University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Addie M. AbushoushehOrganizational, Theory and Methods, Gerontology, Health Care Management2012 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Lynn K. AckermanSocial Psychology2002 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Erin L. AdamsIschemia, Neurodegeneration, Neuroimmunology20092011 James R. Moyer (research scientist), Julia A. Detert (research assistant)
Vincent J. AdessoClinical Psychology, Higher Education
Mesut AkdereAdult and Continuing Education, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Mohammad K. Al-JassarArchitecture, Social Psychology, Cultural Anthropology2009 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Susana M. AlvesArchitecture, Gerontology, Clinical Psychology2003 Uriel Cohen (grad student)
Mohammed M. AmanEducational Psychology Education, Technology of Education
Alisa F. AngeloneClinical Psychology2012 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Lucy A. ArendtManagement Business Administration2006 Mark A. Mone (grad student)
Nicholas L. BalderstonPsychobiology Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Psychometrics Psychology Psychology2013 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Nick BalderstonNeural basis of human fear conditioning, fMRI, learning & memory2006 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Jessica L. BarnackSocial Psychology2009 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Adam J. Barnasattention Psychology2011 Adam S. Greenberg (grad student)
Alan BaronBehavior Analysis
Diana H. BartelsEducational Psychology Education2004 Roberta Corrigan (grad student)
David J. Bauer2008 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Sarah B. BeamishMemory, Aging, Hormones PSYCHOLOGY2018 Karyn M. Frick (grad student)
Mary E. BeckerEducational Psychology Education, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology2005 V Scott Solberg (grad student)
Andrea M. BegotkaBehavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology2005 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Vienna K. Behnke Psychology20142016 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Emily Belleau Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Patrick Frost Bellgowanvisual perception, neuroimaging methods19901996 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Ken Bennett Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Kiersten L. Berggren Psychology2013 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Steven J. BernfeldEducational Psychology Education, Counseling Psychology2012 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Gowri BetrabetArchitecture, Elementary Education, Industrial Psychology2000 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Nathan A. BlenkushBehavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology2005 Jay Moore (grad student)
Penny L. BoileauAdministration Education2005 William J. Kritek (grad student)
Marissa Iden BoulwareEstrogen, Learning and Memory, Hippocampus2010 Karyn M. Frick (post-doc)
William M. BoweClinical Psychology, African American Studies Psychology2013 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Amanda M. BrouwerBehavioral Psychology, Nutrition, Social Psychology Psychology2012 Katie E. Mosack (grad student)
Keri R. BrownClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2009 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Melissa G. BublitzMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Nutrition2011 Laura A. Peracchio (grad student)
John D. Buntinneuroendocrinology
Jennifer L. BurtonEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education2006 Anne T. Ellison (grad student)
Tianna K. ByomCounseling Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2009 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Ben L. CallifSpinal cord injury, Axon growth, High-content screening, CRISPR-based gene editing Psychology Psychololgy20102014 Fred J. Helmstetter (research assistant), Marieke R. Gilmartin (research assistant)
Meldrena K. ChapinArchitecture, Gerontology, Organizational, Health Care Management2008 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Habib N. ChaudhuryArchitecture, Gerontology, Cognitive Psychology2001 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Dominic T. ChengFMRI, classical conditioning2005 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Wendy M. CloseEducational Psychology Education, Personality Psychology2001 V Scott Solberg (grad student)
Uriel CohenArchitecture, Gerontology, Clinical Psychology
Christine A. ConeleaBehavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology2011 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Jeffrey M. CooleyCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Speech Communication2007 Richard M. Warren (grad student)
Roberta CorriganEducational Psychology Education
Patrick K. CullenBehavioral Neuroscience2013 Fred J. Helmstetter (post-doc)
Brian R. CurtisImmunology2010 Jeri-Anne Lyons (grad student)
Newton S. D'souzaArchitecture, Educational Psychology Education, Art Education, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Adam Paul Derenne2003 Alan Baron (grad student)
Julia A. Detertischemia20032011 James R. Moyer (grad student)
Keith Diaz MooreArchitecture, Gerontology, Mental Health2000 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Michelle R. DiPaolostress, coping, cardiovascular health
Elizabeth M. DoncheckAddiction, Stress, Relapse Psychology Psychology20102012 Devin Mueller (research assistant), Christine L. Larson (research assistant)
Ira Driscollaging, memory, hippocampus Robert James Sutherland (grad student)
Brooke Nichole Dulka
