University of North Texas

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Beatriz E. AguilarMusic Education2004 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Christopher AlbertClinical Psychology, Demography, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Vincent Ramos (grad student)
Courtney B. AlbinsonClinical Psychology2006 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Sandra G. AlexanderIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Carlin M. AndersonClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Recreation, Physical Education2009 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Matthew R. AtkinsSocial Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Recreation Counseling Psychology2012 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Aubrey A. AustinCounseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology2010 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Harlan AustinCounseling Psychology, Demography, Secondary Education, Theory and Methods, Organizational2013 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Julie A. BallingerHigher Education, Counseling Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction Education2013 Casey B. Minton (grad student)
Somjit BaratMarketing Business Administration2007 Audhesh Paswan (grad student)
Sydney A. BarcusIndustrial Psychology, Continuing Education, Management Business Administration2008 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Brenda L. Barrio RenteriaTeacher Training Education, Special Education2013 Bertina H. Combes (grad student)
Kimberly A. BartonClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2006 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Julia B. BattleMusic Education, Music, Early Childhood Education2000 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Paula M. BeallPsychophysiology, Autism, Emotion Recognition19992002 Andrew M. Herbert (grad student)
Kelley D. BeckClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2008 Susan Franks (grad student)
Judith BeechlerTeacher Training Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2004 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Elizabeth BegynClinical Psychology2007 Susan Franks (grad student)
Nicole M. BereolosBehavioral Psychology, Public Health, Hispanic American Studies2007 Susan Franks (grad student)
Rebecca J. BergenSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology2006 Vicki L. Campbell (grad student)
Lori L. BernardClinical Psychology, Health Education, Oncology2004 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Dana N. BernsteinBehavioral Psychology, Public Health, Rehabilitation and Therapy2004 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
John BesichIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2005 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Kyle BewseyPersonality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2013 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Michael BeyerleinIndustrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Tanya A. BhagwatIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2009 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Janice A. BigbyClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Developmental Psychology2010 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Jenny M. BivonaClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2008 Joseph Critelli (grad student)
Sabrina Blackledge Department of Psychology20162017 Casey R. Guillot (grad student)
Karen D. BlansettIndustrial Psychology, Women's Studies2008 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Axel BlauFlexible all-polymeric microelectrode arrays (polyMEAs), Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC), Manipulating neural network composition and interconnectivity by optical tweezers, laser microdissection, µ-fluidic systems, biochemically and topologically µ-textured substrate19971997 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
Eugenia Bodenhamer-DavisPhysiological Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Personality Psychology
Genie Bodenhamer-DavisClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
Aécio Borba Behavior Analysis20102010 Sigrid S. Glenn (grad student)
Ryan Joseph BrackneyBehaviorism, Neuroscience, Learning20062009 Manish Vaidya (grad student)
LaTisha L. BraddockPersonality Psychology, Social Psychology, Recreation2007 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Jennifer W. BradfordClinical Psychology2006 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Lori BradleyIndustrial Psychology2011 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Megan E. BrannanClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2010 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Eric E. BranscomeMusic Education, Music, Higher Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2010 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Margaret A. BuddClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2007 Susan Franks (grad student)
Melanie M. BullockGuidance and Counseling Education, Technology of Education2003 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Summer D. BurkmanGeneral Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2012 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Jennifer L. Cahill ClarkMusic Education2008 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Dan CahnMusic Education2003 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Tonya G. CallawayClinical Psychology2005 Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Vicki L. CampbellDevelopmental Psychology
Cynthia J. CantuIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Business Education, Management Business Administration2007 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Lisa L. CavinSpecial Education, Tests and Measurements Education2007 Bertina H. Combes (grad student)
