Auburn University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yousif "Joe" Abulhassan Industrial and Systems Engineering2016 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
Carola F. AdalbjornssonHuman Development, Developmental Psychology2001 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Jennifer W. AdkinsPsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology2004 Elizabeth V. Brestan (grad student)
Erin C. AholtCognitive Psychology, Public Health2008 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Andrew Vieira Aitken Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology2022 Vinicia Campana Biancardi (grad student)
Clement Akotsen-MensahPlant Pathology Agriculture, Entomology Biology2010 Henry Fadamiro (grad student)
Katrice A. AlbertEducational Psychology Education, Women's Studies, Secondary Education, Black Studies2002 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Engy A. AliSynaptic Transmission, hippocampal glutamatergic system, AMPA and NMDA channels2012 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Fatmah AlQadfaneating disorders, attachment Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling2020 Evelyn A Hunter (grad student)
Rajesh AminPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Aging
Ananda B. AmstadterClinical Psychology2008 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Achilles A. ArmenakisManagement Business Administration, Psychometrics Psychology, Industrial Psychology
Dilbur D. ArsiwallaDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2009 Gregory S. Pettit (grad student)
Jordan M. BaileyNeurotoxicology2012 M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Lora B. BaileyTeacher Training Education, Early Childhood Education, Reading Education2002 Steven B. Silvern (grad student)
Sembenea K. BakerGuidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2012 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Sylvia D. Baker BlairClinical Psychology, Black Studies2003 James F. McCoy (grad student)
Edward BallesterLGBTQ+ Relationships Special Education and Rehabilitation2017 Marilyn A. Cornish (grad student)
Kelly Marie BannaBehavioral economics, substance abuse, relapse20002007 Wendy Donlin Washington (collaborator), M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Patsy K. BarrettPsychometrics Psychology, Tests and Measurements Education2000 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Mary L. BartlettClinical Psychology2006 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Chelsi S. BattleCounseling Psychology, Sport Psychology Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling (SERC)2019 Evelyn A Hunter (grad student)
Scott A. BealExperimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2002 Peter Harzem (grad student)
Samuel A. BehrmanClinical Psychology, Physical Education2004 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Jeremy B. BernerthManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2005 Achilles A. Armenakis (grad student)
Subhrajit BhattacharyaMemory Reconsolidation, Glutamate Receptor, Electrophysiology Drug Discovery and Development Psychology Drug Discovery and Development Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student), Martha C. Escobar (grad student), Dwipayan Bhattacharya (collaborator)
Dwipayan Bhattacharya
Vinicia Campana BiancardiNeural Control of Autonomic Regulation
Maureen A. BibbyClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2001 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Sanjay K. BirruNeuroscience Biology2004 Charles R. Breese (grad student)
Sara K. BlaineAlcohol Use Disorders Psychological Sciences Psychological Sciences Richard Macatee (collaborator), Jennifer L. Robinson (collaborator)
Daniel L. BlessingPhysical Education, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology
Teresa L. BlevinsCounseling Psychology, Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology2010 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Kent Delos BodilySpatial navigation, dead reckoning, piloting, virtual environments2008 Jeffrey S. Katz (grad student)
Cheryl Bogie1983 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Katherine L Bottenhornneuroimaging, neuroinformatics, brain development, functional connectivity Psychology20132015 Jennifer L. Robinson (research assistant)
Susan N. BourgClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Charles R. BreeseNeuroscience Biology
Casey M. BreslinRehabilitation and Therapy2009 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Elizabeth V. BrestanPsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Claire Bridges Kinesiology20152018 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Warner H. BrittonTests and Measurements Education, Special Education, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Ronald C. Eaves (grad student)
Maranda BrownGuidance and Counseling Education, Counseling Psychology2011 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Joseph A. BuckhaltGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education, Neuroscience Biology Psychology Human Development & Family Studies Human Development & Family Studies W.O. Jenkins (grad student), Stephen A. Erath (collaborator), Benjamin Hinnant (collaborator), Mona El-Sheikh (collaborator)
Barry R. BurkhartClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
Linda W. ByrdInformation Science, Information Technology, Health Care Management2009 Jan Kavookjian (grad student)
Patricia Dianne Byrd1989 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
E. Keith Byrd
Latifat O. Cabirou
Abigail A. Camden
Jack E. Camilleri1987 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
