University of Ottawa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Janice Ahola-SidawayWomen's Studies, Industrial Psychology
Hossein AleyasinStress, Molecular mechanisms of neuroplasticity20032009 David S. Park (grad student)
Anne-Louise AndradePedagogy Education Education2013 Ruth Kane (grad student)
Matthew AndrusiakNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Cellular and Molecular Medicine2013 Ruth Slack (grad student)
Ramez Antoun ISHS20132018 Anne TM Konkle (grad student)
Heather L. ArmstrongSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology, GLBT Studies Psychology2014 Elke Reissing (grad student)
Cristina AtanceDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Cognitive Psychology
Marie-Claude Audet
Stephanie L. Baker2003 Catherine H. Bielajew (grad student)
Davina BakermanClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychology2013 Pierre Gosselin (grad student)
Mahmud BaniNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Jacinthe BaribeauClinical Psychology Psychology1991 Terry W. Picton (grad student)
Anne-Marie BaronetClinical Psychology2001 Gary Gerber (grad student)
P. G. BazanaCognitive Psychology2001 Robert Stelmack (grad student)
Amelie BeausoleilClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2012 Darcy Santor (grad student)
Jean-Claude Beique
Zohar BenDavid-StreinerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 John T. Goodman (grad student)
Steffany A. Bennettregulation of neural stem cell fate by connexin proteins, glycerophospholipid neuromodulators
Yaniv BenzimraIndustrial Psychology, Social Psychology2003 Louise Lemyre (grad student)
Maxim Berezovski
Miriam K. BergeretVision Science, Neuroscience Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Valerie A. Wallace (grad student)
Marlene BestClinical Psychology2003 John Hunsley (grad student)
Catherine H. BielajewBehavioural Neuroscience
Kate BielajewExperimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Crystal Blais Verner Knott (grad student)
Celine BlanchardExperimental Psychology
Pierre Blier
Julie Boucher ISHS20122015 Anne TM Konkle (grad student)
Jason BouletPostural Control, Cochlear Implant simulations, Dynamical Systems, Computational Neuroscience20082010 André Longtin (grad student)
Melissa BrasgoldCognitive Psychology, Gerontology, Developmental Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2012 Sylvain Gagnon (grad student)
Lucas M. BronickiMolecular Biology, Cell Biology Cellular and Molecular Medicine2013 Bernard J. Jasmin (grad student)
Roger BroughtonPhysiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
Tuan V. BuiSpinal cord, motoneurons, interneurons, neural circuits, electrophysiology, modelling, motor control
Kenneth Campbell
Philippe CappeliezClinical Psychology, Gerontology
Mario CappelliClinical Psychology, Oncology
Gary CapstickExperimental Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2012 George Fouriezos (grad student)
Patrizia Cavazzoni Department of Psychiatry19961998 Martin Alda (post-doc)
Maheen F. CeizarRegeneration, adult neurogenesis, Bcl-2, apoptosis, stroke, BAX2010 Diane C. Lagace (grad student)
Maurice J. Chacron2003 André Longtin (grad student)
Dianne E. ChappellDevelopmental Psychology2001 Jane Ledingham (grad student)
Josee ChartrandSocial Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2002 Pierre Gosselin (grad student)
Zhihong ChenNeuroinflammation Immunology20032009 Mark Freedman (grad student)
Rebecca ChernerClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Women's Studies Psychology2012 Elke Reissing (grad student)
Olga ChernolozNeuroscience Biology Cellular and Molecular Medicine2012 Pierre Blier (grad student)
Jack Chai Lin ChouVisual Science
Stephen Elisha ClarkeNeuroscience Cellular and Molecular Medicine20102017 Leonard Maler (grad student)
Richard ClementClinical Psychology
Tyler CluffSensorimotor neuroscience, motor system Gordon Robertson (grad student)
Janice CohenDevelopmental Psychopathology
Charles Collin
Denise CookNeuromodulation and the prefrontal cortex20122014 Jean-Claude Beique (post-doc)
Dale Corbett
Lucie CoteIndustrial Psychology, Banking Business Administration2001 Henry P. Edwards (grad student)
Kimberly A. Cote Experimental Psychology1999 Kenneth Campbell (grad student)
Danile CoulombeBehavioral Psychology
Stephanie J. CristinaDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Jane Ledingham (grad student)
Gail CrombieDevelopmental Psychology
Andrea CrosslandEducational Psychology Education2001 Cheryll Duquette (grad student)
