Kent State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dalia M. AdlerSpecial Education, Adult and Continuing Education2006 James Delisle (grad student)
Raj S. AgnihotriMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology2009 Adam Rapp (grad student)
Manasi Agrawal2017 Kristy Welshhans (grad student)
T John AkamatsuClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Mathew J. Anderson2004 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Bonnie L. Angelone2003 Daniel Levin (grad student)
David J. AngeloneClinical Psychology2004 Richard D. Hirschman (grad student)
Robert Ariel Psychology2012 John Timothy Dunlosky (grad student)
Michael F. ArmeyClinical Psychology2009 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Marina N. AstakhovaManagement Business Administration, Organizational College of Business Administration / Department of Management and Information Systems2012 Cathy L. Z. DuBois (grad student)
Elizabeth A. AulinoBehavioral neuroscience, neuroendocrinology Biological Sciences Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
Richard R. BachaManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Cathy L. Z. DuBois (grad student)
Heather Bailey John Timothy Dunlosky (grad student)
T. Lee BaknerDrug Reward, Recovery of Function, Latent Inhibition Psychology19871992 F. Robert Treichler (grad student)
Dianna M. BanksClinical Psychology, Gender Studies2008 T John Akamatsu (grad student)
Tachelle I. BanksSpecial Education, Clinical Psychology2006 Paul N. Zionts (grad student)
Nouman Bantanconcurrent networking, network based systems and applications, semantic composition, complex community, man/machine symbiotic communication2007 Javed I. Khan (grad student)
Martin Baron
Kyle M. BaumbauerNeuroscience, Pain, Spinal Cord Injury2005 Robin Joynes (grad student)
Melissa R. BeckVision, Attention, Memory, Eye Movements19982003 Daniel Levin (grad student)
Andrea BeebeHealth Education, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology, Special Education2007 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
Jeff BeineEducational Psychology Education, Personality Psychology2007 James Delisle (grad student)
Emily K. BellSchizophrenia College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2014 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Yossef S. Ben-PorathPsychometrics Psychology
Don M. Benson Jr. Department of Psychology19921999 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Mitchell Eric BermanGenetics, Neuroscience Biology1994 Stuart Preston Taylor (grad student)
Penny Bernstein
Evelyn D. Blanch-PayneCurriculum and Instruction Education, Educational Psychology Education2000 Linda Rogers (grad student)
Laura M. BogartClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Aimee M. BonarEducational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2007 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
Allison Joy BragerCircadian physiology, sleep/wake homeostasis, alcoholism2007 John David Glass (grad student), John David Johnson (research scientist)
James F. BriggsLearning & Memory, Animal Behavior20022006 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Laurie Brown-CroytsNeuroscience Biology
Denise L. Brown-TrioloClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2005 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
Michael BunseyBehavioral Neuroscience
Danielle L. BurchettPsychometrics Psychology Psychology2012 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Christine F. BurkeSpecial Education, Secondary Education, Educational Psychology Education, Individual and Family Studies2000 Linda Rogers (grad student)
Heather K. Caldwellbehavioral neuroendorinology, aggression, knockout mice
Elizabeth E. CaldwellLearning & Memory; Amnesias; Animal Behavior2004 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Anthony J. Carusospeech motor control, stuttering
Elizabeth CaseyPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2012 Joel W. Hughes (grad student)
Larry Caullerneocortex Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Amber M. Chenoweth20052010 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Christine Chiappini-WilliamsonNeuroscience Biology2009 Ronald Salisbury (grad student)
Quin M. ChrobakFalse Memory, Eye Witness Testimony, Source Monitoring, Cognitive Psychology
Wilson ChungNeuroendocrine development Geert J. de Vries (grad student), Robert J. Handa (post-doc), Pei-San Tsai (post-doc)
Jeffrey A. CieslaPhysiological Psychology, Health Care Management
Shauna L. Clenaffect science, mood and anxiety disorders, emotion, emotion regulation Psychology2013 David Marc Fresco (grad student)
Karin G. Coifman
Donna M. ColonnaReading Education, Teacher Training Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2002 Gary M. Padak (grad student)
Josefina ContrerasClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Kristina Corella Wilson Chung (grad student)
