University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mustafa Sadiq AljumailyComputer networking, wireless communications Electrical engineering and computer science2017 Husheng Li (grad student)
Madeline Birch AugeSchool Psychology
Soheil BorhaniSignal processing, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Biomedical Engineering, Machine learning, Electrical Engineering Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering2016 Xiaopeng Zhao (grad student)
John P. Connell Psychology2016 Daniela Corbetta (grad student)
Daniela Corbetta
Daniel W. CurryNeuropharmacology20082010 Matthew A. Cooper (research assistant)
Alyssa R DanielEnvironmental Toxicology, Neurotoxicology Chemistry20172020 Bhavya Sharma (grad student)
Gregory H. Dobbins
Bret Eschman Psychology20152019 Shannon Ross-Sheehy (grad student)
Jeffrey D. FacteauIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration, Psychometrics Psychology Management19891995 Gregory H. Dobbins (grad student)
Amy Turmelle Gilbertbat viruses, rabies ecology
James David Goates Psychology2020 Dawn Marie Szymanski (grad student)
Travis D. GoodeNeurobiology of Emotion, Learning and Memory Psychology Psychology20092012 Michael Nash (research assistant), Matthew A. Cooper (research assistant)
Stevie Grassetti Psychology Psychology20092011 Jenny Macfie (grad student), Paula J. Fite (grad student)
Yu Guan Daniela Corbetta (grad student)
Leslie Hart
Loren Keith Henrymonoamine neurotransmitter transporters, serotonin, dopamine, drugs of abuse, epigenetics
Martha M. Howe
Ferhat KaramanEarly Language Acquisition, Statistical Learning, Infant Memory
Ferhat KaramanLanguage, Memory Psychology20132018 Jessica S.F. Hay (grad student)
Anastasia N Kerr-GermanAttention, infancy, early childhood, executive function Psychology2014 Aaron Buss (grad student)
Justin Kilmarx Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering2016 Soheil Borhani (research assistant)
Kaleb Kinder Psychology2016 Aaron Buss (grad student)
Benjamin B. Lahey1970 Robert Wahler (grad student), William S. Verplanck (grad student)
Anna Michelle LawingVertebrate evolution, herpetology, climate change biology Brian Christopher O'Meara (post-doc)
Kara Lowery Psychology2016 Aaron Buss (grad student)
Alex Manter Center for Environmental Biotechnology20202021 Larry J. Millet (research assistant)
Larry J. Millet
John Pevey
Richard David Present
Kelly C. Rothdevelopmental psychology, cognition, perception, attention, face processing, social neuroscience
Kalynn M. SchulzOrganizational effects of gonadal hormones during puberty
Chris Skinner Edward S. Shapiro (grad student)
Vladimir SobesNuclear Engineering
Charles D. Stilesdevelopmental neurobiology1973 Francis Thomas Kenney (grad student)
David William SuttererCognitive Neuroscience, Attention, Memory
Dawn Marie Szymanskiheterosexism; lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues; sexual objectification; masculinity; resilience, activism; multicultural-feminist therapy
Jessie Tanner Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior20122018 Mark A. Bee (grad student)
Sabrina ThurmanInfant motor development, Mother-infant relations20112017 Daniela Corbetta (grad student)
Michael TottyLearning and Memory; Systems neuroscience; Molecular Neuroscience Psychology20162017 Subimal Datta (research assistant)
Rebecca Wiener2012 Daniela Corbetta (grad student)