Jennifer CzinczClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychologie / Psychology2011 Elisa Romano (grad student)
Hilmi R. Dajani Kevin G. Munhall (post-doc), Terence Picton (post-doc)
Cathy DandurandSocial Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2013 Marie-France Lafontaine (grad student)
Patrick DavidsonParkinson's disease, memory, executive functions
Patricia Barra de Behavioral Neuroscience20082016 Helene Plamondon (grad student)
Michael D. de JongClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2000 Paul Swingle (grad student)
Roxane de la SablonniereSocial Psychology2002 Francine Tougas (grad student)
Lori T. de LaplanteClinical Psychology2002 Bertha Mook (grad student)
Trevor P. DeckExperimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2002 Michel Girodo (grad student)
Dorian Deshauer Department of Psychiatry19951996 Martin Alda (post-doc)
Julie DesjardinsClinical Psychology, Speech Communication, Social Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2011 Alastair Younger (grad student)
Nathalie Di FrancescoEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education Education2011 Ruth Kane (grad student)
Nicole A.L. Dignardpsychology, social media, body image Psychology20122014 Darcy Santor (research assistant)
Stephanie C. DionClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2002 Luc G. Pelletier (grad student)
Jean-Paul DionneEducational Psychology Education, Special Education, Reading Education
Magali DiottePhysiological Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2002 Catherine H. Bielajew (grad student)
Brent Doironmathematical neuroscience, sensory systems Leonard Maler (grad student), André Longtin (grad student)
Christian DoyonAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Thomas Moon (grad student)
Guy DrouinMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Anne Duffy Department of Psychiatry19961997 Martin Alda (post-doc)
Cheryll DuquetteEducational Psychology Education
Mohammad EbrahimzadehNeuropharmacology
Krista EdgleyPublic Health, Behavioral Psychology2002 Stephen Hotz (grad student)
Henry P. EdwardsIndustrial Psychology, Banking Business Administration
G. C. FernandoTheology, Biblical Studies Religion2001 Jean Michaud (grad student)
Stuart Fogel Psychology20022004 Kimberly A. Cote (grad student)
Meredith FootClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Valerie Whiffen (grad student)
Brian C. FosterDrug Metabolism, Pharmacogenetics and Nutraceuticals
Haleh Fotowat Cellular and Molecular Medicine20142016 Leonard Maler (research scientist)
George FouriezosExperimental Psychology
Mark Freedman
Moises Freitas-AndradeCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology Cellular and Molecular Medicine2011 Dana Stanimirovic (grad student)
Sylvain GagnonSocial Psychology, Gerontology
Mathieu GagnonDevelopmental Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2013 Pierre Gosselin (grad student)
Meagan GallagherClinical Psychology Psychology2013 George Tasca (grad student)
Jane E. GaytonClinical Psychology2001 Sam Mikail (grad student)
Sean D. GeddesSynaptic plasticity, serotonin, antidepressants, Optogenetics, Business Analytics and Data Mining20102012 Jean-Claude Beique (grad student)
Isabelle M. GeraetsClinical Psychology, Social Work2001 Bertha Mook (grad student)
Gary GerberClinical Psychology
Ramez GhanbariNeuroscience Biology Cellular and Molecular Medicine2011 Pierre Blier (grad student)
Stacey L. GibsonExperimental Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2013 Louise Lemyre (grad student)
Jenelle N. GilbertPhysical Education, Clinical Psychology2000 Cynthia Morawski (grad student)
Normand GingrasGeneral Psychology, Personality Psychology2000 Bertha Mook (grad student)
Michel GirodoExperimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Gary GoldfieldCounseling Psychology, Information Science, Public Health
John T. GoodmanClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Maria GordonSpecial Education Education2013 Cheryll Duquette (grad student)
Pierre GosselinClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Anthony O. GramoliniNeuroscience Biology2000 Bernard J. Jasmin (grad student)
Lynda GrayContinuing Education, Public Administration, Women's Studies Education2011 Janice Ahola-Sidaway (grad student)
Isabelle Green-DemersIndustrial Psychology, Criminology and Penology
Julia A. GrummischClinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Neuroscience Psychology Mary Perugini (grad student)
Manal Guirguis-YoungerClinical Psychology, Gerontology2000 Philippe Cappeliez (grad student)
Mehrdad HajibabaeiMolecular Biology, Botany Biology, Genetics2003 Guy Drouin (grad student)
