Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ronald Ernest Aitchisontypewriter for the blind
Shahd Al-Janabivisual attention; face perception; cognitive flexibility Matthew S. Finkbeiner (grad student)
David AlaisVision - audition1995 Peter Wenderoth (grad student)
Derek H. ArnoldPerception20002002 Colin Clifford (grad student), Peter Wenderoth (grad student)
Andrew J BaillieClinical psychology psychometrics comorbidity alcohol anxiety implementation science evidence based practice Psychology19972001 Ronald Rapee (grad student)
Amanda Jane Barnierhypnosis, autobiographical memory, social memory, collaborative recall, collective memory
Karen Bayly2001 Chris Evans (grad student)
Kevin R. BrooksVision, Psychophysics
Thomas A. Carlsonvisual system, human behavior
Nathan Caruana Alexandra Woolgar (grad student)
John R. CassVisual psychophysics Peter Wenderoth (grad student)
Anne CastlesReading, developmental dyslexia Max Coltheart (grad student)
Chanchanok Chaichim Thomas Fath (grad student)
Colin Cliffordvision, including how we perceive motion and orientation, how we recognise the expressions of faces, how context affects our perception of lightness and colour, and how our visual awareness might be related to the underlying neural processing19982000 Peter Wenderoth (post-doc)
Veronika Coltheart Max Coltheart (grad student)
Max ColtheartReading aloud, speech production, cognitive modeling2004 Amanda Jane Barnier (collaborator)
Adam Congletonmemory20122014 Amanda Jane Barnier (post-doc)
Michael Connorshypnosis Amanda Jane Barnier (grad student)
Jennifer Cornish
Andrea I Costantinovision, cognitve neuroscience, neural networks Matthew J. Crossley (grad student), Mark A. Williams (grad student)
Rochelle Coxhypnosis
Kim Michelle Curby
Karen Davis Psychology Andrew J Baillie (grad student)
Paul E. DuxAttention, fMRI, dual-tasking20022004 Veronika Coltheart (grad student), Irina M. Harris (grad student)
Chris Evans
Thomas Fath
Matthew S. Finkbeinerlexical access, masked priming, bilingual speech production
Beth Foley Psychology Andrew J Baillie (grad student)
Gina L. Forster Anxiety, Additction19982002 Charles D. Blaha (grad student)
Cody Freasanimal cognition
Jason Friedmanmotor control20092012 Matthew S. Finkbeiner (post-doc), Mark A. Williams (post-doc)
Jacqueline Goodnow
Cassandra Govan Psychology20002003 Kipling D. Williams (grad student)
Andrea Griffin2004 Chris Evans (grad student)
Rachel Grove Psychology Andrew J Baillie (grad student)
O. Scott GwinnFace perception2009 Kevin R. Brooks (grad student)
Celia B. Harrismemory, collaborative recall20072010 Amanda Jane Barnier (grad student), John Sutton (grad student)
Marina Haywood
Laura E. Hughes
Laura E. Hughes20022005 Anne Marie Aimola Davies (grad student)
Jade B Jackson Alexandra Woolgar (grad student)
Mark Edward JohnsonLanguage Sciences
Jean M. Joss
David M. KaplanSensorimotor transformation, Motor planning, Motor Learning, Parietal Cortex
Hamid Karimi-RouzbahaniVisual system, Object recognition, Attention
Robyn Langdon Max Coltheart (grad student)
Yu Livisual word recognition, speech perception
Anna Ma-Wyattvisual psychophysics, visuomotor control, eye movements Peter Wenderoth (grad student)
Ryan McKay
Catherine M. McMahonAuditory physiology, audiology
Juan Andres Mucarquer Fuentescomputational neuroscience, sensory neuroscience
Patrick Nalepkacoordination dynamics, ecological psychology, perception-action, human-machine interaction
Terry J OrdEvolutionary biology, behavioural ecology, Community Ecology2001 Chris Evans (grad student)
Richard Peters2003 Chris Evans (grad student)
Selene Petit Alexandra Woolgar (grad student)
Vince Politohypnosis, agency Amanda Jane Barnier (grad student), Max Coltheart (grad student)
Melanie Porter Max Coltheart (grad student)
Stephen Pritchard
Brandon K RichardsBehavioural neuroscience, fear learning and memory, threat perception, defensive behaviour, neuroanatomy2022 Jennifer Cornish (grad student)
Serje M Robidoux
Laura Schmalzl
Teresa M. Schubertreading, cognitive neuropsychology, spelling20152018 Lyndsey Nickels (post-doc)
Ian Simpson
Stuart T. SmithVision, Vestibular System Peter Wenderoth (grad student)
Jacqui E. SmithPsychological functioning, health and well being in midlife and old age Jacqueline Goodnow (grad student)
K-Lynn Smith2010 Chris Evans (grad student)
Lexine A Stapinski Psychology Andrew J Baillie (post-doc)
Charles Beason Stonememory Amanda Jane Barnier (grad student), John Sutton (grad student)
Mirijana Subotic-Kerry Psychology Andrew J Baillie (grad student)
John Suttonphilosophy, memory2005 Amanda Jane Barnier (collaborator)
William Forde ThompsonMusic perception and performance
Caroline TomiczekImplicit learning
Kristen Tulloch Psychology Andrew J Baillie (grad student)
Rick van der ZwanVision Peter Wenderoth (grad student)
Daniel Van Dyk2007 Chris Evans (grad student)
Hua-Chen WangReading, Reading development, Bilingualism Psychology2012 Anne Castles (grad student)
Michael J. Watt2002 Jean M. Joss (grad student)
Kimberley Weldon Alexandra Woolgar (grad student)
Peter WenderothVisual system Ross Henry Day (grad student)
Ladd WheelerSocial comparison, behavioral contagion, physical attractiveness, and social interaction.
David Wilson2009 Chris Evans (grad student)
Kevin Woo2008 Chris Evans (grad student)
Alexandra WoolgarCognitive control, neuroimaging, visual cognition