University of Central Florida

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Daniel AgliataClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Stacy Dunn (grad student)
Karyn A. Allee-Herndonearly childhood education, elementary education, poverty, academic achievement, school readiness, executive function, self-regulation
Randolph S. AstwoodIndustrial Psychology, Experimental Psychology2009 Kimberly Jentsch (grad student)
Thomas E. BaystonTechnology of Education, Personality Psychology2002 Richard A. Cornell (grad student)
Jeffrey S. BedwellClinical Psychology
Nicholas A. BencazIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2008 Kimberly Jentsch (grad student)
Elizabeth L. BlickensderferExperimental Psychology, Industrial Psychology2000 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Amy E. BoltonExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Technology of Education, Military Studies2006 Clint A. Bowers (grad student)
Shane A. Bowen2004 Valerie Sims (grad student)
Clint A. BowersIndustrial Psychology
J. C. BrillExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2007 Richard D. Gilson (grad student)
Damon U. BryantIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Eugene Stone-Romero (grad student)
Montserrat Casado-KehoeGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology
Sic L. ChanNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Zubin Choudhary Computer Science2019 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Daniel CombsEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education2004 Charles D. Dziuban (grad student)
Patrick M. CommarfordExperimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2006 Janan A. Smither (grad student)
Richard A. CornellTechnology of Education, Educational Psychology Education
Haydee M. CuevasExperimental Psychology2004 Clint A. Bowers (grad student)
Salam Daher Modeling and simulation20132018 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Derek D. Diaz2007 Valerie Sims (grad student)
Joshua L. DownsExperimental Psychology2005 Richard D. Gilson (grad student)
Jacque D. DuneganHealth Education, Nutrition2004 Frank D. Rohter (grad student)
Stacy DunnClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Stacey T. DunnClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Peggy D. DwyerAccounting Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Kenzie Dye Industrial and Organizational Psychology2019 Steve Jex (grad student)
Charles D. DziubanIndustrial Education, Technology of Education, Marketing Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology
Austin C EricksonAugmented Reality, Enhanced Perception, Virtual Reality Computer Science2018 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Moshe FeldmanIndustrial Psychology2008 Kimberly Jentsch (grad student)
Christina Fernandez-Valle
Cristina Fernandez-ValleMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Stephen Martin FioreCognitive Science
Logan FiorellaCognition, instruction, learning, multimedia
Jill FjelstulTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2006 Patricia Higginbotham (grad student)
Homer E. Fouty
Elizabeth R. FreiClinical Psychology2010 Stacey T. Dunn (grad student)
Hiroshi Furuya Computer Science2020 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Linda S. FutchTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2005 Charles D. Dziuban (grad student)
Jeffrey C. GergleyPhysical Education, Recreation2002 Frank D. Rohter (grad student)
Richard D. GilsonExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Seth Goodleyphilosophy, cognitive science
Matthew Gottsacker Computer Science2020 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Amy B. GraftCognitive Psychology2002 Clint A. Bowers (grad student)
Michael A. GuestClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2000 Jefferson M. Koonce (grad student)
W Bryce HagedornCounseling Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
Joel L. HartmanTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2002 Richard A. Cornell (grad student)
Patricia HeynRehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation, Mental Health2002 Frank D. Rohter (grad student)
Patricia HigginbothamPhysical Education, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology
John C. Hittbrain lesions and sexual behavior
Jason Hochreiter Computer science20112019 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Helen J. Huangrehabilitation robotics, EEG, gait
Martha J Hubertz
Bernard J. JensenClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Kimberly JentschIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Joseph Roland KeeblerHuman Factors, Psychology Psychology20062011 Florian Jentsch (grad student)
Dana L. KendallIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2007 Kimberly Jentsch (grad student)
Kangsoo Kim Computer science20112018 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Boram KimOccupational Health Psychology, Employee Recovery
Cameron R. KleinIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2009 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Coury M. KnowlesPhysical Education, Secondary Education, Gender Studies2007 Patricia Higginbotham (grad student)
Jefferson M. KoonceCognitive Psychology, Industrial Psychology
Jason P. KringExperimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology2004 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Elaine D. KringCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2004 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Maria L. KunnathCurriculum and Instruction Education, Technology of Education2001 Richard A. Cornell (grad student)
Young-Don KwakMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2006 Kiminobu Sugaya (grad student)
Kyriazis George A.Neuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2008 Sic L. Chan (grad student)
Jessica G. LaRoseClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2006 Stacey T. Dunn (grad student)