Julia Hajjar ISHS20132017 Anne TM Konkle (grad student)
Rebecca Halchukcognitive impairment, neuroimaging Psychologie / Psychology2012 Andra Smith (grad student)
Margaret Hamblin LazaroClinical Psychology2002 Al Mahrer (grad student)
Laura K. HansonDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2013 Cristina Atance (grad student)
Erik Harvey-GirardNMDAR, electrosensory system, communication, memory20022011 Leonard Maler (post-doc)
Dave J. Hayesemotion, aversion, reward, neurotransmitters, serotonin, 5-HT, GABA, glutamate, dopamine, receptor, pharmacology, behaviour, behavior, rat, human, fMRI, imaging, place conditioning, self-stimulation2009 Georg Northoff (post-doc)
Owen HelmkayClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2001 Pierre Mercier (grad student)
Matthew J. HoganNeuroscience Biology
Jennifer L. Hogsden
Stephen HotzPublic Health, Behavioral Psychology
Anne L. HowsonNicotine, ERPs, EEG, Schizophrenia, Cognition, Clinical Psychology2001 Verner Knott (grad student)
Linda Hughes-BondWomen's Studies, Industrial Psychology2001 Janice Ahola-Sidaway (grad student)
John HunsleyClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Ginette J. HupeNeuroethology, communication, electric fish John E. Lewis (grad student)
Marieve HurtubiseDevelopmental Psychology Psychology2013 Pierre Gosselin (grad student)
Cindy Hutnik Biochemistry1990 Arthur Gustav Szabo (grad student)
Ilya Ioshikhes Bioinformatics Michael Q. Zhang (post-doc)
Claire E. JamesClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2002 Alastair Younger (grad student)
Bernard J. JasminNeuroscience Biology
Natalia Jaworska Psychologie / Psychology2012 Verner Knott (grad student)
Matthew S. JeffersStroke Rehabilitation, Neuroplasticity
Anna JezierskiNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery Cellular and Molecular Medicine2013 Mahmud Bani (grad student)
Melanie JoanisseSocial Psychology, Gerontology Psychology2012 Sylvain Gagnon (grad student)
Susan Johnson-DouglasClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Adam Jones-Delcorde
James JunNeurophysics2007 Leonard Maler (grad student), André Longtin (grad student)
Gillian KajganichSpecial Education, Technology of Education, Developmental Psychology Education2013 Carole Senechal (grad student)
Ruth KaneEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education
Timal Saman KannangaraSynaptic Plasticity, Adult Neurogenesis, Stroke Cellular and Molecular Medicine20182018 Diane C. Lagace (post-doc), Jean-Claude Beique (post-doc), Leonard Maler (post-doc)
Sudhir KarthikeyanStroke recovery Cellular and Molecular Medicine20142017 Dale Corbett (grad student)
Sandra KennyOccupational Health and Safety, Public Administration, Industrial Psychology Psychology2013 Louise Lemyre (grad student)
Pamela KentGeneral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2001 Zul Merali (grad student)
Amanda C. Kentner20032007 Catherine H. Bielajew (grad student)
Marilyn T. KeyesClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2002 Luc G. Pelletier (grad student)
Samir KhanMental Health, Pathology, Physiological Psychology2003 Helene Plamondon (grad student)
Peggy KleinplatzPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Verner KnottNicotine, ERPs, EEG, Schizophrenia, Cognition, Clinical Psychology
Joseph D. KoninckClinical Psychology
Anne TM KonkleBehavioural Neurendocrinology, Neurodevelopment, Neurotoxicology19972003 Catherine H. Bielajew (grad student)
Yolanda G. KornelukClinical Psychology, Oncology2001 Mario Cappelli (grad student)
Elizabeth KristjanssonCounseling Psychology, Information Science, Public Health
Yvanna KroitorClinical Psychology, Mental Health2003 Gary Gerber (grad student)
Susanne KrupaPhysiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2003 Roger Broughton (grad student)
Catherine KyeremantengExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2012 Zul Merali (grad student)
Wudu Lado
Marie-France LafontaineSocial Psychology
Martine LagaceSocial Psychology2003 Francine Tougas (grad student)
Diane C. Lagace
Marie-Pierre Lalande-MarkonSocial Psychology, Public Health Psychologie / Psychology2011 Louise Lemyre (grad student)
Martin L. Lalumieresexual aggression, sexuality, risk, evolutionary psychology
Annie LamondeDevelopmental Psychology2003 Pierre Gosselin (grad student)
France LandryExperimental Psychology2003 Catherine Plowright (grad student)
Marie-Claude LaplanteClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2003 Stephen Hotz (grad student)