Michelle Marie DunkMemory, memory loss, cognitive decline, dementia, neurological decline, aging
Johanna J. DvorakHigher Education, Teacher Training Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2000 Mohammed M. Aman (grad student)
Lynn R. EdwardsGeneral Psychology, Clinical Psychology2007 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Vanessa L. Ehlers Psychology2012 James R. Moyer (grad student)
Anne T. EllisonGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Ihab M. ElzeyadiArchitecture2001 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Nisha A. FernandoArchitecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Geography, Ethnic and Racial Studies2007 Uriel Cohen (grad student)
Nicole FerraraNeuroscience2012 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Margaret FittsEducational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Hispanic American Studies2007 Karen C. Steiber (grad student)
Christopher J. FitzgeraldPediatric Psychology Psychology Alan H. Silverman (grad student)
Michael Fitzgerald
Patricia A. FlanaganClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Aaron W. FleischerNeuroscience, Neuroendocrinology Psychology2018 Karyn M. Frick (grad student)
Raymond FlemingClinical Psychology
Christopher A. FlessnerClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2008 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Kristin C FloraSocial psychology, health psychology
Sarah J. Flynn EhlingerSocial Psychology2001 Diane Reddy (grad student)
David R. Friedland
Georgette M. GaffordNeural basis of fear conditioning, protein expression, learning & memory20002008 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Stacy A. GahanEducational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2004 Anne T. Ellison (grad student)
Mark Galizio Alan Baron (grad student)
Sheldon L. GarrisonNeuroscience Biology2009 Jane L. Witten (grad student)
Lyn A. GeboyArchitecture2005 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Jennifer A. GeigerfMRI, memory & emotion20012008 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Marieke R. GilmartinTrace fear conditioning, multi-site recording, plasticity networks, memory storage, optogenetics, prefrontal cortex20072013 Fred J. Helmstetter (post-doc)
Donna M. GoetzEarly Childhood Education, Educational Psychology Education, Teacher Training Education2001 P Ann Teeter-Ellison (grad student)
Ashley Karen GradyLearning & Memory, fMRI
Stacey D. Grant-SavelaArchitecture, Gerontology2007 Uriel Cohen (grad student)
Adam S. GreenbergCognitive Neuroscience, Visual/Auditory Attention, Perceptual Organization
Anthony J. GreenefMRI, Learning and Memory
Amanda J. GregasClinical Psychology2009 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Madalyn HafenbreidelBehavioral Neuroscience20102016 Devin Mueller (grad student)
Deborah E. Hannula
Kevin Haworth Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Brandon B. HayesClinical Psychology, Higher Education2006 Vincent J. Adesso (grad student)
R David HeathcoteNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Paul W. HeidemanClinical Psychology2008 Vincent J. Adesso (grad student)
Alicia M. HelionExperimental Psychology, Black Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2007 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Fred J. HelmstetterFear Conditioning
Crystal L. HendrickSocial Psychology, Gender Studies2009 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Carolyn S. HenselGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Michael B. HimleClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2007 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Judith A. HudetzExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2006 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Ashley Huggins Psychology2015 Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Michael T. HynanDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Cagri ImamogluArchitecture, Gerontology2002 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Timothy J. JaromeNeuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology, Molecular Biology Psychology2013 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Tim JaromeNeural basis of fear conditioning, reconsolidation, learning & memory20062013 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Kyle Joseph Jennette Psychology20142020 Krista L. Lisdahl Medina (grad student)
Edgar X. JordanEducational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2007 V Scott Solberg (grad student)
Helen J. KaczmarekPhysiological Psychology, Pharmacology2001 Rhea E. Steinpreis (grad student)
Helen J. Kaczmarek SableBehavioral Toxicology and Pharmacology2001 Rhea E. Steinpreis (grad student)
Catherine Cook KaczorowskiAging & Alzheimer's Disease20072009 James R. Moyer (post-doc)
Jonathan W. KanterClinical Psychology
jacqueline N. kaufmancerebral palsy, neuropsych2004 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Ann M. KaufmannEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Recreation2002 Douglas Mickelson (grad student)
Migette L. KaupArchitecture, Gerontology2012 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Jacob J. M. KayNeuroscience, Exercise Science, Concussion, mTBI Psychology20132016 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Abigail L. Kerr2010 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Jaekyoon KimSex difference in neuro-developmental disorders Psychology20112018 Karyn M. Frick (grad student)
Leanne D. KirschClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2000 Susan Lima (grad student)
Emi KiyotaArchitecture, General Psychology, Gerontology2009 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Bonnie Klein-TasmanClinical Psychology
