Central Michigan University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stephen Agauas Experimental Psychology2013 Jane Ashby (grad student)
Lindsay M. Allen-KosalCHARGE syndrome, school psychology2008 Timothy S. Hartshorne (grad student)
John andraka neuroscience20182023 Yannick Marchalant (grad student)
Richard W. BacksExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Jacob A BahryAutism; Neurodevelopment Biology Shasta L. Sabo (grad student)
Heidi L. BartleCurriculum and Instruction Education, Elementary Education, Administration Education2009 Elizabeth A. Kirby (grad student)
Jeffery J. Betts
Emily Bloesch
Claudia R. BostAdministration Education2003 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
Sharon Bradley-JohnsonBehavioral Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
Linda W. Brewersubstance abuse, schizophrenia2007 Stuart Quirk (grad student)
Gary N. BurnsIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Theresa L. ChinneryClinical Psychology2004 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Neil ChristiansenIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Stephen ColarelliIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Nathan J. Cooperperception, cognition2001 John Monahan (grad student)
Lillian L. CummingsEducational Psychology Education, Behavioral Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education2000 Sharon Bradley-Johnson (grad student)
Sergio P. da SilvaPhysiological Psychology2006 Richard W. Backs (grad student)
Guangrong DaiIndustrial Psychology2007 Stephen Colarelli (grad student)
Beth S. DemkoIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Mark Deskovitz2005 Nathan C. Weed (grad student)
Nicholas D. DeyExperimental Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2009 Gary L. Dunbar (grad student)
Geeta C. DSouzaIndustrial Psychology2010 Stephen Colarelli (grad student)
Gary L. DunbarExperimental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Toxicology
Andrew L. Eaglestress, addiction, learning20052010 Justin D. Oh (grad student)
Robert EstabrookAdministration Education, Industrial Psychology
Stefani McCann GalikParkinson's
Traci A. Garcia-WitzkeCHARGE syndrome, school psychology2001 Timothy S. Hartshorne (grad student)
Tina GrialouCHARGE syndrome, school psychology2006 Timothy S. Hartshorne (grad student)
Kristi L. HaikExperimental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Toxicology2000 Gary L. Dunbar (grad student)
Staci J. Haines SlamkaClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2002 George Konan (grad student)
Kyunghee HanIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Management Business Administration, Higher Education Administration Education, Educational Psychology Education
Joshua K. Hartshornepsycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, social cognition20062008 Timothy S. Hartshorne (collaborator), John Monahan (research assistant)
Timothy S. HartshorneCHARGE syndrome, school psychology
Francine G. Helfner-MitchellAudiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2001 Patricia McCarthy (grad student)
Jannel M. HemmeClinical Psychology2004 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Michael Hoergerhealthcare decision making, personality, affect, cancer2010 Stuart Quirk (grad student)
Steven A. HuartAudiology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Patricia McCarthy (grad student)
Michael Ignat Philosophy20202021 Kyung Hee Lee (grad student)
Amy E. JachimAudiology2002 Patricia McCarthy (grad student)
Jay E. JanovicsIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Jason M. JeffreyVocational Education2004 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
Jamie Ann JohansenNeurodegenerative disease/Behavioral neuroendocrinology
Aaron Kaisersubstance abuse, schizophrenia2010 Stuart Quirk (grad student)
Nicholas M KanaanAlzheimer's Disease, dementia, tauoapthies, tau protein, cytoskeleton, transport, neurodegeneration Psychology19982001 Gary L. Dunbar (research assistant)
Koichi KatoCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2006 Hajime Otani (grad student)
Joshua Keene Neuroscience/Psychology2015 Yannick Marchalant (grad student)
Rosalie P. KernSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology2001 Terry M. Libkuman (grad student)
Holly L. KettererPersonality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2010 Kyunghee Han (grad student)
Elizabeth A. Kirby2003 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
Sandy KlarBehavioral Psychology2006 Sandra K. Morgan (grad student)
Scott M. KoenigsknechtAdministration Education, Teacher Training Education, Speech Communication2003 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
George KonanClinical Psychology, Women's Studies
Sangil Kwon2008 Nathan C. Weed (grad student)
