University of Arkansas

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Cristy L. AkinsClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Corinne M. AntonSocial Psychology Psychology2014 Ana J. Bridges (grad student)
Kevin S. Autry Psychology Psychology2014 William H. Levine (grad student), William H. Levine (grad student)
Kimberly A. BabsonClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2011 Lindsay S. Ham (grad student)
Amy K. BaconClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2011 Lindsay S. Ham (grad student)
Helena BaertPhysical Education, Technology of Education, Pedagogy Education Kinesiology2011 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Edith J. BarnhillHigher Education, Teacher Training Education, Adult and Continuing Education2010 Jennifer M. Miles (grad student)
William R. Battinich Psychology2012 William H. Levine (grad student)
Terry L. BeckenbaughUnited States History, Biography2001 Daniel E. Sutherland (grad student)
Lisa L. BeckenbaughUnited States History2002 Daniel E. Sutherland (grad student)
Doug Behrend
Denise R. BeikeCognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Harris E BlankenshipDopaminergic Neurons, electrophysiology Chemical Engineering Wayne Kuenzel (research assistant), Shannon Servoss (research assistant)
Heidemarie BlumenthalGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology Psychology2012 Ellen W. Leen-Feldner (grad student)
Melissa A. BoylesClinical Psychology, Mental Health2002 Dave Schroeder (grad student)
Robert E. BradyClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Jeffrey M. Lohr (grad student)
Rick L. BrattinInformation Technology, General Business Administration, Industrial Psychology Information Systems2012 Pankaj Setia (grad student)
Ana J. BridgesClinical Psychology
Richard W. Briggs1978 James F. Hinton (grad student)
Peter C. BrittonClinical Psychology2005 James M. Fuendeling (grad student)
Jennifer L. BroachClinical Psychology2004 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Juanita G. BrooksInformation Science, General Business Administration2006 Bill Hardgrave (grad student)
Andre G. BroquardHigher Education, Clinical Psychology2011 Jennifer M. Miles (grad student)
Sarah J. BujarskiClinical Psychology, Health Care Management, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2015 Matthew T. Feldner (grad student)
Liviu BunaciuClinical Psychology Psychology2014 Matthew T. Feldner (grad student)
Daniel J. BurtPhysical Education, Pedagogy Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education Kinesiology2012 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Loren L. ButlerPhysical Education, Health Education2002 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Bettye M. Caldwellearly child development, integrating health and school readiness programs for low-income preschoolers, affordable quality daycare, the relationship between early childhood experience and brain development, and the link between children's health and care-
Paul C. CallejaRecreation, Public Health2004 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Hilary G. CasnerClinical Psychology Psychology2013 Lindsay S. Ham (grad student)
Joy L. CauthronPhysiological Psychology
Timothy A. CavellSocial Psychology
Kathryn E. ChaissonClinical Psychology Psychology2013 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Michael A. ChiltonGeneral Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Social Psychology2001 Bill Hardgrave (grad student)
Travis CroneSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2010 Denise R. Beike (grad student)
Miles G. Cunningham Psychological Sciences Jeffrey S. Stripling (grad student)
Melony B. DeanPhysical Education, Recreation, Women's Studies2000 Joyce Graening (grad student)
Tisha L. DeenMental Health, Social Psychology, Public and Social Welfare, Theory and Methods2010 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Akihiro Eguchi Department of Psychology20102012 Doug Behrend (research scientist)
Niels EichhornUnited States History, European History History2013 Daniel E. Sutherland (grad student)
Lawrence C. ElledgeClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2010 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Keri A. EsslingerPhysical Education, Health Education2010 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Francis T. EsslingerRecreation2011 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Melissa A. FaithSocial Psychology Psychology2012 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Alexander S. FarisClinical Psychology, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology2005 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Matthew T. FeldnerClinical Psychology
John W. FishburneClinical Psychology2006 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Jessica M. Forshee2006 Nathan L. Williams (grad student)
Jamie FralaGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2012 Ellen W. Leen-Feldner (grad student)
James M. FuendelingClinical Psychology
M.Paz Galupo
Heather L. GilmorePhysiological Psychology
Murat Gokden
Dean GormanHealth Education, Cognitive Psychology
Joyce GraeningPhysical Education, Gerontology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Women's Studies, Recreation
Charles Gramlich
Joel Hagaman William H. Levine (grad student)
Hassan A. HalawaniPhysical Education, Recreation, Recreation Kinesiology2012 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Lindsay S. HamClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Vanessa D. HardbargerHealth Education, Cognitive Psychology2001 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Bill HardgraveGeneral Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Social Psychology