Carrie L. KolpackDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies2003 Marty Sapp (grad student)
William J. KritekSecondary Education, Educational Psychology Education
Kimberly L. KulovitzSpeech Communication, Multimedia Communications, Web Studies, Social Psychology Communication2013 Edward A. Mabry (grad student)
Janine L. KwapisLearning, Memory, Updating, Epigenetic, Circadian genes, Fear Conditioning, Object Location Memory Psychology20062013 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Sara J. LandesClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2008 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Christine L. LarsonAffect, psychopathology
Joshua C. LaVigneBehavioral Psychology2010 Susan Lima (grad student)
Taekwan LeefMRI, Neuroscience20072009 Fred J. Helmstetter (post-doc)
Jihye LeeMarketing Business Administration Management Science2014 Laura A. Peracchio (grad student)
Patricia A. Lee KingSocial Work, Public Health, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies2011 Laura Otto-Salaj (grad student)
Peter W. Lenz2005 Richard M. Warren (grad student)
Peter LeoCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2012 Anthony J. Greene (grad student)
Jason C. LevineClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2011 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Minli LiangMarketing Business Administration2006 Laura A. Peracchio (grad student)
Susan LimaClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Medicine and Surgery
Krista L. Lisdahl MedinaNeuropsychology, Imaging Genetics, Drug Effects, Gender Differences, Adolescent Neurodevelopment
Mary E. LonerganBehavioral Neuroscience/Physiological Psychology, Learning and Conditioning, Memory20042012 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Salahadin LotfiNeural Circuits, memory consolidation, hippocampus, Optogenetics
Jeri-Anne LyonsMultiple Sclerosis2012 Erin L. Adams (collaborator)
Mia L. LytleNeuroscience Biology2008 Jane L. Witten (grad student)
Edward A. MabrySpeech Communication, Multimedia Communications, Web Studies, Social Psychology
Rachel C. ManosClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2011 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Brook A. MarcksClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology2007 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Yongsheng MiaoNeuroscience Biology, Entomology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Jane L. Witten (grad student)
Douglas MickelsonEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Recreation
Alex MilovicMarketing Business Administration Management Science2014 Laura A. Peracchio (grad student)
Tara Miskovich Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Hiroyuki MiyawakiHippocampus, Sleep, in vivo electrophysiology Psychology2011 Kamran Diba (post-doc)
Mark A. MoneManagement Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Jerry D. MonroeNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2012 R David Heathcote (grad student)
Anne M. MonteroBehavioral Psychology, Public Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2007 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Jay MooreBehavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Jay MooreBehavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Katie E. MosackBehavioral Psychology, Nutrition, Social Psychology
James R. Moyerneuroscience, potassium channels, AHPs, IA learning
Kamaldeen A. MuiliImmunology2010 Jeri-Anne Lyons (grad student)
Kurtis L. Noblett2002 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Melissa M. NorbergClinical Psychology2006 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Nicole T. Nowakbehavioral endocrinology, sex differences, cognitive neuroscience Ira Driscoll (post-doc)
Molly O'ConnorClinical Psychology Psychology2014 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Bonnie S. O'NeillManagement Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2000 Mark A. Mone (grad student)
James M. OtisNeural circuits of reward seeking behaviors.20092014 Devin Mueller (grad student)
Laura Otto-SalajSocial Work, Public Health, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies
Mohamad Parnianpour
Ryan G. ParsonsNeural basis of fear conditioning, extinction, learning & memory20002008 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Starlette M. PattersonEducational Psychology Education, Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, Black Studies, African American Studies2011 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Walker Pedersen Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Laura A. PeracchioMarketing Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology
Michael PeroneBehavior Analysis Alan Baron (grad student)
Todd C. PetersonTraumatic Brain Injury20062010 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Sarah M. Philippiaging, Alzheimer's disease, hormones, learning, memory, sex differences Psychology2016 Karyn M. Frick (research assistant)
Katie A. PortsSocial Psychology, Public Health, Oncology2012 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Stephanie K. Powell2004 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Shane Ellis Pullinstrace fear memory, fear memory2014 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Francella A. QuinnellDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2001 Michael T. Hynan (grad student)
David J. RademacherPhysiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2001 Rhea E. Steinpreis (grad student)
Mary E. RandolphPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies2002 Diane Reddy (grad student)
Diane ReddyClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology
David S. ReisLearning and Memory2011 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Christopher M. Reynolds2017 Adam S. Greenberg (grad student)
Jordan S. Robinson2012 Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Robin K. RumseyDevelopmental Psychology, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Educational Psychology Education2003 Anne T. Ellison (grad student)
Laura C. RuschClinical Psychology2010 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Marty SappGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Betsy A. SchoellerEducational Psychology Education, Technology of Education2004 Mohammed M. Aman (grad student)
Steffanie J. ScholzeClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Experimental Psychology2011 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Douglas H. SchultzNeuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2014 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Doug SchultzNeural basis of human fear conditioning, fMRI, functional connectivity, learning & memory20052014 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Megha SehgalLearning and Memory2008 James R. Moyer (grad student), Chenghui Song (collaborator), Erin L. Adams (collaborator)
Reyhaneh SepehrBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, General Education Engineering2014 Mahsa Ranji (grad student)
Olga V. ShcheslavskayaExperimental Psychology2007 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Maeng-Sik Shin2002 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Jung-hye ShinArchitecture, Cultural Anthropology2007 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Belinda P. ShippsManagement Business Administration2007 Mark A. Mone (grad student)
Kotaro ShojiClinical Psychology2012 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Sonya Y. ShropshireEducational Psychology Education, Black Studies2007 Marty Sapp (grad student)
Kapila D. SilvaArchitecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Cultural Anthropology2004 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Jonathan Z. SimonMEG, auditory system, computational neuroscience Physics19901992 John L. Friedman (post-doc)
Christine N. SmithNeuroscience2003 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
V Scott SolbergEducational Psychology Education, Personality Psychology
Chenghui SongNeuroscience James R. Moyer (grad student), Erin L. Adams (collaborator)
Shaun StearnsClinical Psychology, Public Health, Physiological Psychology Psychology2014 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Karen C. SteiberEducational Psychology Education, Early Childhood Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Hispanic American Studies
Rhea E. Steinpreis
Sean E. StevensClinical Psychology2000 Michael T. Hynan (grad student)
Morgan E. Stevenson Psychology2012 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Daniel Stout Christine L. Larson (grad student)
April D. Strader2002 John D. Buntin (grad student)
Stevie B. SummersSecondary Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2004 Marty Sapp (grad student)
John SurberEducational Psychology Education, Sciences Education, Adult and Continuing Education
Kurt R. Svoboda
Rodney A. Swain
Yavuz TaneliArchitecture, Health Care Management, Gerontology2007 Gerald D. Weisman (grad student)
Lauren Taubitz Christine L. Larson (grad student)
P Ann Teeter-EllisonEarly Childhood Education, Educational Psychology Education, Teacher Training Education
Anne Teeter-EllisonEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education
Sheralee A. Tershner Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Kelly M. ThompsonAdministration Education, Tests and Measurements Education2008 William J. Kritek (grad student)
Kenira J. Thompsonhippocampal plasticity2001 Rodney A. Swain (grad student)
Sydney TraskLearning Theory, Behavioral Neuroscience2018 Fred J. Helmstetter (post-doc)
David M. TrejoBehavioral Psychology, Mental Health, Pharmacology2011 Jay Moore (grad student)
Jennifer Tuscher Karyn M. Frick (grad student)
Robert C. TwiningDrug Addiction, Reward Comparison, Contrast Effects, Cortical control of appetitive motivation, Neural Mechanisms of motivated behaviors2009 Devin Mueller (post-doc)
Ava J. UdvadiaNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics
Nancy K. UlschmidGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Anne T. Ellison (grad student)
Erin Vest RogersPhysiological Psychology2009 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Natasha Wade Krista L. Lisdahl Medina (grad student)
Michael WaltherClinical Psychology2012 Douglas Woods (grad student)
Kai-Yu WangMarketing Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology2007 Laura A. Peracchio (grad student)
Richard M. Warrenperception of speech
Cristal E. WeeksClinical Psychology Psychology2013 Jonathan W. Kanter (grad student)
Dena R. WeinbergerNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics2012 Ava J. Udvadia (grad student)
Benjamin A. WeinsteinSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2001 Raymond Fleming (grad student)
Gerald D. WeismanArchitecture, Gerontology, Cognitive Psychology
Craig T. WernerAddiction, synaptic plasticity Psychology20092010 Fred J. Helmstetter (research assistant)
Jane L. WittenNeuroscience Biology, Entomology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Douglas Woodstics, habit reversal training, Tourette’s Syndrome
Rebecca L. WylandManagement Business Administration, Continuing Education2011 Mark A. Mone (grad student)
Youcai Yang Psychology2016 Christine L. Larson (grad student)
Hanna Yousuf2016 James R. Moyer (grad student)
Chaoyang ZengGenetics, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology