Rutgers University, New Brunswick/Piscataway

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ryan Rhodes Center for Cognitive Science2019 Arild Hestvik (grad student)
Laura BianchiDEG/ENaC channels20012006 Monica Driscoll (post-doc)
Heather C. Brenhouse Psychology19971999 Judy Stern (grad student)
Erik I. CharychCellular, molecular, developmental20042007 Bonnie L. Firestein (post-doc)
Joseph Fantuzo20182019 Kelvin Y. Kwan (post-doc)
Steven L. Franconeri19951999 Zenon W. Pylyshyn (research assistant)
Alessandro R. GalloniComputational neuroscience, neurophysiology, dendritic integration, synaptic plasticity
Sam Ian GritzPlasticity Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine2022 Aaron D. Milstein (grad student)
Maëlle C.M. GueguenDecision Making, Reinforcement Learning, Addiction Department of Psychiatry20202023 Anna Konova (post-doc)
Xiangyi Meredith Guo Cell Biology & Neuroscience20112013 Kelvin Y. Kwan (grad student)
Sarah Harrison Jacob Feldman (grad student)
Felicia D. HurewitzPsycholinguistics, Sentence processing, Autism, Number20012005 Rochel Gelman (post-doc)
Erika HusseyExecutive Function, Memory Retrieval, Sentence Processing20062008 Arnold L. Glass (research assistant), Carolyn Rovee-Collier (research assistant)
Mordechai Z. Juni Manish Singh (research assistant)
Jihyun Kim2018 Kelvin Y. Kwan (post-doc)
Kelvin Y. KwanNeuroscience, Stem Cells, Auditory System
Alejandra Laureano Cell Biology & Neuroscience2013 Kelvin Y. Kwan (grad student)
Kai LuAuditory System David Sage Vicario (grad student)
Isabella Maitamood, anxiety, bed nucleus of the stria terminalis
Robert Markowitz Cell Biology & Neuroscience20132015 Kelvin Y. Kwan (grad student)
Fabien Mathy Jacob Feldman (post-doc)
Christina R. MaxwellNeuroscience Larissa Pohorecky (research assistant)
Ralph R. Milleranimal learning Norman Spear (grad student)
Andrew N Norrisacoustics, elastic waves, solid mechanics
Gerard O'Neil Kelvin Y. Kwan (research assistant)
Haroon Rahimi20182018 Kelvin Y. Kwan (research assistant)
Rey R. RamirezMagnetoencephalography, Electroencephalography, Neuroelectromagnetic Source Imaging, Brain Dynamics, Cortical Stimulation, Deep Brain Stimulation, Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders, Developmental, Cognitive, and Social Neuroscience19951997 Louis D. Matzel (research assistant)
Christopher L. Ricuperomicro RNA, neurogenesis, stem cell Martin Grumet (grad student)
Brianna Rodriguez
Ronald F. RogersPsychology19901995 Louis D. Matzel (grad student)
Michael A. SayettePsychological theories of alcohol use and abuse, alcohol and stress, cigarette smoking, drug craving, cognitive and affective processes in addiction G. Terence Wilson (grad student)
Aleksandra Sherman20072009 Thomas Papathomas (research assistant)
Zhichao Charles Song Cell Biology & Neuroscience20122017 Kelvin Y. Kwan (grad student)
Robert W. Stackman JrHippocampal Learning & Memory19881994 Thomas J. Walsh (grad student)
Junghyup SuhHippocampal formation, Circuit genetics19962002 Ira B. Black (grad student)
Alana Toro-Ramos Cell Biology & Neuroscience20122015 Kelvin Y. Kwan (research assistant)
Chia-huei Tseng Thomas Papathomas (post-doc)
Michael VigoritoLearning & Motivation19881989 John L. Falk (post-doc)
G. Terence Wilsoncognitive behavior therapy, treatment of eating disorders, evidence-based treatment, social learning theory
Mary Yu-Lan Ying Cell Biology & Neuroscience2015 Kelvin Y. Kwan (research scientist)