Sami Harik
Lawrence C. Hartlage
Abdallah Hayar
Lynna D. HembreePhysical Education, Gerontology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Women's Studies, Recreation2000 Joyce Graening (grad student)
Curtis Hendricks Psychological Sciencces Jeffrey S. Stripling (grad student)
Joye HenrieClinical Psychology Psychology2014 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Kathy S. HixonPhysical Education, Early Childhood Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Dwight Ireland
Janissa D. JacksonClinical Psychology2005 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Tom JacksonSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology
David A. James
Ali A. JifriRecreation, Public Health2003 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Marie KarlssonClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Women's Studies Psychology2015 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Dionne W. KlingensmithPhysical Education, Teacher Training Education2000 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Melinda L. KorzaanManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2004 Bill Hardgrave (grad student)
Wayne Kuenzel
James M. LampinenBehavioral Psychology, Law
J. David Leander Donald E. McMillan (post-doc)
Ellen W. Leen-FeldnerGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology
William H. Levinecognitive psychology
Jeffrey M. LohrClinical Psychology
Farrah N. MadisonBehavioral Neuroendocrinology Poultry Science 20022007 Wayne Kuenzel (grad student)
Tara C. McGahanClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Ana J. Bridges (grad student)
Donald E. McMillan
Galen D. MearsPhysical Education2004 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Sylnovie MerchantInformation Science, Management Business Administration2000 Bill Hardgrave (grad student)
Suzanne A. MeunierClinical Psychology, Mental Health2004 Jeffrey M. Lohr (grad student)
Jennifer M. MilesHigher Education, Clinical Psychology
Megan A. MooneyClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Social Psychology2005 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Andrew B. MooneyhanPhysical Education, Technology of Education2006 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Sam B. Morgan
Timothy N. OdegardExperimental Psychology Psychological Science James M. Lampinen (grad student)
Bunmi O. OlatunjiGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2006 Jeffrey M. Lohr (grad student)
Rachel J. PallenSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology2000 Tom Jackson (grad student)
Anthony ParishPhysical Education, Pedagogy Education Kinesiology2011 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Mark S. Perez-LopezClinical Psychology2004 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Patricia A. PetreticClinical Psychology
Patricia Petretic-JacksonClinical Psychology
Patricia PetreticiClinical Psychology
Jeffery S. PrushankinUnited States History2000 Daniel E. Sutherland (grad student)
John RansomCognitive Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychology2012 Denise R. Beike (grad student)
John M. Reardon2009 Nathan L. Williams (grad student)
Laura E. ReardonClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2009 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
James R. RodrigueClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology Psychology Sam B. Morgan (grad student)
Kristin J. RodzinkaClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2005 Patricia A. Petretic (grad student)
Roland R. Roth Zoology1966 Douglas A. James (research assistant)
Mohammad SalemGeography, Geomorphology, Historic Preservation Environmental Dynamics2011 Thomas R. (Tom) Paradise (grad student)
James Warne Schmidleystroke
Dave SchroederClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Jason M. Scofield2003 Doug Behrend (grad student)
Amy D. SeayClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, School Administration Education2010 Timothy A. Cavell (grad student)
Pankaj SetiaInformation Technology, General Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Shona L. ShewmakerClinical Psychology2006 Patricia Petretici (grad student)
Grant S Shields
Deirdre J. SlavikSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2003 Denise R. Beike (grad student)
Matthew M. StithUnited States History, Social Psychology2010 Daniel E. Sutherland (grad student)
Jeffrey S. StriplingPhysiological Psychology
Daniel E. SutherlandUnited States History, Social Psychology
Jessica K. SwannerExperimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Law2010 Denise R. Beike (grad student)
Lindsey N. SweeneyCognitive Psychology Psychology2013 James M. Lampinen (grad student)
Mahtab Tehrani
John ThomassonRecreation Kinesiology2013 Dean Gorman (grad student)
Casey D. TrainorClinical Psychology2011 Matthew T. Feldner (grad student)
Ronald W. WagnerPhysical Education, Technology of Education, Recreation2003 Dean Gorman (grad student)
David Westendorf Robert Fox (grad student)
Alison N. WhitePhysical Education, Developmental Psychology2005 Cathy D. Lirgg (grad student)
Nathan L. Williams
Erin T. Wirth-BeaumontSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology2003 Denise R. Beike (grad student)
Tricia H. WitteClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Criminology and Penology2004 Dave Schroeder (grad student)
Jingjing Xie Poultry Science2010 Wayne Kuenzel (grad student)
Mohammad S. ZamzamiPhysical Education, Special Education, Teacher Training Education2005 Dean Gorman (grad student)