Benjamin P. ChapmanPersonality Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Bert Hayslip (grad student)
M. L. ChlipalaGeneral Psychology, Aging, Neuroscience Biology2010 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Lawrence ChuiAccounting Business Administration2010 Mary B. Curtis (grad student)
Russell D. ClarkClinical Psychology
Barbara CoeMarketing Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology
Diane L. CohenClinical Psychology2005 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Olivia E. CoiculescuNeuronal cilia, effects of sensory experience2005 Jannon L. Fuchs (grad student)
Daniel Cole
Bertina H. CombesSpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education, Administration Education
Lane A. ConnerIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2008 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Bonnie B. ConnorBehavioral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Biomedical Engineering2001 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Jon CordasIndustrial Psychology2008 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Marco V. CoronelDorsal Root Ganglia2006 Harris Schwark (grad student)
Barbara CouvadelliPsychometrics Psychology, Developmental Psychology2006 Sander Martin (grad student)
Julie H. CovertClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2008 Susan Franks (grad student)
David J Coxbehavior analysis, behavioral economics, quantitative analyses of behavior, machine learning, behavioral pharmacology, choice
Joseph CritelliClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Women's Studies
Audra CrutchfieldClinical Psychology2009 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Mary B. CurtisAccounting Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Mary B. CurtisAccounting Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Greta A. DavisGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Sciences Education, Clinical Psychology2007 Dennis Engels (grad student)
Patrick D. DavisonMusic Education, Educational Psychology Education2006 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Richard De La Garza, IIAddiction Neuroscience19861989 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
D. P. DeLongMusic Education, Secondary Education2006 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Emese E. DianApplied Neuronal Network Dynamics 2004 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
Laura D. DiPasqualeClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Music, Music Education Psychology2012 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Mary V. DonagheyGuidance and Counseling Education, Counseling Psychology, Developmental Psychology Counseling2013 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Andy Colombo Dougovito Kinesiology Marty E. Block (grad student)
Sarah L. DurrantDevelopmental Psychology2003 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Kristie EarnheartClinical Psychology, Gerontology2006 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Dennis EngelsGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Sciences Education, Clinical Psychology
Demetria Ennis-ColeTechnology of Education, Educational Psychology Education
Kimberly D. ErnestClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology Cilnical Psychology2013 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Selcuk ErtekinMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology2009 Lou E. Pelton (grad student)
Hossein EstekyNeural Bases of Visual Cognition Harris Schwark (grad student)
Alaina EverittPsychometrics Psychology2008 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Karen M. FallaClinical Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Developmental Psychology2001 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Erica C. ForceCounseling Psychology2011 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Maria J. ForjazClinical Psychology2000 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Susan FranksPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Susan J. FrensleyClinical Psychology2007 Susan Franks (grad student)
Hildegard FroehlichMusic Education, Industrial Psychology
Hui-Ju C. FuMusic Education, Higher Education, Teacher Training Education2007 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Jannon L. FuchsNeuronal cilia, effects of sensory experience19741979 Theodore (Ted) Holmes Bullock (grad student)
Lynn Garganontogeny of excitotoxicity, neural tumors Jannon L. Fuchs (grad student)
Sigrid S. GlennBehavioral Psychology, Medicine and Surgery
Andrea R. GontermanClinical Psychology, Mental Health2004 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Gina M. GraciClinical Psychology, Oncology2001 Chuck A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Myranda GrahekIndustrial Psychology2008 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Kimberly J. GreenhawGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2007 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Joel Greenspoon
Felicia R. GreherClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2006 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Fredna H. GrimlandMusic Education, Secondary Education2001 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Guenter W. GrossApplied Neuronal Network Dynamics
Charles A. GuarnacciaGeneral Psychology, Social Psychology
Chuck A. GuarnacciaClinical Psychology, Oncology
Casey R. GuillotPsychopharmacology; Addiction; Experimental Psychopathology; Psychiatric Genetics; Aggression/Self-Harm; Executive Functioning
Dipti GuptaIndustrial Psychology, Organizational, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Michael I. HamApplied Neuronal Network Dynamics 2008 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