James H. CampCognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2004 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Michelle L. Cannon-BrelandPharmacy, Mental Health, Counseling Psychology2011 Jan Karookjian (grad student)
Danielle M CarabelloDevelopmental Disabilities, Interoception, Exercise Physiology Kinesiology20202023 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Jamie S. CarneyGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Min Z. CarterManagement Business Administration2009 Achilles A. Armenakis (grad student)
Phillip A. ChanslerManagement Business Administration2005 Sharon Oswald (grad student)
Veen ChattaramanBehavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Marketing Business Administration
Dominic T. ChengFMRI, classical conditioning
Mei j. ChouEarly Childhood Education2004 Steven B. Silvern (grad student)
Ana Cikara2019 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Howard ClaytonManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education
Lauren ClintonSexual Behavior, Sexual Trauma, Risk Behavior, AOD, Eating Disorders, Substance Use Clinical Psychology Christopher J. Correia (grad student)
Charles T. ClowClinical Psychology, Physical Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2000 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Maureen A. Collins1991 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Patrick K. CookClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2010 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
John R. Cook Psychology Psychology1991 William Buskist (grad student), Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Erin Pesek Cotton2011 M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Terri L. CreamerMental Health, Clinical Psychology2002 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Michael M. CrissSocial Psychology2002 Gregory S. Pettit (grad student)
Germayne M. CrowClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Black Studies2002 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Guy E. CunninghamSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Leanne K. Lamke (grad student)
Adefunke DadeMatthews Kinesiology20202022 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Starla L. DallesasseCounseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mass Communications2011 Annette S. Kluck (grad student)
Cecil J. DaltonAdministration Education, Black Studies2009 Jill Salisbury-Glennon (grad student)
Jade J DarioCounseling Psychology2018 Evelyn A Hunter (grad student)
Lauren David2017 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Jeremy J. DayLearning, Addiction, Epigenetics20022004 M. Christopher Newland (research assistant), Wendy Donlin Washington (collaborator)
Margaret A. Day1988 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Gabriel E. Denes1993 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Mary M. DeskinsClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Social Psychology2005 Elizabeth V. Brestan (grad student)
Muralikrishnan DhanasekaranDopaminergic
Amanda M. DiggsPharmacy, Speech Communication, Social Psychology2000 William A. Villaume (grad student)
Jacqueline M. DillonClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2008 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Stacey L. DoneganClinical Psychology2004 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Yifeng Duneurotrophin signal transduction, Alzheimer's disease, p62, synaptic plasticity2009 Marie W. Wooten (grad student)
Jennifer J. DuchnickClinical Psychology, Public Health, Guidance and Counseling Education2001 Rudy E. Vuchinich (grad student)
Shannon K. DunlapClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2009 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Linda J. DuthiersClinical Psychology2005 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Davis Dyke Kinesiology20182021 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Jack E.
Jack E.
David E. EakinClinical Psychology2004 Frank Weathers (grad student)
John A. Early1990 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Ronald C. EavesSpecial Education, Behavioral Psychology
Jennifer Edwards2008 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Naglaa El-OrabiPharmacology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Neuroscience Biology2006 Dean D. Schwartz (grad student)
Timothy R. ElliottCounseling Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Health Psychology E. Keith Byrd (collaborator), E. Keith Byrd (research assistant)
Ken D. EngebretsonGeneral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2002 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Leonard H. EpsteinBehavioral Medicine; Pediatrics; Psychology
Stephen Erath
Michael R. EscoPhysiology Biology2009 Daniel L. Blessing (grad student)
Martha C. Escobar
Jeffrey D. FacteauIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration, Psychometrics Psychology
Henry FadamiroEntomology Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Cassandra R. FairleyGuidance and Counseling Education, Military Studies2006 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Kelly L. FarrisClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Criminology and Penology2007 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Loriane Favoretto Kinesiology20162019 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Robyn Feiss Kinesiology20162020 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Robert D. FelnerEducational Psychology Education, Prevention Science, Educational Reform,
Courtney Fietsam Kinesiology2018 Kristina Anne Neely (grad student)
Mark G. FischmanPhysical Education, Experimental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Amanda M. FloodClinical Psychology, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology2003 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Beth A. FoateBehavioral Psychology, Management Business Administration2001 Peter Harzem (grad student)
Chad D. ForadoriReproduction, Stress, Endocrine Distruptors
Ana M. Franco-Watkins
Jamie S. GamberPhysical Education, Administration Education, Industrial Psychology2005 Anthony J. Guarino (grad student)
James P. GettingIndustrial Psychology, Occupational Health and Safety, Management Business Administration2000 Bill L. Hopkins (grad student)
Vicki B. GilmerReading Education2003 Steven B. Silvern (grad student)
Seth Gitter
Mandy J. GodfreyTests and Measurements Education, Elementary Education, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Jessica L Goergen Counseling Psychology Counselor Education and Supervision20182024 Evelyn A Hunter (grad student), Jill M. Meyer (grad student)
Adam Michael GoodmanConcept learning, stroop effect, discrimination learning, reversal learning Jeffrey S. Katz (grad student)
Wendy C. GradwohlIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Stephanie R. GrahamCounseling Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, GLBT Studies2009 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Sharon Grand1995 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Deirdre C. GreerEarly Childhood Education, Reading Education, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2005 Steven B. Silvern (grad student)
Aaron GriffithBiomechanics, Neuroscience, Kinesiology Kinesiology2009 Adam C. Knight (research scientist)
Matthew E. GrilliotPhysiological Ecology, Reproductive Endocrinology2007 Mary T. Mendonca (grad student)
Nancy GroeschIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Jeffrey D. Facteau (grad student)
Anthony J. GuarinoPhysical Education, Administration Education, Industrial Psychology
Celal Gungor Industrial and Systems Engineering2013 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
David R. GunterMolecular Biology, Immunology2000 James L. Sartin (grad student)
Elissa Hack Psychology Jinyan Fan (grad student)
Kerry E. HaffeyClinical Psychology, Oncology2006 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Leta C. Hamilton1995 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Jacinda C. HammelClinical Psychology2006 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Joel F. HammondsBehavioral Psychology, Experimental Psychology2002 Peter Harzem (grad student)
Madison A. HanksStereotype threat Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling2017 Evelyn A Hunter (grad student)
Lori D. HarachDevelopmental Psychology2003 Gregory S. Pettit (grad student)
Benjamin Harding Pharmacy Barry J Margulies (research assistant)
Amney J. HarperSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Gender Studies2008 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Mark G. HartellBiophysics, sensory physiology2001 Vitaly Vodyanoy (grad student)
Peter HarzemBehavioral Psychology, Management Business Administration
Peter Harzem
Bartie G. HatchmanCounseling Psychology2009 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
John C. HeathNeurotoxicology2008 M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Miranda L. HigginsClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Criminology and Penology2008 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Benjamin Hinnant
Necoal Holiday-DriverGuidance and Counseling Education, Women's Studies, Black Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Public Health2005 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Matthew T. HollimonClinical Psychology, Higher Education2007 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Jaymee E. HolsteinClinical Psychology2006 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Colleen M. HolthausEducational Psychology Education, Tests and Measurements Education2009 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Bill L. HopkinsBehavioral Psychology, Physical Education, General
Aleah J Horton
Ning Hou Psychology Jinyan Fan (grad student)
James L. HouleCounseling Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2011 Annette S. Kluck (grad student)
Candice H. HowardEarly Childhood Education, Human Development2003 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Tonia T. Howard BaldwinHigher Education Administration Education, Leadership Education, Higher Education2009 Marie F. Kraska (grad student)
Romero Huffstead2016 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Evelyn A HunterCounseling Psychology SERC Counseling Psychology20082013 Annette S. Kluck (grad student), Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Zachary Hutchison Kinesiology20172019 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Zachary J. HutchisonCardiovascular system, obesity, hypertension, endothelial dysfunction Kinesiology Kinesiology20202019 Austin Robinson (grad student), Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Feruzan S. IraniManagement Business Administration, Adult and Continuing Education, Industrial Psychology2008 Sharon Oswald (grad student)
Jan M. JacksonBehavioral Psychology, Physical Education, General2001 Bill L. Hopkins (grad student)
Valery L. JacksonTheater, Administration Education, Secondary Education2004 Marie F. Kraska (grad student)
Trafina Jadhavneurotrophin signal transduction, Alzheimer's disease, p62, synaptic plasticity2010 Marie W. Wooten (grad student)
Stephanie M. Jeffirs Frank Weathers (grad student)
Cindy Jenik1997 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Jianxiong JiangNeuropharmacology, Epilepsy, Glioma20042008 Marie W. Wooten (grad student)
