Teachers College, Columbia University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Laurel D. AbbruzzeseNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2004 Terry Kaminski (grad student)
Harold AbelesMusic Education, Music, Clinical Psychology
Frederic Albert20062007 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Virginia A. AllenMusic Education, Music, Adult and Continuing Education2011 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Yoo-Seon BangEarly Childhood Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Individual and Family Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2009 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Lisa M. BeckEarly Childhood Education, Teacher Training Education2010 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Zahra Beheshti A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Benjapol BenjapalakornMovement disorders, Motor control & learning Biobehavioral Science2013 Tara L. McIsaac (grad student)
JiWon P. ChaeMusic, Music Education2004 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Tom ChandlerBehavioral Psychology, Public Health, Information Technology
Joanne C. ChangMusic Education, Music, Clinical Psychology2001 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Lance E. CherryRehabilitation and Therapy2007 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Carolyn M. ChoiMusic Education, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2007 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Heesun ChuMusic Education2002 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Mary J. ClemmonsMusic Education, Music2007 Harold Abeles (grad student)
John CloerMusic Education, Music2009 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Ellen Cohen A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Satis N. Colemanmusic education
Celine CrajeMotor control, cerebral palsy Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Kathy L. Curtis2004 A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Cathy Dean A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Diane R. DeanHigher Education, Women's Studies, Industrial Psychology2004 Arthur E. Levine (grad student)
Ronald DeMeersmanNeuroscience Biology, General, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation
Kevin A. DirthMusic Education, Tests and Measurements Education, Secondary Education2000 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Nicolas A. DosmanMusic Education, Secondary Education Arts and Humanities2013 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Marie A. DrohanMusic, Music Education, Speech Pathology, Gerontology2004 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Susan V. Duffhand, physical therapym brachial plexus, cerebral palsy, occupational therapy19962001 Andrew M. Gordon (grad student)
Gillian S. DuncanPublic Health, Physiological Psychology, Animal Physiology Biology2005 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Keith G. DyeMusic Education, Music2007 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Marzouk A. EllythyPhysiology Biology2007 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Maryam EsfarayeniHealth Education, Oncology, Clinical Psychology2006 Stephen J. Lepore (grad student)
Ann M. Esposito ViVonaSpecial Education, Early Childhood Education2009 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Claudio L. FerreMotor control, cerebral palsy, hands, lateralization, development2009 Andrew M. Gordon (grad student)
Yves-Michel FontaineHealth Education, Counseling Psychology, Mental Health2010 Barbaba C. Wallace (grad student)
Robyn Frey-MonellMusic Education, Higher Education, Pedagogy Education2011 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Paul M. GalloMovement disorders, Motor control & learning Biobehavioral Science2014 Tara L. McIsaac (grad student)
Robin M. GarnerMusic Education, Biography, Music2003 Harold Abeles (grad student)
A. M. Gentilemotor learning
Barbara J. GeorgeNeuroscience Biology, General, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation2005 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Debra B. GlaserHealth Education, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Oncology2007 Stephen J. Lepore (grad student)
James Gordonvisual psychophysics, physiology A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Andrew M. GordonMotor control, systems neuroscience, movement disorders, cerebral palsy, hand A. M. Gentile (collaborator)
Reginald HackshawCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2000 Jane Monroe (grad student)
Jinseung HanMusic, Music Education2011 Harold Abeles (grad student)
John P. HandrakisPhysiology Biology2008 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Katherine L. HendryMusic Education, Speech Pathology, Industrial Psychology2001 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Thomas T. HickeyPhysiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2003 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Carol M. Hohauser-NizzaMusic Education, Music, Performing Arts Education Arts and Humanities2013 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Erik HolmgrenMusic Education, Music2009 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Ya-Ching C. Hung20072008 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc), A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Tricia G. JohnsonEarly Childhood Education, Special Education, Teacher Training Education2004 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Shira R. KahnMusic Education2000 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Terry KaminskiNeuroscience Biology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Experimental Psychology
Kim KearneyRehabilitation and Therapy2006 Terry Kaminski (grad student)
Emily KeshnerPostural control A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Jeanie KimMultilingual Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Asian American Studies Curriculum and Teaching2013 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Chungwon KimMusic Education2008 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Ay-Ling KongMusic Education, Higher Education2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Albert J. KoveraPublic Health2002 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Sumi KwonMusic Education, Music2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Eric M. Lambergrespiratory control19992005 Andrew M. Gordon (grad student)
Robert A. Lanereading2002 Joanna P. Williams (grad student)
Arthur LangerAdult and Continuing Education, Developmental Psychology, Management Business Administration
Michael Yan-Kiat LauCounseling Psychology
