Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Patricia AcklandBehavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology2000 Janet Strayer (grad student)
Bruce K. AlexanderPsychology of Addiction
Elinor W. AmesSocial Psychology
Michael C. AntleCircadian Rhythms2001 Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student)
Mahboubeh AsgariLeadership Education, Evaluation Education2010 Kumari Beck (grad student)
Sherrie AtwoodGeneral Language, Foreign Language Education, Cognitive Psychology2010 William Turnbull (grad student)
Karyn Audetdevelopmental psychopatholoy2008 Lucy LeMare (grad student)
Amanda BakkumSensorimotor Neuroscience Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Daniel Marigold (grad student)
Parveen BawaNeuroscience, spinal cord, reflexes, motoneuron
Kumari BeckHigher Education, Counseling Psychology, Multilingual Education
Barton E. BegalkaHigher Education, Counseling Psychology, Multilingual Education2013 Kumari Beck (grad student)
Daniel M. Bernstein2001 Bruce W A Whittlesea (grad student)
Barry Lane BeyersteinPsychopharmacology, Olfaction, Consciousness, Visual Neuroscience
Maximilian B. BibokDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2011 Jeremy I. M. Carpendale (grad student)
Mark Blair
Marilyn BowmanClinical Psychology
Winston D. Byblowmovement neuroscience19901994 David Goodman (grad student), John Dickinson (grad student)
Jeremy CarpendaleDevelopmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, General Psychology
Gordon R. ChalmersMotor Control19931996 Parveen Bawa (post-doc)
Jefferson ChanNeurological Disorders, Photoacoustic Imaging Chemistry2011 Andrew Bennet (grad student)
Gregory Christie Psychology Matthew S. Tata (grad student), John J. McDonald (grad student)
Tom Claydon
Victoria ClaydonNeuroscience Biology, Pathology
Alana Cook Clinical Psychology2014 Steven David Hart (grad student)
Dylan F. CookeNeuroplasticity, Sensorimotor integration, Evolution
Sarah Coupland Clinical Psychology Steven David Hart (grad student)
Robert J. CushleyBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology
Ian Davison19952003 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Colin D. DeMill Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Amey S. DhopeshwarkarNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology, General Biology2012 Russell A. Nicholson (grad student)
John DickinsonMotor Behaviour
F.Javier Domínguez-Zamora
Rylan G. EganEducational Psychology Education2012 Philip Winne (grad student)
Terence D. EstrinPersonality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2003 James Marcia (grad student)
Marjan Farahbod
Diane FinegoodPhysiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Brian David Fishervisual cognition
Vai H. FongPhysiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology2011 Diane Finegood (grad student)
David W. FranklinMotor Control, Motor Learning, Reflexes Theodore E. Milner (grad student)
Shannon GelbCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2010 Wendy Thornton (grad student)
Mohammad-Reza GhovanlooIon channels, neuroscience Peter C. Ruben (grad student)
Robert GiffordEnvironmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology,
David GoodmanMotor Behaviour
Caroline L. GreavesBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology2010 Shannon Zaitsoff (grad student)
Jessica J. Greenattention, EEG, fMRI Psychology20042009 John J. McDonald (grad student)
Michael J. GreyNeuromuscular Plasticity, Functional Electrical Stimulation Theodore E. Milner (grad student)
Allyson F. HadwinEducational Psychology Education, Technology of Education, Cognitive Psychology2000 Philip Winne (grad student)
Benjamin HallSynaptic Development19952001 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Elena F. HalmaghiMathematics Education, Higher Education Education2011 Peter Liljedahl (grad student)
Stuart I. HammondBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2011 Jeremy I. M. Carpendale (grad student)
Dwayne Hamson Neil V. Watson (grad student)
Dwayne K. HamsonHormones, Androgens, Testosterone, Sexual Behaviour
Kerry HandscombMathematics Education, Cognitive Psychology, Physiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology2010 Peter Liljedahl (grad student)
Beverly J HannahLinguistics, Phonetics, Psycholinguistics Linguistics20132017 Yue Wang (grad student)
Alton S. Harestad
Steven David Hartforensic psychology; psychopathy; clinical psychology
Emma F. Hodson-Tole James E. Wakeling (grad student)
Peter L. Hurd Biological Sciences1993 Ronald C. Ydenberg (grad student)
Harald HutterNeuroscience Biology
Grace I. IarocciAutism, Attention,
Karla Jackson Clinical Psychology Steven David Hart (grad student)
Ali JannatiCognitive & Neural Sciences, EEG/ERP, TMS John J. McDonald (grad student)
David K. JonesNeuroscience, Electrophysiology, Cardiology Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology20082012 Peter C. Ruben (grad student), Tom Claydon (grad student)
Brianne A. KentHippocampus, memory, perirhinal cortex Psychology20082009 Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student)
Meredith KimballClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Christine Kormos
Dennis KrebsClinical Psychology
Karen Kurytnikadolescent resilience; stress2008 Lucy LeMare (grad student)
Glenn J. LandryCircadian Rhythms Psychology2013 Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student)
Lucy LeMareeffects of deprivation on development
Bob LeyClinical Psychology
Peter LiljedahlMathematics Education, Cognitive Psychology, Physiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Yan Lin Lim Clinical Psychology Steven David Hart (grad student)
Ken R. LodewykEducational Psychology Education2000 Philip Winne (grad student)
Zhanna Lyubykh