Elise P. JohnsonGuidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology2008 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Veronder Jones2012 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Charlotte Marie JonesCounseling Psychology Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling2021 Latifat O. Cabirou (grad student)
Kristi D. JulianArchitecture, Evaluation Education, Cognitive Psychology2010 Marie F. Kraska (grad student)
Paula F. KahnPhysiological Ecology, Reproductive Endocrinology2006 Mary T. Mendonca (grad student)
Sahana Kamath Kinesiology2018 Kristina Anne Neely (post-doc)
David G. KamenClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Patrick M. Kanjuglutamatergic synaptic transmission, Alzheimer's disease20002005 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Rhonda S. KargClinical Psychology2002 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Thiruchelvam KariharanSynaptic Transmission, hippocampal glutamatergic system, AMPA and NMDA channels2011 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Jan KarookjianPharmacy, Mental Health, Counseling Psychology
Senthilkumar S. KaruppagounderParkinson's Disease, Neurodegeneration, Synaptic Transmission, hippocampal glutamatergic system, AMPA and NMDA channels Pharmacal Sciences Pharmacal sciences20062009 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student), Muralikrishnan Dhanasekaran (grad student)
Jeffrey S. KatzConcept learning, sensation and perception, cognitive neuroscience Anthony Wright (post-doc)
Jan KavookjianHealth Care Management, Behavioral Psychology
Jared Keeley Psychology Roger K. Blashfield (grad student)
Jared Keely Roger K. Blashfield (grad student)
Lance P. KelleyClinical Psychology2009 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Scott A. KetringDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
John KlemGuidance and Counseling Education, Higher Education2008 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Lori J. KlingerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Mass Communications2006 Elizabeth V. Brestan (grad student)
Annette S. KluckCounseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mass Communications
Lia A. Knox IveyMental Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies, Health Education, Public Health2006 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Jacklyn Koopmann
Lindsay Kramer Frank Weathers (grad student)
Marie F. KraskaAdult and Continuing Education, Vocational Education, Personality Psychology
Abhishek Krishna-PillaiBehavioral Psychology, Speech Communication, Social Psychology2012 William A. Villaume (grad student)
Daniel Kroeger Luis de Lecea (post-doc)
April A. KrumnowBiophysics, sensory physiology2005 Vitaly Vodyanoy (grad student)
Claire C.H.S. Kubiak1997 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Ya-Hui ( KuoEducational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Higher Education2004 Jill Salisbury-Glennon (grad student)
Leanne K. LamkeSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Craig A. LanePhysical Education, Experimental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2003 Mark G. Fischman (grad student)
Jeffrey L. LangstonNeurotoxicology2002 M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Emily J. LawrenceClinical Psychology2009 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Kathryn C. LawsonClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Women's Studies, Criminology and Penology2006 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Steven R. LawyerClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2002 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Adele B. Ledford1990 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Donna Golden Lee2007 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Daniel J. Lee Frank Weathers (grad student)
Ye Li Zhi DIng (grad student)
Hairong Li Psychology Jinyan Fan (grad student)
Becky LiddleClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Lisa S. LivelyCounseling Psychology, Gender Studies, General Language, Social Psychology2012 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Ting-To LoBiophysics, sensory physiology2003 Vitaly Vodyanoy (grad student)
J. Randy Logan1992 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Alan C. LottGuidance and Counseling Education2003 Anthony J. Guarino (grad student)
Patricia N. LyleClinical Psychology2006 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Stephanie Lynch Industrial and Systems Engineering2017 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
Richard Macatee
Wendy Magnoli
John Francis MagnottiVisual working memory, change detection, target search Jeffrey S. Katz (grad student)
Srividya Mamidipudineurotrophin signal transduction, Alzheimer's disease, p62, synaptic plasticity2002 Marie W. Wooten (grad student)
James D. MantoothEducational Psychology Education, Higher Education, Pedagogy Education2010 Jill Salisbury-Glennon (grad student)
Vera E. MartinPhysical Education, Elementary Education2001 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Everett D. MartinEducational Psychology Education, Middle School Education, Tests and Measurements Education
Mary Virginia Martin1986 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Edward A. MartinelliDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2005 Scott A. Ketring (grad student)
Elizabeth A. MasonClinical Psychology2011 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Ambrin F. MasoodGuidance and Counseling Education, Personality Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2009 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Thomas G. MattkeClinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology2002 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Virginia T. MayerGuidance and Counseling Education2002 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Robert B. McAlisterRehabilitation and Therapy2006 Mark G. Fischman (grad student)