Julie K. Cremeans-SmithPhysiological Psychology, Experimental Psychology2004 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Terriann CrispPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology
Janis H. CrowtherClinical Psychology
Patrick K. CullenBehavioral Neuroscience Psychology Psychology20112013 Aaron M. Jasnow (grad student), David C. Riccio (grad student)
Helen M. CusickSocial Psychology, Social Work, Clinical Psychology2000 Ferguson B. Meadows (grad student)
Linda P. CuttingSchizophrenia2001 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Nola M. DaleyCognitive Psychology Psychology2016 Katherine Rawson (grad student)
Ginnie DaltonClinical Psychology2002 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Ruth E. DangelmaierSchizophrenia2005 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Joseph H. DanksCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Medicine and Surgery
Douglas L. DelahantyClinical Psychology
Sheryl L. DelainClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
James DelisleEducational Psychology Education, Personality Psychology
Jessica L. DemmingsSociology of Education, Individual and Family Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies Arts and Science2011 Angela M. Neal-Barnett (grad student)
Thomas J. DinzeoSchizophrenia2006 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Kathleen J. DoaneNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology
Nancy M. DochertySchizophrenia
Margaret E. DombrowskiSchizophrenia2002 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Karen E. Doyle Psychology20072013 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Sarah B. DrivdahlCognitive Psychology2000 Maria S. Zaragoza (grad student)
Brooke Nichole Dulka Aaron M. Jasnow (research assistant)
Manfred v. DulmenClinical Psychology
John Timothy DunloskyCognitive Psychology
Petra A. DuranDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Linguistics Language, Individual and Family Studies, Latin American Studies College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2014 Josefina M. Grau (grad student)
Jennifer L. EatonCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2006 Eric Glasgow (grad student)
Melissa Edler20112016 Mary Ann Raghanti (grad student)
Afsoon EftekhariClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology2002 Josefina Contreras (grad student)
John Ehlen2000 David C. Glass (grad student)
Anne EipeClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2004 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Patricia A. EnglerClinical Psychology, Public Health2003 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Michael A EskenaziCognitive Psychology, Word Identification, Eye Movement Behavior Psychological Science20112016 Jocelyn Folk (grad student)
Angela FagerlinCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2000 Joseph H. Danks (grad student)
Robert H. FaleyManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Devin Alan Favamemory, extinction, behavioral neuroscience, learning Psychology20062012 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Ramona FearsCognitive Psychology2000 Joseph H. Danks (grad student)
Steven J. FeinsteinClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Law2001 T John Akamatsu (grad student)
Terri L. FinamoreLearning & Memory; Amnesias; Animal Behavior College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2010 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Mitchell R. FlesherClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2002 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Jocelyn FolkCognitive Psychology
Johnathan D. ForbeyClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Stephen B. Fountaincomparative cognition, animal cognition, animal models of complex learning, behavioral neuroscience of sequential learning/memory, neurobehavioral pharmacology and toxicology, computational models of cognitive systems
Angela R Freemanneuroethology20122016 Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
Crystal A. Gabert-QuillenPhysiological Psychology College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2012 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Marie A. Gadziola Biomedical Sciences20072013 Jeffrey J. Wenstrup (grad student)
Donald GansAuditory physiology
Sherona D. Garrett-RuffinSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Pharmacology2002 Stuart Preston Taylor (grad student)
Amy L. Gentzler2001 Kathryn A. Kerns (grad student)
T Lee GilmanBehavioral Neuroscience Psychological Sciences Psychological Sciences Psychological Sciences20132016 Aaron M. Jasnow (post-doc), Karin G. Coifman (post-doc), David C. Riccio (collaborator)
Eric GlasgowCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
John David GlassCircadian physiology, alcoholism, serotonin
Richard J. GoekeManagement Business Administration, Information Science2006 Robert H. Faley (grad student)
