Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mareike Bacha-Trams2013 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Caroline Beese2019 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Roberta Bianco20122016 Daniela Sammler (grad student)
Vincent Ka Ming CheungMusic and Language; fMRI
Emily S. Crossaction perception, action execution, motor imagery, dance20082010 Wolfgang Prinz (post-doc)
Lorenz Deserno Zsuzsika Sjoerds (collaborator)
Begoña DíazLanguage, Bilingualism
Anja Dietrich Neurology Annette Horstmann (grad student)
Angela D. FriedericiCognitive Neuroscience Willem J.M. Levelt (research scientist)
Claudia K. Friedrich2003 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Thomas Fritz
Claudine J. GauthierMRI, Calibrated fMRI, Oxidative metabolism, Vascular imaging
Claudia Grellmann Neurology Annette Horstmann (grad student)
Charlotte Grosse-Wiesmann2017 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Martin GrundAttention, Consciousness, Perception, Structural connectivity
Thomas Cornelius Gunterpsycholinguistics
Anja Hahne1997 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Gesa Hartwigsencognition, plasticity, language, TMS, neurostimulation, NIBS2010 Angela D. Friederici (research scientist)
Martin N. HebartCognitive Neuroscience
Arvid Herwig20052008 Wolfgang Prinz (grad student), Florian Waszak (grad student)
Annette HorstmannNeuroscience2008 Arno Villringer (post-doc)
Jing Jiangsocial and affective neuroscience
Philipp Kanskeemotion, attention, EEG, fMRI, affective disorders, depression, bipolar disorder20052009 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Katharina Kerber
Seung-Goo KimMusic perception, neural encoding Research Group for Cortical Network and Cognitive Functions20122017 Thomas R. Knösche (grad student)
Manousos A. KladosConnectivity, aging, mathematical cognition Daniel S. Margulies (post-doc), Arno Villringer (grad student), John H. Gruzelier (grad student)
Thomas R. Knösche
Dirk Koesterpsycholinguistics, action, perception, cognitive neuroscience20032005 Wolfgang Prinz (post-doc), Angela D. Friederici (grad student), Thomas Cornelius Gunter (grad student)
Kathleen Marie Krol Tobias Grossman (grad student)
Philipp KuhnkeTMS, EEG, fMRI2021 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Daniel S. Marguliesneuroimaging, resting state, functional connectivity20082009 Arno Villringer (grad student)
Lars Meyer2013 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Wen MiaoNeuroanatomy
Jutta L. Mueller2005 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Giacomo Novembre
Lena Nowicki
Nadine Pecenka
Susan PrejawafMRI, aphasia, recovery, lesion
Wolfgang Prinzperception and action
Marie Ragert
Purva RajhansDevelopmental Neuroscience Tobias Grossman (grad student)
Daniela SammlerMusic, Language
Ricarda Ines Schubotzprediction, action perception, serial learning, motor system, theory of mind, frontal lobes, fMRI Yves von Cramon (research scientist)
Jakob Simmank Neurology Annette Horstmann (grad student)
Zsuzsika SjoerdsNeuroimaging, Psychiatry, Addiction, Affective Disorders Florian Schlagenhauf (post-doc)
Michael A. Skeide2012 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Nikolaus Steinbeis
Karsten SteinhauerCognitive Neuroscience, Language, ERPs19922000 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Britta Stolterfoht2004 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
André Szamateit2002 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Constantijn van der Burght2021 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Arno VillringerNeuroimaging
Yves von CramonNeurology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Carsten H. Wolters2003 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)
Emiliano ZaccarellaLanguage2015 Angela D. Friederici (grad student)