Stephanie LeclairCounseling Psychology, Information Science, Public Health Psychologie / Psychology2012 Elizabeth Kristjansson (grad student)
Jane LedinghamBehavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Andree-Anne Ledouxcognitive impairment, neuroimaging Psychology2013 Andra Smith (grad student)
Karah S.H. LeeAdult neurogenesis, stroke20132016 Diane C. Lagace (grad student)
Kevin F.H. Lee20092015 Jean-Claude Beique (grad student)
Louise LemyreOccupational Health and Safety, Public Administration, Industrial Psychology
John E. Lewis William B. Kristan (grad student), Leonard Maler (grad student)
Shuxin LiRegenerative Neuroscience2000 Peter K. Stys (grad student)
Alexander J LingleyVisual System
Jessica M. Livingston-Thomas2013 Dale Corbett (post-doc)
André LongtinTheoretical Neuroscience; Physics; Non-linear dynamic Michael C. Mackey (grad student), John Milton (grad student)
Angela LorenzenToxicology, Ecology Biology2001 Thomas Moon (grad student)
Al MahrerClinical Psychology
Yannick MaillouxBehavioral Psychology2003 Danile Coulombe (grad student)
Leonard Malerelectroreception, sensory processing Ted H. Bullock (post-doc), Otto D. Creutzfeldt (post-doc)
Ian ManionClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Mental Health
Paul C. MarcoglieseParkinson's disease models David S. Park (grad student)
Gary Marsatsensory coding20082012 Leonard Maler (post-doc), André Longtin (post-doc)
Lisa MaskExperimental Psychology, Women's Studies Psychology2011 Celine Blanchard (grad student)
Andrey MassarskyCell Biology, Environmental Health, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Nanoscience, Toxicology Biology2014 Thomas Moon (grad student)
Sabah MasterExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2012 Francois Tremblay (grad student)
Judith F. McIntoshPsychobiology Psychology2003 Zul Merali (grad student)
Jorge F. MejiasComputational neuroscience André Longtin (post-doc), Leonard Maler (post-doc)
Amy D. MenardPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology Psychology2013 Peggy Kleinplatz (grad student)
Jan A. MennigenNeurobiology Biology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biology2011 Thomas Moon (grad student)
Zul MeraliExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Pierre MercierClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Claude MessierClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Psychometrics Psychology
David S. MichaudExperimental Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2002 Zul Merali (grad student)
Jean Michaud
Maïa Miguelez19982004 Catherine H. Bielajew (grad student)
Sam MikailClinical Psychology
Blanka MileticClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychology2014 Marta Young (grad student)
Delyana I. MillerClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Psychometrics Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2013 Claude Messier (grad student)
Bertha MookGeneral Psychology, Personality Psychology
Thomas MoonNeurobiology Biology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Tom MoonMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology Peter W. Hochachka (grad student)
Cynthia MorawskiPhysical Education, Clinical Psychology
Melinda MorganExperimental Psychology Psychology2013 Celine Blanchard (grad student)
Isabella A. Morozcardiovascular disease, prevention
Richard NaudSimplified Models20122014 André Longtin (post-doc)
William H. NesseTheoretical Neurocience2008 Leonard Maler (post-doc)
Thao Nguyen-TranChemistry, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Mass Spectrometry, Alzheimer's Disease Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology2015 Maxim Berezovski (grad student), Steffany A. Bennett (grad student)
James G. NickersonMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2003 Tom Moon (grad student)
Normand P. O'RourkeClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Philippe Cappeliez (grad student)
Luis E. OliverClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2001 Valerie Whiffen (grad student)
Shari A. OrdersGifted Education, Special Education education2012 Cheryll Duquette (grad student)
Anne-Marie M. OswaldSensory systems, auditory, olfactory19982005 Leonard Maler (grad student)
Lea A. OuimetClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Catherine H. Bielajew (grad student)
David S. ParkCell death
Mohammad ParsanejadCell death Cellular and Molecular Medicine2013 David S. Park (grad student)
Luc G. PelletierExperimental Psychology
Mary PeruginiNicotine, ERPs, EEG, Schizophrenia, Cognition, Clinical Psychology2001 Verner Knott (grad student)