Scott W. GordinierSchizophrenia2001 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Gretchen Hanson GotthardBehavioral Neuroscience, Neurobiology of Memory David C. Riccio (grad student), Michael Bunsey (grad student)
Josefina M. GrauSocial Psychology, Latin American Studies, Women's Studies, Individual and Family Studies, Social Structure and Development
Stanford W. GregoryClinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Speech Communication
Richard T. GreigMusic, Music Education2003 Daryl Kinney (grad student)
Lynne Guillot-MillerGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education
Anita GuptaBehavioral Psychology, Social Psychology2006 Mary A. Parris Stephens (grad student)
Janette E. HabashiSocial Structure and Development, General, Sociology of Education2004 Linda Rogers (grad student)
Emily A. P. HaighMood and anxiety disorders20022009 David Marc Fresco (grad student)
Nairmeen A. HallerPsychobiology Psychology, Immunology, Neuroscience Biology2002 Benjamin H. Newberry (grad student)
Michael D. HammondsLTP2004 Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Jessica M. HanbaCognitive Psychology2006 Maria S. Zaragoza (grad student)
Richard HandelGeneral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Personality Psychology Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Gretchen R. HansonLearning & Memory; Amnesias; Animal Behavior2002 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Asrar U. Haqueconcurrent networking, network based systems and applications, semantic composition, complex community, man/machine symbiotic communication2006 Javed I. Khan (grad student)
Gregory A. HarrellNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology2006 Kathleen J. Doane (grad student)
Kristen M. HarrisSynapse Structure and Function Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Steven B. HarrodLearning and Memory David C. Riccio (grad student)
Marissa K. Hartwig Psychology2013 John Timothy Dunlosky (grad student)
Lesley G. HathornText processing, metacognition, educational applications2007 Katherine Rawson (grad student)
Wilson E. HeltonHigher Education2005 Gary M. Padak (grad student)
Donna L. Henderson-LaribeeClinical Psychology, Gerontology2000 Harold E. Schroeder (grad student)
Heather C. HenricksonClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Hispanic American Studies2006 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Jessica E. HillyerClinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2008 Robin Joynes (grad student)
Richard D. HirschmanClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Brian Julius Hock2000 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Bryce HruskaClinical Psychology, Public Health, Mental Health Psychology2014 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Joel W. HughesPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy Psychology Catherine M Stoney (grad student)
Madinah IkhlasClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Black Studies2004 Josefina Contreras (grad student)
Sarah A. JablonskiBehavioral Neuroscience Mathew J. Anderson (grad student)
Shruti Jain20122017 Kristy Welshhans (grad student)
Stephen M. JamesSchizophrenia2006 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Timothy J. JaromeEpigenetics of memory, memory storage and retrieval20022006 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Tania K. JarosewichEducational Psychology Education, Individual and Family Studies2000 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
John Jewell1998 Michael K. McBeath (grad student)
Danielle Jones2018 Mary Ann Raghanti (grad student)
Robin JoynesClinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Mohammed S. KalathilSchizophrenia College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2014 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
George J. Kallingal College of Arts and Sciences / School of Biomedical Sciences20042008 Eric M. Mintz (grad student)
David A. KalmbachClinical Psychology, Women's Studies Psychology2014 Jeffrey A. Ciesla (grad student)
Kafa KasimTests and Measurements Education, Higher Education, Psychometrics Psychology
Kevin Patrick Kaut2000 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Kathryn A. Kerns
Leah Kershner20122018 Kristy Welshhans (grad student)
Javed I. Khanconcurrent networking, network based systems and applications, semantic composition, complex community, man/machine symbiotic communication
Jessica C. KichlerClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology2003 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Daryl KinneyMusic Education, Behavioral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
William David KlipecLearning, neuroscience David R. Thomas (grad student)
Oleg Komogortsevcybersecurity (biometrics), human computer interaction, eye tracking, bioengineering, interdiciplinary research Javed I. Khan (grad student)