GiBaeg HanCounseling Psychology, Social Work, Clinical Psychology, General Religion2010 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Candace L. Hargett ThompsonClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Physiological Psychology2004 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Robert J. HarmisonClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2000 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Ernest HarrellBehavioral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Biomedical Engineering
Earnest HarrellClinical Psychology
Rebekah L. HarrisClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2008 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Morri D. HartgravesNeuronal cilia, effects of sensory experience2000 Jannon L. Fuchs (grad student)
Whitney N. HasbrouckCounseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies Counseling Psychology2012 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Bert HayslipGeneral Psychology
Robert S. HilbornClinical Psychology2008 Susan Franks (grad student)
Tanawat HirunyawipadaMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration2007 Audhesh Paswan (grad student)
Nicole D. HobsonIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2007 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Laura S. Howe-MartinClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2008 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
William Q. HuaCounseling Psychology Psychology2012 Mark Vosvick (grad student)
Lark Huang-StormsClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Developmental Psychology2008 Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Winona G. HubbleReading Education, Educational Psychology Education2001 John C. Stansell (grad student)
Christine V. Hudson2002 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Viny W. HuiMusic Education, Music, Recreation2001 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Philip E. HunterIndustrial Psychology2006 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Gregory S. HuppCognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology2003 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Kevin ImpelmanIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2007 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Catherine Jensen-HoleMusic Education, Music, Cognitive Psychology2005 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Stephanie Johnson Psychology Thomas D. Parsons (grad student)
Jennifer L. Johs-ArtisensiPublic Health, Behavioral Psychology2002 Jerry McGill (grad student)
Gretchen M. JonesEducational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2007 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Jane L. JoosteDevelopmental Psychology, Gerontology, Individual and Family Studies2007 Bert Hayslip (grad student)
Michelle D. JoshuaClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Women's Studies2002 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Marianna Jung2003 James W. Simpkins (post-doc), James W. Simpkins (research scientist)
Amanda C. Kallstrom-FuquaClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2004 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Patricia L. KaminskiIndividual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology
Frances A. KennedyAccounting Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2002 Thomas P. Klammer (grad student)
Kevin J. KennellyCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
Richard C. KennerlyPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology2006 Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Carolyn KernGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Personality Psychology
Thomas P. KlammerAccounting Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Steven R. KrebaumClinical Psychology
Rajasree Krishnankutty Nair RajammaMarketing Business Administration, General, Developmental Psychology2006 Lou E. Pelton (grad student)
Bradley D. KuperClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2000 Jerry McGill (grad student)
Cheryl Kyser2005 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Timothy M. LaneSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Angela R. LareryBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Oncology2007 Jerry McGill (grad student)
Mark A. LaurentAdult and Continuing Education, Information Science2013 Demetria Ennis-Cole (grad student)
Audra LeeSocial Psychology, General Religion, Organizational2009 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Karen T. LesniakClinical Psychology, General2000 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Tawana Lett-StallworthSpecial Education, Educational Psychology Education, Higher Education, Teacher Training Education2011 Bertina H. Combes (grad student)
Christine D. LiffClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2003 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Natalya A. LindoCounseling Psychology
Ran Liu2012 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Shaun M. Logan2010 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Nicolette P. LopezIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2007 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Acacia Lopez Department of Psychology20192020 Casey R. Guillot (research assistant)
Naim M. BautistaAdaptational physiology Biological Sciences20152019 Warren Burggren (grad student)
Laurel J. MalloryClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Medical Ethics, Oncology2010 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Linda L. MarshallSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Sander MartinPsychometrics Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Paula K. McCoyPhysiological Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2001 Sigrid S. Glenn (grad student)
Floyd D. McDanielsNeuroscience Biology
Jerry McGillPublic Health, Behavioral Psychology
