Scripps Florida

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christopher A. BakerNeuroscience, neurodegeneration, prion disease Charles Weissmann (grad student)
Purva Bali Paul J. Kenny (research scientist)
Shaun P. BrothersGPCRs P. Michael Conn (grad student), Claes Wahlestedt (post-doc)
Ronald L. Davislearning and memory
Christie D. Fowler Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Molly HeyermicroRNAs, addiction, psychiatric disorders2011 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Jonathan Hollander2006 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Heh-In Im Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
William Ja
Paul JohnsonNeurobiology of obesity2007 Paul J. Kenny (grad student)
Sietse JonkmanBehavioural Neuroscience2011 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Paul J. KennyAddiction
Brian R. LeeAddiction2012 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Miguel A. Lopez-ToledanoNeuroscience, Alzheimer, Neural Stem Cells, Neuronal Differentiation
Qun Lu2007 Paul J. Kenny (research scientist)
Sean E McGuireRadiation Oncology; Prostate cancer; Cancer cell metabolism; metabolic imaging2003 Ronald L. Davis (grad student)
Brooke H. Miller20082008 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Keith Murphy Neuroscience20132018 William Ja (grad student)
Don K. PhamDrug Addiction, Protein Structure20062007 Paul J. Kenny (research assistant)
Neelam Shahani Modulators of neurodegenerative disease relevant biochemical pathways.
Luis M. TuestaAddiction Paul J. Kenny (grad student)
Kyle A. Vick IVLearning and memory, SK channels, Integrins, Dopamine Ronald L. Davis (research assistant)
Claes Wahlestedt
Charles Weissmannprion disease, interferon
Keith William Whitakersocial behavior plasticity20052006 Teresa M. Reyes (research assistant)