Institut Pasteur, Paris

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Therese Abrahamsson20072012 David A. DiGregorio (post-doc)
Jérémie BarralHearing, Complex Systems, Biophysics, Neuroscience
Brice BathellierOlfactory system, oscillations20032003 Pierre-Marie Lledo (research assistant)
Victor Benichouxauditory brainstem, sound localization, spiking networks2016 Christine Petit (post-doc)
Seymour BenzerNeurogenetics19511952 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc), François Jacob (post-doc)
Heinrich Betz Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Delphine Boche Unite d'Oncologie Virale19981999 Bruno Hurtrel (post-doc)
Thomas Bourgeron
Daniel Bovet Ernest Fourneau (research scientist)
Donald D. Brownhormone signaling, amphibian development19591960 Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Alan Carleton"olfaction, gustation, neurogenesis"19982002 Pierre-Marie Lledo (grad student)
Carlos Chagas Filho Camille Delezenne (post-doc)
Jean-Pierre ChangeuxMolecular Neurobiology19601964 Jacques Lucien Monod (grad student), François Jacob (grad student)
Patrick Charnay Pierre Tiollais (grad student)
Fabrice de Chaumont
Daniel ChoquetAMPAR Trafficking19841988 Henri Korn (grad student), Jean Mariani (research assistant), Christian Giaume (grad student)
Jonathan B. Cohen nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChR) and GABAa receptors Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Michael G Connoryersinia pestis, chromatin, pneumococcus BCI2017 Melanie A. Hamon (post-doc)
Matteo CorteseBehavior, transcriptomics, social experience Neurosciences20122018 Christine Petit (grad student)
Oswaldo Gonçalves Cruz Emile Roux (grad student)
James E. DarnellSTATs, development19601961 François Jacob (post-doc)
Álvaro Ozório de Almeira Camille Delezenne (post-doc)
Stanislas Dehaene19851989 Jean-Pierre Changeux (grad student)
Camille DelezenneEndocrinology
David A. DiGregorioCerebellum, synaptic transmission, imaging2011 Anna Louise Vlasits (collaborator)
Emma Ducosmachine learning, cognitive neuroscience, audition Institut de l'Audition20212024 Luc Arnal (grad student)
Guillaume DumasHyperscanning, Neurodynamics, Precision Psychiatry, Social AI, SciML Neuroscience Neuroscience Neuroscience20152020 Thomas Bourgeron (post-doc), Jean-Pierre Changeux (research scientist), Thomas Bourgeron (research scientist)
Harvey Eisen François Jacob (grad student)
Elodie EyNeuroscience, Ethology, Behavior, Social Behavior, Communication Neuroscience2008 Thomas Bourgeron (research scientist), Fabrice de Chaumont (collaborator)
Philippe Faure1999 Henri Korn (grad student), Jean-Pierre Changeux (research scientist)
Marc Fellous
Isabelle Foucher20022007 Corinne Houart (post-doc)
Desdemona FrickerCellular Neurphysiology, Systems Neuroscience19962000 Richard Miles (grad student)
Matthew Grubb Pierre-Marie Lledo (post-doc)
Florent Haiss
Yi Hao
Bruno Hurtrel
François JacobCell Genetics19501954 André Michel Lwoff (grad student)
Nadine Kabbani Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Henri KornSynaptic transmission
Bernard Lakowski
Ambroise LambertBiophysics, Bacteriology, Infectiology Microbiology20112014 Picardeau Mathieu (grad student)
Clément LénaCerebellum, In vivo electrophysiology Jean-Pierre Changeux (grad student)
Henry A. LesterMolecular and functional aspects of ion channels, receptors, and transporters Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Baptiste Libé-Philippotneurobiology, developmental biology, neurosciences20112017 Nicolas Antoine Michalski (grad student), Christine Petit (grad student)
Pierre-Marie Lledo
Fabio Martidopamine, addiction, stress, depression neuroscience20042008 Philippe Faure (grad student)
Picardeau Mathieu
Camille MazoOlfaction, Visual Cortex Neuroscience20132017 Pierre-Marie Lledo (grad student)
Naguib Mechawarbiological psychiatry, glia, neuroanatomy Neuroscience Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Xin MEI Neuroscience20152010 Christian Giaume (grad student), Christine Petit (post-doc)
Élie MetchnikoffImmunology
Nicolas Antoine MichalskiCochlea, patch-clamping20032008 Ralf Schneggenburger (grad student), Christine Petit (grad student)
Jacques Lucien MonodCell Genetics1965 Jeffries Wyman (collaborator), André Michel Lwoff (research scientist)
Elodie MonsellierAbnormal folding of proteins, Neurodegenerative diseases20012006 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Aurélie MouretOlfaction, Neurogenesis, Behavior
Yukihiro Nakamura20122014 David A. DiGregorio (post-doc)
Jean–François Nicolas
Richard W OlsenGABA-A receptor proteins Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Cantin Ortiz Department of Neuroscience2020 Christoph Schmidt-Hieber (grad student)
Michel Partiseti Daniel Choquet (grad student)
James PatrickSynaptic Transmission Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Christine Petit
Marina R. PicciottoMolecular Neurobiology, Molecular basis of behavior19921995 Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Zuzanna Piwkowskacortex, cerebellum
Jean Christophe PoncerSynaptic plasticity, epilepsy19911997 Richard Miles (grad student)
Philippe RondardNeurosciences; G-protein coupled receptors19921998 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Francesco M. RossiSynaptic plasticity2005 Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
John L. R. Rubensteinbrain development19841986 François Jacob (post-doc), Jean–François Nicolas (post-doc)
Thibault Scalvenzi Nicolas Pollet (grad student)
Berat Semihcan SermetCerebellum Neuroscience2020 David A. DiGregorio (post-doc)
Louis (Lou) Siminovitch researcher into the genetic basis of muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, and helped establish Ontario programs exploring genetic roots of cancer19481953 Jacques Lucien Monod (grad student)
Earl R. StadtmanProtein chemistry, aging1961 Georges N. Cohen (research scientist)
Vivian I. TeichbergGlutamate receptors, Glutamate scavenging, neuroprotection Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Hugo Theorell1924 Albert L. C. Calmette (research assistant)
Bourgeron, Thomas
Pierre Tiollais
Roberto ToroOntogeny, brain development, brain anatomy
Nicolas Torquet Pierre-Marie Lledo (research scientist)
Katalin Toth19941996 Richard Miles (post-doc)
Alexandra Tran-Van-MinhDendrites, cerebellum, calcium channels, synaptic physiology David A. DiGregorio (post-doc)
Matthew T. Valley20102014 Pierre-Marie Lledo (post-doc)
Eric VilainGenetics, Neuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology19901993 Marc Fellous (grad student)
Catherine Wacongnesequence learning, predictive coding, MMN, working memory, reinforcement learning2009 Jean-Pierre Changeux (grad student)
Lien-teh WuMalaria, Bacteriology, Pneumonic plague19031904 Élie Metchnikoff (research scientist)