Jeremy I. M. CarpendaleDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Colleen MacQuarrieClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2001 Meredith Kimball (grad student)
Rodrigo S MaedaSensorimotor Neuroscience, Motor Control, Neurophysiology Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology20122015 Daniel Marigold (grad student)
James MarciaClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Daniel Marigold
Ronald G. Marteniukmotor learning
John J. McDonaldAttention, vision, multisensory perpception, executive control Lawrence McCue Ward (grad student)
Nancy McquaidDevelopmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, General Psychology2012 Jeremy Carpendale (grad student)
Theodore E. Milner
Ralph E. MistlbergerCircadian Rhythms
D. Ashley Monksneuroendocrinology, sexual behavior, sexual differentiation, androgens19962001 Neil V. Watson (grad student)
Anka MuellerCircadian Rhythms2012 Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student)
Sean MulliganBrain blood flow, glia19951999 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Linda A. MunkSecondary Education2002 Philip Winne (grad student)
Ashley Murray Clinical Psychology2014 Steven David Hart (grad student)
David G. NauglerBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology2001 Robert J. Cushley (grad student)
Russell A. NicholsonNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology, General Biology
Adonay NunesMEG oscillations autism
Susan M. OesterleElementary Education, Mathematics Education, Evaluation Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2011 Peter Liljedahl (grad student)
Anne-Marie M. OswaldSensory systems, auditory, olfactory Kerry R. Delaney (research assistant)
Danica F. PattonCircadian rhythms, non-photic Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student)
Colin H PetersSodium Channels, HCN Channels, Pacemaking, Electrophysiology, Epilepsy20132018 Peter C. Ruben (grad student)
Armando P. Preciado BabbEvaluation Education, Educational Psychology Education, Teacher Training Education, Mathematics Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2011 Peter Liljedahl (grad student)
J. Andrew PruszynskiMotor Control, Motor Cortex, Tactile Mechanisms, Neurophysiology20012004 Theodore E. Milner (research assistant)
Shimin Qian19921995 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Esam Qnaissynaptic physiology, natural neuroactive compounds19962000 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Pradeep Reddy Raamananeuroimaging, alzheimer, machine learning, computational anatomy, informatics Engineering Science20082014 Mirza F. Beg (grad student)
Manku Rana2012 James E. Wakeling (grad student)
Henrike J. RavensbergenNeuroscience Biology, Pathology2013 Victoria Claydon (grad student)
Jocelyn Reeves Educational psychology2009 Lucy LeMare (grad student)
Mary R. RossClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2001 James Marcia (grad student)
Peter C. RubenSodium channels
Tara Ryan Clinical Psychology Steven David Hart (grad student)
Brett SandercockBehavioral Sciences Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Zoology Biology Biological Sciences19831987 David B. Lank (grad student)
Lesley A. Schimanski Peter V. Nguyen (grad student)
Isaac (Jonghan) Sea Law and Forensic Psychology Steven David Hart (grad student)
Vahid ShahrezaeiStochastic processes, Genetic networks19962001 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Regan J. ShercliffeClinical Psychology2001 Marilyn Bowman (grad student)
Olga ShipulinaMathematics Education, Technology of Education2013 Peter Liljedahl (grad student)
Michael A. Silverman
Andrea N. SmitSleep and Circadian Neuroscience Psychology20082019 Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student)
B. D. StockleyHigher Education, Administration Education2002 Philip Winne (grad student)
Jennifer Storey Law and Forensic Psychology2012 Steven David Hart (grad student)
Viola Sophie StörmerVisual and auditory attention, cross-modal attention John J. McDonald (grad student)
Janet StrayerBehavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Wendy ThorntonCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Allen ThorntonBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Medicine and Surgery
William TurnbullGeneral Language, Foreign Language Education, Cognitive Psychology
Robert Turner1972 John F. Cochran (grad student)
Thomas UnsoeldNeuroscience Biology2013 Harald Hutter (grad student)
Sari M. van AndersSocial Neuroendocrinology, sexual behavior, hormones20032007 Neil V. Watson (grad student)
Sven G. van de WeteringClinical Psychology2002 Dennis Krebs (grad student)
James E. Wakeling
Neil V. Watsonbehavioral endocrinology, sexual differentiation, gonadal steroids,
Marcus R WatsonAttention, Rule Learning, Synaesthesia Cognitive Science Psychology Mark Blair (research assistant), John J. McDonald (research assistant)
Ian C. WebbCircadian Rhythms20032007 Ralph E. Mistlberger (grad student), Barry Lane Beyerstein (grad student)
Kevin WhitfieldBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2013 Allen Thornton (grad student)
Bruce W A Whittlesea
Karen L WiebeBehavioral Ecology, Ornithology Biology1988 Alton S. Harestad (grad student)
Cathy Wilson Law and Forensic Psychology2013 Steven David Hart (grad student)
Philip WinneEducational Psychology Education, Technology of Education, Cognitive Psychology
Bernice WongSpecial Education, Cognitive Psychology
Richard D. Wrightattention
Jodi YagerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, General Psychology2012 Wendy Thornton (grad student)
Glenn R YamakawaCircadian Rhythms Ralph E. Mistlberger (research assistant)
Edgar Youngbiophysics of ion channels Steven A. Siegelbaum (post-doc)
Shannon ZaitsoffBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology