University of York

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gerry T.M. AltmannPsycholinguistics
Nikolaos Andreadis20062009 Philip T. Quinlan (grad student)
Jim Austincomputer vision, neural networks, computer architectures
Alan Baddeleyworking memory
Nick E. BarracloughVisual system, action perception, motion, multisensory integration
Heidi A. BaselerVisual system, neuroimaging
Robin J. BlaggInorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry School of Chemistry20032004 Robin N. Perutz (research assistant)
Kevin R. BrooksVision, Psychophysics19951995 Peter Thompson (research assistant)
Helen Brown M. Gareth Gaskell (grad student)
Sangeeta Chawla
Sandie Cleland M. Gareth Gaskell (post-doc)
Eleanor Jane ColeVision, Action perception, mirror neuron system, mentalizing system, TMS, EEG, fMRI
Matt Craddockobject recognition20052006 Philip T. Quinlan (research assistant)
Michael D. CrosslandVision, visual impairment, cognitive neuroscience2004 Anthony B. Morland (post-doc)
Anna Maria Di Betta M. Gareth Gaskell (post-doc)
Nicolas Dumay M. Gareth Gaskell (post-doc)
Chris Dunning Gareth J.O Evans (post-doc)
Gareth J.O EvansNeuronal kinase signalling
Matthew J. Foxwell Department of Psychology Daniel Kaiser (grad student)
M. Gareth GaskellSpeech, Language, Memory, Sleep
Mathew Alan GilbertVisuo-locomotor interactions in a motion-capture virtual reality rehabilitation systems Adar Pelah (grad student)
Gary GreenNeuroimaging ,Non-linear Dynamics ,Signal Processing ,Contrast enhancement agents
Koen V. HaakVisual Neuroscience20112012 Anthony B. Morland (post-doc)
David M. HallidayTheoretical Neuroscience
Tom Hartleyspatial cognition, memory, fMRI, computational modelling
Emma Hayiou-Thomaslanguage acquisition/genetics
Lisa Henderson M. Gareth Gaskell (post-doc)
Marc M Himmelbergvisual neuroscience Psychology20152019 Alex R. Wade (grad student)
Graham Hitchmemory
Emma HolmesAuditory perception, attention, cognitive neuroscience Quentin Summerfield (grad student)
Elizabeth Jefferiessemantic, memory, fMRI, connectivity, neuropsychology, aphasia
Bruce KeefeBinocular vision, virtual reality
Sarah Keenan Gareth J.O Evans (grad student)
Verner KnottNicotine, ERPs, EEG, Schizophrenia, Cognition, Clinical Psychology Peter H. Venables (grad student)
Brian Y LamGenomics Biology20052008 Sangeeta Chawla (grad student)
Shane Lindsay M. Gareth Gaskell (post-doc)
Christopher B. MacklinMusic20052009 John Potter (grad student)
Euan MacPhailcomparative psychology David M. Vowles (grad student)
Adar PelahVisual system, motor systems, medical devices
Alexandra C Pikeanxiety disorders, eating disorders, computational modelling
David PitcherVisual System
John Potter
Philip T. Quinlan
Adrian Raineviolence and pathology19771982 Peter H. Venables (grad student)
Viswadeep SarangiMachine learning, clinical movement analysis, biomimetic models Adar Pelah (grad student)
Leanne Sedin M. Gareth Gaskell (grad student)
Biswa SenguptaMetabolic efficiency, Bayesian Statistics, PDEs20042006 Jim Austin (grad student), Gary Green (grad student), David M. Halliday (research assistant)
Natalie Snoeren M. Gareth Gaskell (post-doc)
Quentin Summerfield
Jakke Tamminen M. Gareth Gaskell (grad student)
Peter ThompsonVisual psychophysics Oliver J. Braddick (grad student)
Peter H. VenablesSchizophrenia, Schizotypal personality, psychophysiology Hans Jurgen Eysenck (grad student)
Greta VilidaiteVisual perception in autism20142017 Daniel H. Baker (grad student)
Alex R. WadeVision
Ming ZhaoEye movements with engineering applications