Gail Lavender A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Gale J. Lavindermotor learning2007 A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Eunkung Lee A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Pei-Yee LeeMusic2001 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Yoon-Joo LeeEarly Childhood Education, Special Education2003 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Stephen J. LeporeGeneral, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Arthur E. LevineHigher Education, Women's Studies, Industrial Psychology
Barbara G. LiebhaberMusic Education, Teacher Training Education2003 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Jane B. LindamoodMusic Education, Music, Teacher Training Education2011 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Eleni LoizouEarly Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2002 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Michael MajsakParkinson's disease, motor learning A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Jenny S. MakDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Higher Education Organization and Leadership2013 Arthur Langer (grad student)
Robert MarsicoRehabilitation and Therapy2002 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Tara L. McIsaacMovement disorders, Motor control & learning20062007 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Angela S. MeyersMusic, Music Education Arts and Humanities2014 Harold Abeles (grad student)
DaVaughn L. MillerMusic, Music Education, Black Studies, African American Studies Arts and Humanities2012 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Luis MojicaMusic Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2000 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Jane MonroeCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Jacqueline MontesMovement disorders, Motor control & learning Biobehavioral Science2012 Tara L. McIsaac (grad student)
Lisa M. MuratoriMultiple Systems Atrophy, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease19982005 Andrew M. Gordon (grad student)
Roger Muzii A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Jacques Nacson A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Dawn M. Nilsenhand, stroke, mental imagery, occupational therapy20082011 Andrew M. Gordon (grad student)
Barbara E. O'NeillEarly Childhood Education, Special Education, Teacher Training Education2008 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Ji-Hiyang OhMusic Education2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Raju Parasher19992000 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc), A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Electra Petrahand, cerebral palsy20042011 Andrew M. Gordon (grad student)
Anastasia N. PikeMusic, Music Education2011 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Chris PitsikoulisNeuroscience Biology2007 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Carol C. PrendergastDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Individual and Family Studies2000 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Victoria I. PuigCurriculum and Instruction Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Individual and Family Studies2008 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Rochelle PyneMusic, Music Education, Teacher Training Education, Secondary Education2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Ely Rabinsensory, parkinsons disease20022006 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Preeti Raghavanhand, stroke20022010 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Ashwini K. RaoHuntington's disease, Essential Tremor, Parkinson's Disease, gait, hand movements, motor control20002001 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Susan RecchiaDevelopmental Psychology, Special Education
Ralf ReilmannHuntington's disease19962000 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
William RodriguezMusic Education, Secondary Education2003 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Dwindally Rosado RiveraPhysiology Biology2008 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Iran Salimihand, somatosensory cortex, motor cortex, cat, monkey19972002 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Douglas M. SchererAdult and Continuing Education, Developmental Psychology, Management Business Administration2010 Arthur Langer (grad student)
Steven E. SchoppMusic Education, Secondary Education2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Amy M. SckippMusic Education, Music2010 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Colleen A. SearsMusic Education, Music, Gender Studies2010 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Victoria J. ShahCommunity College Education, Teacher Training Education, Higher Education2010 Arthur Langer (grad student)
Roberta B. Shepherd A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Craig P. ShermanMusic Education, Fine Arts, Teacher Training Education2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Katherine SinsabaughMusic Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2005 Harold Abeles (grad student)
David K. SpiererRehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation2005 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Linya SuMusic Education, Educational Psychology Education Arts and Humanities2013 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Greg Thielmanstroke A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Merryl H. TischTeacher Training Education2005 Arthur E. Levine (grad student)
Mark L. TonelliMusic Education Arts and Humanities2015 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Susan M. TortoraDevelopmental Psychology, Special Education2001 Susan Recchia (grad student)
Barbaba C. WallaceHealth Education, Counseling Psychology, Mental Health
William G. Wernermotor learning2005 A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Mathias K. WexlerMusic, Music Education, Higher Education2009 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Joanna P. Williamsreading
Hsin Y. YuMusic Education2007 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Chen-Yi YuMusic Education, Music2004 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Robin S. ZappinRecreation, Medicine and Surgery2004 Ronald DeMeersman (grad student)
Domenico E. ZarroMusic, Music Education, Technology of Education2000 Harold Abeles (grad student)
Howard N. Zelaznik A. M. Gentile (research scientist)
Wei Zhanghand, motor control20082011 Andrew M. Gordon (post-doc)
Genevieve P. Zipp A. M. Gentile (grad student)
Brian E. ZuarTests and Measurements Education, Music Education, Music2006 Harold Abeles (grad student)