Kate KrivalSpeech Pathology, Neuroscience Biology
Robert J. KubickEducational Psychology Education, Behavioral Psychology2008 Caven S. Mcloughlin (grad student)
Terry KuhnMusic Education, Behavioral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Shannon M A Kundey20062008 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Gary A. KustisManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology Administrative Sciences2001 Cathy L. Z. DuBois (grad student)
Isabel LacruzCognitive Psychology2005 Joseph H. Danks (grad student)
Laurie LaffertyMusic Education, Music2002 Terry Kuhn (grad student)
Nevin Lambert19871991 Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Brittain E. LamoureuxPTSD20052011 David Marc Fresco (grad student)
Allan M. LandesClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Pathology2003 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
June R. LeasureSpecial Education, Elementary Education2006 Laura T. Zionts (grad student)
Christopher A. Leppla20102013 David C. Riccio (research assistant)
Scott Leroy19941999 Jeffrey J. Wenstrup (grad student)
Clifford F. Lewis2003 Michael K. McBeath (grad student), Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Eftihia Linardatos20052011 David Marc Fresco (grad student)
Megan Lynn Linscott Wilson Chung (grad student)
Irene LopezClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2005 Angela M. Neal-Barnett (grad student)
Pamela LuftEducational Psychology Education, Special Education, Higher Education, Technology of Education
Angel G. Lugo SteidelClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2005 Josefina M. Grau (grad student)
Joseph Francis Lynch IIIbehavioral neuroscience, endocrinology20112016 Aaron M. Jasnow (grad student), David C. Riccio (grad student)
Helena J. MackenzieExperimental Psychology2001 Stuart Preston Taylor (grad student)
Charles Mactutuslearning, psychopharmacology David C. Riccio (grad student)
Ryan J. MarekClinical Health Psychology Psychological Sciences20112017 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Maria T. MaroonMusic Education, Behavioral Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2002 Terry Kuhn (grad student)
Robert A. Marsh19962002 Jeffrey J. Wenstrup (grad student)
Marianne Martens
Andrea D. MataBehavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2012 Manfred v. Dulmen (grad student)
Khin Maung MaungNuclear, particle theory Physics Peter C. Tandy (research scientist)
Ludo Maxmotor control, speech motor control, sensorimotor processing, behavioral neuroscience, neuroimaging, stuttering, fluency disorders, motor learning, sensorimotor adaptation, auditory feedback19962000 Anthony J. Caruso (grad student)
Linda E. MayAnimal Physiology Biology2005 Jon M. Walro (grad student)
Amanda McCleerySchizophrenia20062012 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Caven S. McloughlinDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education
Ferguson B. MeadowsGuidance and Counseling Education, Psychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Gerontology
Patricia A. Meglich-SespicoManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Industrial and Labor Relations2006 Robert H. Faley (grad student)
Lawrence E. MelamedExperimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Gene F. MilfordMusic Education2002 Terry Kuhn (grad student)
Paula M. MillinLearning & Memory; Amnesias; Animal Behavior2003 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Eric M. MintzNeuroscience, Biological Rhythms
Damon MitchellClinical Psychology2001 Richard D. Hirschman (grad student)
Michael T. MooreMood and anxiety disorders20012009 David Marc Fresco (grad student)
Aleisha M Moore
Steve L. MorganLTP2001 Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Russell MorganAttention, Psychopharmacology Psychology19901994 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Elan MoritzNonlinear Systems, Robotics, Autonomy19731976 Wilbur Mitchell Franklin (grad student)
Pamela L. MudrakClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2000 Benjamin H. Newberry (grad student)
Devin MuellerPrefrontal regulation of drug seeking after extinction
Melissa D. Muller19982006 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Emily Munger Anthropology2016 Mary Ann Raghanti (grad student)
Sahana Nagabhushan Kalburgi John David Glass (research assistant), John David Johnson (research assistant)
David S. NarangClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2001 Josefina Contreras (grad student)
Angela M. Neal-BarnettClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Linda M. NeiheiserGuidance and Counseling Education, Individual and Family Studies, Social Psychology2000 Linda Rogers (grad student)
John G. NeuhoffPerception and Action19921996 Michael K. McBeath (grad student)
Benjamin H. NewberryPsychobiology Psychology, Immunology, Neuroscience Biology