Timothy McMahan Computer Science Thomas D. Parsons (grad student)
J. C. MercerHigher Education2010 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Wendy Middlemiss
Colette A. MiesseClinical Psychology, General Religion, Spirituality2009 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Aletha R. MillerSocial Psychology, Public Health, Black Studies, African American Studies, Behavioral Psychology2009 Francis Terrell (grad student)
Trube C. MillerElementary Education, Special Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology2011 Bertina H. Combes (grad student)
Casey B. MintonAsian American Studies, Women's Studies, Multilingual Education, Counseling Psychology
Jack Moore2001 Harris Schwark (grad student)
Ernest J. MooreNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physiology Biology
Amanda K. MoskeDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2009 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Iman NaderiMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology2013 Audhesh Paswan (grad student)
Craig NeumannClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology
Everett Nixon2014 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Mary A. NoffsingerClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Criminology and Penology2006 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Doug NortonPersonality Psychology
Amy E. O'NeillBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Black Studies, Hispanic American Studies2006 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Brian C. OlbySocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology2000 Timothy M. Lane (grad student)
Renee M. OlveraAccounting Business Administration2012 Mary B. Curtis (grad student)
Maryam ParvizNeuroscience, Toxicology, Biosensors
Audhesh PaswanMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology
Cheyenne Pease-CarterGuidance and Counseling Education2008 Casey B. Minton (grad student)
Lou E. PeltonMarketing Business Administration, General, Developmental Psychology
Trent A. PetrieSocial Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Recreation
Byron J. PikeAccounting Business Administration2009 Mary B. Curtis (grad student)
Catherine R. PowersClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Women's Studies Psychology2012 Joseph Critelli (grad student)
Ambika PrasadIndustrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Women's Studies2007 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Heather L. RaderDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2003 Vicki L. Campbell (grad student)
Gretchen W. RaiffClinical Psychology, Vocational Education, Women's Studies2004 Vicki L. Campbell (grad student)
Amir RamezaniPhysiological Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2008 Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Karendra D. RamnunanMusic, Music Education2001 Hildegard Froehlich (grad student)
Vincent RamosClinical Psychology, Public Health
Melissa B. RanucciClinical Psychology2008 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Masuma RasheedAsian American Studies, Women's Studies, Multilingual Education, Counseling Psychology2011 Casey B. Minton (grad student)
Anna RatkaNeuroscience Biology1991 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Brian C. ReesClinical Psychology2007 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Mridula Rewal2005 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Arlene J. RiveroDevelopmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2009 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Mikel K. RobertsIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2000 Michael Beyerlein (grad student)
Shani N. RobinsonAccounting Business Administration2011 Mary B. Curtis (grad student)
Gary B. Rochelle2000 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Richard Rogers
Debbie RohwerMusic Education, Educational Psychology Education
Camilo Ruggero
Eduardo SalazarNeuronal cilia, effects of sensory experience2004 Jannon L. Fuchs (grad student)
Randell Salekin
Randall T. SalekinClinical Psychology Craig Neumann (grad student)
Randy T. SalekinClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Criminology and Penology, Public Health Psychology Richard Rogers (grad student)
Samantha (Sam) SandlinMalingering; Competency to Stand Trial; Psychotherapy Processes/Outcomes Psychology2023 Richard Rogers (grad student)
Saumyendra N. Sarkar2012 James W. Simpkins (post-doc)
Karen C. ScharffClinical Psychology, Public Health2001 Vincent Ramos (grad student)
Andrew J. ScherbarthBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education2009 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Brendon P. ScholtzClinical Psychology2006 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
F Andrew SchoolmasterIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Caitlin D. SchraufnagelClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2003 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Harris Schwark
Kaylee Rae SeddioTemperament, child psychopathology, child development Educational Psychology Wendy Middlemiss (grad student)
Diane M. SedilloSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology2000 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Micheal E. ShaferClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2008 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Nikki L. ShoemakerAccounting Business Administration, Management Business Administration2014 Mary B. Curtis (grad student)
Gina C. ShojaianGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2007 Carolyn Kern (grad student)
Lori A. SimmsClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2008 Genie Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Sarah K. Smith Biology2012 Harris Schwark (grad student)
