RB, Isacson O, Swanson LW, Björklund A. Connectivity of striatal grafts implanted into the ibotenic acid-lesioned striatum--III. Efferent projecting graft neurons and their relation to host afferents within the grafts. Neuroscience. 30: 313-30. PMID 2747920 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(89)90256-X  1
1989 Wictorin K, Björklund A. Connectivity of striatal grafts implanted into the ibotenic acid-lesioned striatum--II. Cortical afferents. Neuroscience. 30: 297-311. PMID 2747919 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(89)90255-8  1
1988 Wictorin K, Isacson O, Fischer W, Nothias F, Peschanski M, Björklund A. Studies on host afferent inputs to fetal striatal transplants in the excitotoxically lesioned striatum. Progress in Brain Research. 78: 55-60. PMID 3247448  1
1988 Fischer W, Wictorin K, Isacson O, Björklund A. Trophic effects on cholinergic striatal interneurons by submaxillary gland transplants. Progress in Brain Research. 78: 409-12. PMID 3247439  1
1988 Wichmann T, Wictorin K, Björklund A, Starke K. Release of acetylcholine and its dopaminergic control in slices from striatal grafts in the ibotenic acid-lesioned rat striatum. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology. 338: 623-31. PMID 3149721 DOI: 10.1007/BF00165626  1
1988 Isacson O, Wictorin K, Fischer W, Sofroniew MV, Björklund A. Fetal cortical cell suspension grafts to the excitotoxically lesioned neocortex: anatomical and neurochemical studies of trophic interactions. Progress in Brain Research. 78: 13-26. PMID 3073408  1
1988 Wictorin K, Isacson O, Fischer W, Nothias F, Peschanski M, Björklund A. Connectivity of striatal grafts implanted into the ibotenic acid-lesioned striatum--I. Subcortical afferents. Neuroscience. 27: 547-62. PMID 2464147 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(88)90288-6  1
1988 Nothias F, Wictorin K, Isacson O, Björklund A, Peschanski M. Morphological alteration of thalamic afferents in the excitotoxically lesioned striatum. Brain Research. 461: 349-54. PMID 2460191 DOI: 10.1016/0006-8993(88)90266-1  1
1987 Fischer W, Wictorin K, Björklund A, Williams LR, Varon S, Gage FH. Amelioration of cholinergic neuron atrophy and spatial memory impairment in aged rats by nerve growth factor. Nature. 329: 65-8. PMID 3627243 DOI: 10.1038/329065a0  1
1987 Isacson O, Fischer W, Wictorin K, Dawbarn D, Björklund A. Astroglial response in the excitotoxically lesioned neostriatum and its projection areas in the rat. Neuroscience. 20: 1043-56. PMID 3601061 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(87)90262-4  1
1987 Björklund A, Lindvall O, Isacson O, Brundin P, Wictorin K, Strecker RE, Clarke DJ, Dunnett SB. Mechanisms of action of intracerebral neural implants: studies on nigral and striatal grafts to the lesioned striatum Trends in Neurosciences. 10: 509-516. DOI: 10.1016/0166-2236(87)90131-7  1
1986 Gage FH, Wictorin K, Fischer W, Williams LR, Varon S, Bjorklund A. Retrograde cell changes in medial septum and diagonal band following fimbria-fornix transection: quantitative temporal analysis. Neuroscience. 19: 241-55. PMID 3785665 DOI: 10.1016/0306-4522(86)90018-7  1
1986 Williams LR, Varon S, Peterson GM, Wictorin K, Fischer W, Bjorklund A, Gage FH. Continuous infusion of nerve growth factor prevents basal forebrain neuronal death after fimbria fornix transection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 83: 9231-5. PMID 3466184 DOI: 10.1073/PNAS.83.23.9231  1
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