Jeffrey R. LabradorIndustrial Psychology2006 Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Rachel L. LaimonExperimental Psychology, Social Psychology2005 Debra A. Poole (grad student)
Kyung Hee Leepublic health, regional planning, causal inference, spatial econometrics, park and recreation planning
John K. LennemanExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology2008 Richard W. Backs (grad student)
Terry M. LibkumanSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Andrea Liebert2002 Linda J. Hood (grad student)
Sophia L. LovingerClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Speech Communication
Lauren Madsen Neuroscience20162019 Yannick Marchalant (grad student)
Yannick MarchalantAging, Alzheimer's disease
Shannon M. Martin
Patricia McCarthyAudiology, Behavioral Psychology
John Monahanperception, cognition
Sandra K. MorganBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Anna M. Mullersubstance abuse, schizophrenia2004 Stuart Quirk (grad student)
Alec C. NealeClinical Neuropsychology, Alzheimer's Disease, Memory Neuroscience20092014 Gary L. Dunbar (research assistant)
John J. NeudeckerClinical Psychology2007 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Christie L. NutkinsEducational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology2004 Sandra K. Morgan (grad student)
Justin Do-Hoon Ohparkinson's disease
Justin D. OhParkinson\'s disease
Justin Oh-LeeNeuroscience Biology, Behavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Hajime OtaniClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Diane M. PallasClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2002 Hajime Otani (grad student)
Rebecca Peters Psychology2019 Yannick Marchalant (grad student)
Carrie R. PilarskiGeneral Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2008 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Debra A. PooleExperimental Psychology, Social Psychology
Kimberley A. PytlakClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Nutrition2008 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Stuart Quirksocial anxiety, personality assessment, schizotypy, schizophrenia
Angela M. RadlinskiAdministration Education, Women's Studies, Community College Education2003 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
Erick S. Roatsubstance abuse, schizophrenia2006 Stuart Quirk (grad student)
George RonarClinical Psychology
Sheryl A. RozemaBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2003 Sandra K. Morgan (grad student)
Michael P. Sceniakcellular neurophysiology
John P. ScholtenAdministration Education, Teacher Training Education2004 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
Christian SchutteClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Gerontology, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Patrick M. Shannon2003 Robert Estabrook (grad student)
Deborah A. ShearExperimental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Psychobiology Psychology2007 Gary L. Dunbar (grad student)
Brian P. SiersIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Reid L. SkeelClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Andrew Speerselection Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Robert N. StatonAudiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2002 Patricia McCarthy (grad student)
Aaron M. StehuraIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2009 Neil Christiansen (grad student)
Aleta StinerCHARGE syndrome, school psychology2008 Timothy S. Hartshorne (grad student)
Jennifer L. Stransky2005 Nathan C. Weed (grad student)
Lakshmi Subramanian2006 Stuart Quirk (grad student)
Ritu SubramonyDevelopmental Psychology, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology Education2006 Sharon Bradley-Johnson (grad student)
Laurie SwanExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2004 Hajime Otani (grad student)
Irene UedaClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Speech Communication2000 Sophia L. Lovinger (grad student)
Michael S. UrlaubBehavioral Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2002 Sharon Bradley-Johnson (grad student)
Marie Van TubbergenClinical Psychology2002 George Ronar (grad student)
Wendy A. VanVoorstClinical Psychology2005 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)
Jason C. VladescuClinical Psychology, Tests and Measurements Education, Special Education2010 Sharon Bradley-Johnson (grad student)
Nathan C. Weed
Ryan H. WessellPsychobiology Psychology, Physiological Psychology2006 Justin Oh-Lee (grad student)
Angela M. West2008 Nathan C. Weed (grad student)
Jacob M. WetzelExperimental Psychology2005 Richard W. Backs (grad student)
Chulguen YangIndustrial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Management Business Administration2006 Stephen Colarelli (grad student)
Kevin R. Young2008 Nathan C. Weed (grad student)
Raphael ZieglerClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Therapy2004 Reid L. Skeel (grad student)