Ariane L. Smith MachinClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2008 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Bridget L. SonnierBehavioral Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2000 Sigrid S. Glenn (grad student)
Christopher A. SparksApplied Neuronal Network Dynamics 2000 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
John C. StansellReading Education, Educational Psychology Education
Natalie A. SteeleMusic Education, Music, Educational Psychology Education, Higher Education2009 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Tara C. SteinbergClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, GLBT Studies, Physiological Psychology Psychology2012 Mark Vosvick (grad student)
Shawn A. StoeverGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2001 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Kamar Tazi Psychology Richard Rogers (grad student)
Carmen M. TebbeGeneral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education2007 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Jeff R. TempleMusic Education, Social Psychology2006 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Francis TerrellSocial Psychology, Public Health, Black Studies, African American Studies, Behavioral Psychology
James ThamesEducational Psychology Education, Black Studies, Hispanic American Studies, African American Studies
Kathy L. ThomasCognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Vincent Ramos (grad student)
Jerry R. Thomas
Tierney M. ThompsonTeacher Training Education, Special Education2003 Bertina H. Combes (grad student)
Myron R. ThurberGuidance and Counseling Education, Music Education, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Physiological Psychology2006 Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Sarah E. TomaszewskiClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2000 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Michelle A. ToonInformation Science, Speech Communication, Marketing Business Administration2002 Lawrence R. Wheeless (grad student)
Alicia L. TownsendClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2003 Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis (grad student)
Margaret M. TrippClinical Psychology2002 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Corinne C. TureauDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2004 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Jon TurnerSocial Psychology, Industrial Psychology2008 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Maureen P. TweedyClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2009 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Archna VahieMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology2011 Audhesh Paswan (grad student)
Manish VaidyaLearning, Stimulus Equivalence, Behaviorism, Behavior Analysis
Barbara VanHornClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2001 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Jessica L. VarnadoClinical Psychology, Mass Communications, Women's Studies, Physiological Psychology2000 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Lynette S. VincentMusic Education, Speech Pathology2008 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Michael J. Vitacco Psychology Richard Rogers (grad student)
Mark VosvickPsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Hung Q. Vu2002 Harris Schwark (grad student)
Stephen Frank WalkerBehavior Analysis Behavior Analysis Richard Smith (grad student)
Michelle A. WarrenDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2003 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Ann M. WarrenClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2003 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Ruth S. WebbIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2002 F Andrew Schoolmaster (grad student)
Lawrence R. WheelessSpeech Communication, Technology of Education, Educational Psychology Education
Van WiesnerPersonality Psychology2004 Doug Norton (grad student)
Jonathan C. WildmanSocial Psychology, Recreation2006 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Allison Wilkerson Psychology Thomas D. Parsons (grad student)
Shannon Williamson-Butler Psychology Richard Rogers (grad student)
Roderick C. WillisEducational Psychology Education, Black Studies, Hispanic American Studies, African American Studies2011 James Thames (grad student)
Paul L. WittSpeech Communication, Technology of Education, Educational Psychology Education2000 Lawrence R. Wheeless (grad student)
Thomas R. WodushekClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Criminology and Penology2003 Ernest Harrell (grad student)
Nikel A. WoodClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Black Studies2008 Trent A. Petrie (grad student)
Elissa J. WoodruffIndividual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology Psychology2012 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Calvin WuApplied Neuronal Network Dynamics, Auditory Neurophysiology Biological Sciences2013 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
Peggilee WuppermanClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2006 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Robert D. YatesMental Health, Neuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology2013 Craig Neumann (grad student)
Terence E. YeohIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2011 Linda L. Marshall (grad student)
Christina D. YorkSocial Psychology, Women's Studies2005 Patricia L. Kaminski (grad student)
Stuart YounseMusic Education, Secondary Education2004 Debbie Rohwer (grad student)
Andrea L. ZartmanClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Gerontology2006 Charles A. Guarnaccia (grad student)
Zhang Zhang2010 James W. Simpkins (grad student)
Mohammadali ZolfagharianMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration2007 Audhesh Paswan (grad student)