Fanny PinardDevelopmental Psychology Psychology2012 Pierre Gosselin (grad student)
Celine PinsentSocial Psychology2000 John Hunsley (grad student)
Helene PlamondonMental Health, Pathology, Physiological Psychology
Catherine PlowrightExperimental Psychology
Robert A. PonImmunology2001 Mark Freedman (grad student)
Amanda PontefractClinical Psychology2003 Ian Manion (grad student)
Tiffany PursooBehavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2013 Jane Ledingham (grad student)
Shimin Qian
Ken ReesorClinical Psychology
Elke ReissingClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Women's Studies
Leo-P RenaudNeuroscience Biology
Randy A. RinguetteVisual System, Retinal Development Valerie A. Wallace (grad student)
Gordon RobertsonBiomechanics
Elisa RomanoClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Lindsay RosvalBehavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Middle School Education, Secondary Education Psychologie / Psychology2013 Darcy Santor (grad student)
Maxime W. Rousseaux Cellular and Molecular Medicine2012 David S. Park (grad student)
Christopher N. Rowleycomputational chemistry, biophysics, quantum chemistry, theoretical chemistry, statistical thermodynamics, molecular dynamics Chemistry20042009 Tom K. Woo (grad student)
Scott D. RyanNeurodegeneration, Stem Cells, Mitochondria, Cytoskeleton Steffany A. Bennett (grad student)
Catherine M. S. PlowrightBehavioral Psychology, Entomology Biology
Karene SaadIndustrial Psychology, Criminology and Penology Psychologie / Psychology2011 Isabelle Green-Demers (grad student)
Merav SabriAuditory Attention2001 Kenneth Campbell (grad student)
Darcy SantorClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Carole S. ScherlingCognitive impairment, chemofog, dementia, neuroimaging, biomarkers Psychologie / Psychology20072011 Andra Smith (grad student)
Dwayne Schindler
Chantal Seguin LevesqueExperimental Psychology2000 Luc G. Pelletier (grad student)
Carole SenechalSpecial Education, Technology of Education, Developmental Psychology
Dhrasti Shah Verner Knott (grad student), Charles Collin (grad student)
Gergely SilasiStroke, plasticity, optogenetics
Naida SilverthornDevelopmental Psychology2001 Gail Crombie (grad student)
Virginia M. SimondsBehavioral Psychology, Entomology Biology2002 Catherine M. S. Plowright (grad student)
Ruth SlackNeurogenesis - Neuronal cell death
Alison SmerekClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2001 Susan Johnson-Douglas (grad student)
Sheila Smiley20102011 Brian C. Foster (research assistant)
Andra Smithcognitive impairment, neuroimaging
Melanie A. St-OngeClinical Psychology2003 Joseph D. Koninck (grad student)
William StainesNeuroscience Biology, Pathology
Dana StanimirovicCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology
David StapellsEEG, auditory1984 Terence Picton (grad student)
Robert StelmackCognitive Psychology
Arne StinchcombeBehavioral Psychology, Gerontology Psychologie / Psychology2011 Sylvain Gagnon (grad student)
Leigh Anne SwayneNeurogenesis, ion channels, molecular chaperones, Alzheimer's disease, lipidomics, NALCN, pancreatic beta cells, N-type calcium channels, CSP Steffany A. Bennett (post-doc)
Paul SwingleClinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
George TascaClinical Psychology
Zoe Therrien-PoirierClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology Psychology2013 John Hunsley (grad student)
Nicholas Tokarew Biochemistry2021 Valerie A. Wallace (grad student)
Francine TougasSocial Psychology
Francois TremblayExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Ray W. TurnerRoles of ion channels in regulating spike output patterns Leonard Maler (post-doc)
Renaud VandenboschNeurogenesis2009 Ruth Slack (post-doc)
Nicole M. VarshneyClinical Psychology2002 Valerie Whiffen (grad student)
Marlene VoyerCognitive Psychology2000 Philippe Cappeliez (grad student)
Philip M. WallPhysiological Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2001 Claude Messier (grad student)
Valerie A. WallaceRetinal Development, Hedgehog signaling Martin C. Raff (post-doc)
Fuhu WangNeuroscience Biology2000 Matthew J. Hogan (grad student)
Robin WestmacottClinical Psychology Psychologie / Psychology2011 John Hunsley (grad student)
Valerie WhiffenClinical Psychology
Laurie WhitehurstExperimental Psychology2000 George Fouriezos (grad student)
Fatimah Abir Yamak Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology2013 Steffany A. Bennett (grad student)
Marta YoungClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Alastair YoungerDevelopmental Psychology
Xia Zhangdrug dependence, neuroanatomy