Villanova University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Brian A. Andersonattention, cognition, cognitive neuroscience20072009 Charles L. Folk (grad student)
Tifani Biro Joseph C. Toscano (grad student)
Nicolas A. BrownPersonality psychology Psychology20102012 Pamela Blewitt (grad student)
Michael F. Browncomparative cognition, animal cognition, animal learning
Joseph E. Comatypsychopharmacology19741976 Byron Ward (grad student)
William R. Crowley19701972 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Taylor M. Curleymemory, metamemory, aging, cognitive neuropsychology20142015 Joseph C. Toscano (grad student), Thomas C. Toppino (grad student)
Philip W. Davidsonneurotoxins19661967 Byron Ward (grad student)
Gregory E. Demasbehavioral neuroendocrinology, physiological ecology Psychology1993 Michael F. Brown (grad student)
Gary P. Dohanich19751977 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Karen E. Doyle Psychology2007 Michael F. Brown (grad student)
Michael R. Drewanimal learning Psychology1999 Michael F. Brown (grad student)
Julia Duckhorn Biology Troy R. Shirangi (grad student)
Charles Dukes,
Edward F. EsterVisual Attention, Visual Working Memory20042006 Charles L. Folk (grad student)
J. Benjamin Falandays Joseph C. Toscano (grad student)
Emma Folk Joseph C. Toscano (grad student)
Charles L. FolkVisual Attention, Psychophysics Howard E. Egeth (grad student)
JoAnn E. Franck19731975 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Thomas Ghirardelli Charles L. Folk (grad student)
Rebecca R. GoldsteinVision, Attention, Eye Movements20062008 Charles L. Folk (grad student)
Cynthia M. GoochTime perception20052006 Matthew S. Matell (post-doc)
John R. IeniAlzheimer's19781980 Byron Ward (grad student)
Irene P. Kan
Michael L. Kashon19881990 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Michael T. KerchnerHormones & Behavior, Neuroendocrinology, Sex Differences19871991 Ingeborg L. Ward (post-doc)
Lance J. KriegsfeldNeuroendocrinology, circadian biology19931995 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
John E. KurtzPersonality Theory and Assessment, Clinical Neuropsychology
Michael J. LewisNeuropsychopharmacology19711973 Byron Ward (grad student)
Michael L. Mangiapane19731975 Byron Ward (grad student)
Matthew S. Matell
Robert L. Meiselbehavioral neuroendocrinology19781980 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Mary Metkus Biology Troy R. Shirangi (grad student)
Spencer Morrison Psychology1991 Michael F. Brown (grad student)
Casey A. MurrayInterval Timing, Dopamine, Cortico-Striatal-Thalamic Loop
Jin-Ho ParkNeuroendocrinology, Reproductive physiology, Regulation of neuropeptide gene expression20002002 Byron Ward (grad student)
Jesse Pazdera Psychology20152016 Joseph C. Toscano (research assistant)
Jonathan M. Reed19811983 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Heather N. RichardsonNeuroendocrinology, stress, alcohol19941996 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Russ D. RomeoDevelopment of the HPA axis across puberty19931995 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
David Saltzman Joseph C. Toscano (grad student)
Jeff S. Seamandelirium Psychology19881991 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)
Troy R. ShirangiMolecular Genetics, Neuroscience, Development, Evolution
Harry M. Sinnamonhippocampus, locomotion19661967 Byron Ward (grad student)
Thomas C. ToppinoMemory, metacognition, learning decisions, visual perception
Joseph C. ToscanoSpeech perception, Spoken word recognition, ERPs, Eye movements, Computational modeling
Ingeborg L. Wardbehavioral neuroendocrinology
Byron Ward Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
Martin WienerCognitive Neuroscience, Interval Timing, Temporal Perception Matthew S. Matell (grad student)
Frank P. Zemlan19691971 Ingeborg L. Ward (grad student)