Myungho Lee20092019 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Yifan Li Computer Science2020 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Keith Reid MacArthurHuman-Robot Interaction, Deindividuation, Deception Engineering and Computer Science20162921 Peter A. Hancock (grad student)
Emily Machiela Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences2018 Amber L. Southwell (post-doc)
Hakhamanesh MansoorzareElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering2021 Reza Abdolvand (grad student)
Daniel McConnellExperimental Psychology
Janet McGeeEducational Psychology Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education
Jack McGuireSocial Psychology, Women's Studies
Laura M. MilhamExperimental Psychology2005 Clint A. Bowers (grad student)
Hanyi "Haylee" Min
D. C. MortimerExperimental Psychology2005 Richard D. Gilson (grad student)
Christine M. MullenNeuropsychology Homer E. Fouty (grad student)
Anthony Naranjo Psychology2018 Mindy Shoss (grad student)
Denise NicholsonPhysiological Psychology, Bioinformatics Biology, Experimental Psychology
Joseph NiederhauserBehavioral ecology
Nahal Norouzi Computer Science2016 Gregory Welch (grad student)
Brian Oakley2009 Janan A. Smither (grad student)
Jonathan H. OhrtCounseling Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2010 Edward H. (Mike) Robinson (grad student)
Verna B. OlivaGuidance and Counseling Education2004 Edward H. (Mike) Robinson (grad student)
Arazais Oliveros Psychology Department20002008 Kimberly D. Renk (grad student)
Diana M. OremClinical Psychology2009 Jeffrey S. Bedwell (grad student)
Samir H. PatelHigher Education, Mental Health, Guidance and Counseling Education2010 W Bryce Hagedorn (grad student)
Aaron A. Pepe2007 Valerie Sims (grad student)
James A. PharmerExperimental Psychology2004 Clint A. Bowers (grad student)
Sandra L. PollockGuidance and Counseling Education2007 Montserrat Casado-Kehoe (grad student)
Michael R Pranzatelli Neurology David A Stumpf (post-doc)
Heather A. Priest WalkerCognitive Psychology, Social Psychology2008 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Edward J. Rinalducci Basic and applied aspects of vision and visual perception
Edward H. (Mike) RobinsonGuidance and Counseling Education, Mental Health, Social Psychology
Frank D. RohterEducational Psychology Education, Recreation, Physical Education
Michael A. Rosen2010 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Patrick J. RosopaIndustrial Psychology2006 Eugene Stone-Romero (grad student)
Michael A RuppHuman Factors, Perception, Physical Activity, Older Adults, Motor Processing, Learning and Memory Psychology Psychology20122017 Janan A. Smither (grad student), Daniel McConnell (grad student)
Shatha N. Samman2004 Valerie Sims (grad student)
Ruthann SavageExperimental Psychology, Military Studies, Cognitive Psychology2006 Richard D. Gilson (grad student)
Ann E. Schlotzhauer2019 Mark G. Ehrhart (grad student)
Mary Schmidt-OwensBehavioral Psychology, Health Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2004 Frank D. Rohter (grad student)
Bradford L. SchroederHuman Factors, Experimental Psychology
Lee W. SciariniPhysiological Psychology, Bioinformatics Biology, Experimental Psychology2009 Denise Nicholson (grad student)
Sandro ScielzoCognitive Science2008 Stephen Martin Fiore (grad student)
Stephen R SergeHuman Factors, Usability, Cognitive Psychology Psychology Psychology20102014 Mustapha Mouloua (grad student), Heather A. Priest Walker (research scientist)
Mindy ShossIO psychology; work stress; counterproductive work behavior; job insecurity; adaptive performance; changing nature of work
Valerie Sims
Charyl S. SingletonIndustrial Psychology2007 Kimberly Jentsch (grad student)
Hana S. Smith2008 Valerie Sims (grad student)
Kimberly A. Smith-JentschIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Janan A. SmitherExperimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Amber L. SouthwellHuntington disease, experimental therapeutics, transgenic mice, behavior, stem cells
Kevin C. StaglIndustrial Psychology2006 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Eugene Stone-RomeroIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Jamie StrilerIndustrial organizational psychology
Kiminobu SugayaMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Stacey Tantleff-DunnClinical Psychology
Marshall TappenComputer vision
Peter I. TerrenceExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2008 Richard D. Gilson (grad student)
Page L. ThanasiuGuidance and Counseling Education, Mental Health, Social Psychology2005 Edward H. (Mike) Robinson (grad student)
Courtney ThaxtonMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2007 Cristina Fernandez-Valle (grad student)
Kelvin ThompsonCurriculum and Instruction Education, Technology of Education, Higher Education2005 Charles D. Dziuban (grad student)
Lorenzo I. TorrezExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Transportation2008 Janan A. Smither (grad student)
Linda Upham Ellis2008 Valerie Sims (grad student)
Lori R. Van DuyneIndustrial Psychology2001 Clint A. Bowers (grad student)
Linda M. VanderbleekGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2005 Montserrat Casado-Kehoe (grad student)
Emmanuel G. VrotsosNeuroscience Biology2009 Kiminobu Sugaya (grad student)
Deborah M. WarePhysical Education2005 Patricia Higginbotham (grad student)
Daphne E. Whitmeremergency warnings Psychology 20142019 Valerie Sims (grad student)
Katherine Ann Wilson2007 Eduardo Salas (grad student)
Travis Joel Wiltshirecognitive science, dynamical systems, psychology, team cognition Philososophy Stephen Martin Fiore (grad student)
Eleanor L. WittaCurriculum and Instruction Education, Technology of Education, Developmental Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education
Francisca A. YonekuraCurriculum and Instruction Education, Technology of Education, Higher Education2006 Charles D. Dziuban (grad student)
Tabitha L. YoungGuidance and Counseling Education, Counseling Psychology2010 W Bryce Hagedorn (grad student)
Merrill J. Zavod Basic and applied aspects of vision and visual perception2004 Edward J. Rinalducci (grad student)