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Diogo Alvares de Azevedo Almeida (Info) University of Maryland Lexical processing, speech perception, phonological processing, syntax, linguistics, psycholinguistics dalazal 2007‑09‑19
Lucie Charles (Info) Oxford Consciousness, Error Processing, Metacognition lcharles 2012‑11‑12
Anne Christophe (Info) CNRS, Paris Language Acquisition annechristophe 2009‑01‑17
Emmanuel Dupoux (Info) EHESS dalazal 2007‑09‑19
Ansgar Endress (Info) MIT adendress 2009‑01‑16
Baudouin Forgeot d'Arc (Info) Hôpital Robert Debré & LSCP Social Cognition, Child Psychiatry, Autism forgeot 2009‑12‑17
Sid Kouider (Info) CNRS, Paris sidk 2009‑01‑16
Alice Latimier (Info) LSCP, PSL University learning strategies, long-term memory, education, muscial reading, eye tracking Alicelat 2020‑03‑20
Jacques Mehler (Info) SISSA kas0179 2007‑08‑19
Maria Cristina Name (Info) Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition dp.alves 2009‑04‑11
Sharon Peperkamp (Info) University of Paris 8 / LSCP dalazal 2007‑09‑19
Hugo Peyre (Info) Hôpital Robert Debré & LSCP Epidemiology HugoPeyre 2020‑03‑20
Lou Scotto di Covella (Info) LSCP, PSL University, INRIA Rennes LouSdC 2020‑03‑20
Nuria Sebastian-Galles (Info) Universitat Pompeu Fabra language kas0179 2007‑08‑18
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