Brian E. McCabe
James F. McCoyClinical Psychology, Black Studies
Meghan E. McDevitt-MurphyClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Military Studies Psychology19982004 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Jain R. McGaritySpecial Education, Tests and Measurements Education2001 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Ronnie L. McGhee1991 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
F Dudley McGlynnClinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Ashara McKee-WilliamsPsychometrics Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2007 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Zach E McKinnell Psychology20152018 Jennifer L. Robinson (research assistant)
Douglas R. McQueenClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2004 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Anju MehtaManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology2009 Achilles A. Armenakis (grad student)
Mary T. MendoncaPhysiological Ecology, Reproductive Endocrinology Paul Licht (grad student)
Jennifer L. MercanteClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2002 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Kayci Messerly Biological Sciences2022 Haruka Wada (grad student)
Kanessa N. MillerEducational Psychology Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education2011 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Meg MilliganPersonality Psychology2003 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Kimberly T. MillsHigher Education2010 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Valda H. MontgomeryObstetrics and Gynecology, Health Education, Recreation2007 Daniel L. Blessing (grad student)
Justin Moody Kinesiology20152018 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Molly Moore2018 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Maria d. Morera CastroRecreation, Higher Education, Recreation2011 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Renee Morris1999 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Francesca E. Mowry Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology20172021 Vinicia Campana Biancardi (grad student)
Susannah L. MozleyPsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Amanda M. MulfingerClinical Psychology2007 F Dudley McGlynn (grad student)
Emily Munn Kinesiology20182022 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Viswaprakash NanduriBiophysics, sensory physiology2005 Vitaly Vodyanoy (grad student)
Kristen J. NavaraSex Differentiation, Maternal Effects20002005 Mary T. Mendonca (grad student), Geoffrey Hill (grad student)
Kristina Anne NeelyCognitive motor neuroscience
M. Christopher NewlandNeurotoxicology
Esther N. NgumbiEntomology Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology2011 Henry Fadamiro (grad student)
Katherine Niebuhr1994 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Kevin T. O'MearaEducational Psychology Education, Military Studies2007 Jill Salisbury-Glennon (grad student)
David F. Oates1995 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Jack Ogutu Industrial and Systems Engineering2013 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro Peter Harzem (grad student)
Ruth E. Oliver1994 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Ebenezer O. OnagbolaEntomology Biology2008 Henry Fadamiro (grad student)
Sharon OswaldManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Deanna Owen1995 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Shinichi J. Ozone1997 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Elliott M. Paletz Psychology19952004 M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Melissa M. PangelinanDevelopmental Motor Control, Motor Development, Movement Disorders
Kodeeswaran ParameshwaranSynaptic transmission, hippocampal glutamatergic system20032008 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Loraine E. ParishPhysical Education, Early Childhood Education2008 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Sondra M. ParmerEducational Psychology Education, Health Education, Nutrition2006 Jill Salisbury-Glennon (grad student)
Carolyn Paul2002 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Amie L. PayneEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology, Human Development2003 Gregory S. Pettit (grad student)
John Pentikis Industrial and Systems Engineering2017 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
John D. PetersonPhysiological Ecology, Reproductive Endocrinology2012 Mary T. Mendonca (grad student)
Tatjana PetrovaHealth Care Management, Behavioral Psychology2011 Jan Kavookjian (grad student)
Gregory S. PettitSocial Psychology
Priyanka D PinkyAlzheimer's Disease, Neuroscience Drug Discovery and Development20162020 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Randolph B. PipesGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology
Tyson L. Platt2007 Lewis M. Barker (grad student)
Donald A. PreslarGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Robert W. ProctorResponse Selection, Web Usability, Human Factors
David G. PromisHigher Education, Physical Education2002 Anthony J. Guarino (grad student)
Genevieve M. PruneauClinical Psychology, Higher Education Administration Education2010 Frank Weathers (grad student)
Elizabeth J. RahnPain, Cannabinoids, Neuropsychopharmacology, Epigenetics20042005 M. Christopher Newland (research assistant)
R Kelly RainerManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology
Lauren N RatcliffeNeuropsychology, Clinical Psychology Wendy Magnoli (grad student)
Elizabeth E. ReddenManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2001 Sharon Oswald (grad student)
Miranda N. ReedBehavioral Neuroscience20032007 Wendy Donlin Washington (collaborator), M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Phyllis A. Reile2007 Lewis M. Barker (grad student)
Clayton Ridner Psychological Sciences2020 Sara K. Blaine (grad student)
Dawn N. RiggsClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Women's Studies2000 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Jennifer L. RobinsonPsychophysiology, emotion, neuroimaging
Kathy D. RobinsonGuidance and Counseling Education2010 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Mary E. RudisillHuman Development, Developmental Psychology
Menekse "Violet" Salar Industrial and Systems Engineering2017 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
Jill Salisbury-GlennonEducational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Higher Education
James L. SartinAnimal Physiology Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Neuroscience Biology
Julia Sassi Kinesiology20162022 Melissa M. Pangelinan (grad student)
Bryan K. Saville2002 William Buskist (grad student)
Michael A. SchraederManagement Business Administration2001 Sharon Oswald (grad student)
Kelly SchuckIndustrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies2002 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Dean D. SchwartzPharmacology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Dennis R. SelfManagement Business Administration2005 Achilles A. Armenakis (grad student)
Linda D. Servey1990 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Linda D. Servey1990 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Richard Frank Sesekhuman factors engineering, usability, ergonomics, safety, biomechanics
Keith W. SessionsCommunity College Education, Administration Education, Higher Education2007 Marie F. Kraska (grad student)
Andrew Nathanael ShenNeurotoxicology; Aging; Alzheimer's disease; blood-brain barrier20112016 M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Alissa SherryEducational Psychology Education, Behavioral Psychology, Public Health1991 Barry R. Burkhart (research assistant)
Mina Shimizu Douglas M. Teti (grad student)
Brian C. ShonesySynaptic Physiology 20062009 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
George W. ShorterClinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2000 Rudy E. Vuchinich (grad student)
Jason F. SikorskiClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2005 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Steven B. SilvernEarly Childhood Education, Reading Education, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Madison Silverstein Frank Weathers (grad student)
Catrina SimsIon channels, NMDA receptors2007 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Patricia Sims1992 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Cherrolyn C. SmithClinical Psychology, Black Studies, Women's Studies2000 Barry R. Burkhart (grad student)
Dale L. Smith2008 Lewis M. Barker (grad student)
Warren Smith School of Pharmacy Subhrajit Bhattacharya (grad student)
Stacey M. SmootClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology2005 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Pamela Royal Snider1989 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Christina N. SpraggClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Higher Education2011 Randolph B. Pipes (grad student)
Paul M. St. OngePhysiology Biology2007 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Michael M. SteelePediatric Psychology
Harley A Stenzel Counseling Psychology Brian E. McCabe (grad student)
David F. StoddenPhysical Education2002 Mary E. Rudisill (grad student)
Stephanie B. StollBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology2004 James F. McCoy (grad student)
Paris StromEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education
Melissa J StuhlmanIndustrial & Organizational Psychology
William T. Suits2009 Martha C. Escobar (grad student)
Melissa S. SullivanEarly Childhood Education, Reading Education2004 Steven B. Silvern (grad student)
Vishnu SuppiramaniamSynaptic Transmission, hippocampal glutamatergic system, AMPA and NMDA channels20011992 Vitaly Vodyanoy (grad student), Gary Lynch (grad student), Marie W. Wooten (collaborator)
Jennifer C. SykoraBiophysics, sensory physiology2003 Vitaly Vodyanoy (grad student)
Ruoliang "Rio" Tang Industrial and Systems Engineering2013 Richard Frank Sesek (grad student)
Aleada Lee Tarver1999 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
Rachel S. TearsIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Jeffrey D. Facteau (grad student)
Jacqueline Y. TellisManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Adult and Continuing Education2004 Sharon Oswald (grad student)
Daphne A. Terry2001 Brian E. Vaughn (grad student)
Chippewa M. ThomasGuidance and Counseling Education, Administration Education, Higher Education2004 Jamie S. Carney (grad student)
Bessy ThrashSynaptic Transmission, hippocampal glutamatergic system, AMPA and NMDA channels2009 Vishnu Suppiramaniam (grad student)
Neil TocherManagement Business Administration2007 Sharon Oswald (grad student)
Nebojsa N. ToskovicPhysical Education, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology2000 Daniel L. Blessing (grad student)
Mona Tuma HananiaSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2002 Becky Liddle (grad student)
Becky L. Turner1996 Joseph A. Buckhalt (grad student)
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