Tasha M. NienowSchizophrenia2004 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Phaedra Roxanne NorrellNeuroscience, Neurodegeneration, neural injury Biological Sciences20192023 Devin Mueller (grad student)
Tina R. NortonSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Individual and Family Studies2002 Mary A. Parris Stephens (grad student)
Colleen M. NovakPhysical activity, metabolism, energy balance, obesity
Sarah A. OstrowskiClinical Psychology College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2008 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Maria L. PacellaPublic Health, Mental Health, Health Care Management, Clinical Psychology Psychology2013 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Gary M. PadakClinical Psychology, Higher Education
Raymond E. PapkaNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Mary A. Parris StephensAging, Health Care Management, Social Psychology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Individual and Family Studies
Tami J. PattersonExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2008 Jocelyn Folk (grad student)
Erin V. Paulus Biomedical Sciences Eric M. Mintz (grad student)
Jelena D. PavlovicClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2005 Laura M. Bogart (grad student)
Kristie E. PaymentDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2001 Maria S. Zaragoza (grad student)
David R. PerrottAudition F. Robert Treichler (grad student), Lloyd F. Elfner (grad student)
Elizabeth C. PetersonSchizophrenia2004 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
Laura R G Pickens Department of Psychological Sciences20072012 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Jody L. PickleCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2002 Stuart Preston Taylor (grad student)
Richard Pietneuroscience, neuroendocrinology, GnRH, kisspeptin, synaptic transmission
Janel PlemmerClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Black Studies2004 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Michele PoleClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2008 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Veronica M. Porterfield20032008 Eric M. Mintz (grad student)
Christina Poulinmetacognition, memory, educational applications
Barbara A. PuderNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Raymond E. Papka (grad student)
Kristine M. QuallichEducational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology2004 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
Daniel T. RadeckiLTP2001 Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Mary Ann Raghanti Chet C. Sherwood (grad student)
Mary Ann Raghantibrain evolution
Reece O. RahmanClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 T John Akamatsu (grad student)
Adam RappMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology
Katherine RawsonText processing, metacognition, educational applications
Jeanine L. RayLearning & Memory; Amnesias; Animal Behavior2001 David C. Riccio (grad student)
Sally L. ReevesClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology2002 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
Charles A. ReichheldAdministration Education2000 Gary M. Padak (grad student)
Esther RheeMusic, Music Education, Technology of Education2001 Terry Kuhn (grad student)
Joseph P. RhinewineSchizophrenia2004 Nancy M. Docherty (grad student)
David C. RiccioLearning & Memory; Amnesias; Animal Behavior
Megan E. RichNeuroendocrinology and Behavior Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
Alex J. RickettsClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Criminology and Penology2002 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Danielle R. RidolfiClinical Psychology, Health Care Management Psychology2013 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Sean C. Rife College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Psychology2014 Kathryn A. Kerns (grad student)
Michelle L RiversSelf-Regulated Learning, Memory, Metacognition, Education Psychological Science20162021 John Timothy Dunlosky (grad student), Robin Joynes (collaborator), Bradley J. Morris (collaborator), Clarissa Ann Thompson (collaborator)
Larmia M. Robbins-BrinsonClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Angela M. Neal-Barnett (grad student)
Karla Margarita Rodriguez Biomedical Sciences Wilson Chung (grad student), Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
John P. RoebkeMusic Education2005 Daryl Kinney (grad student)
Linda RogersSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Jennifer M. RohrerClinical Psychology2007 T John Akamatsu (grad student)
James D. Rowan Department of Psychology19891993 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Rebecca A. RussellLTP2002 Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Nina K. RytwinskiMood and anxiety disorders20032010 David Marc Fresco (grad student)
Ronald SalisburyNeuroscience Biology
Hesham Samy19971999 Jeffrey J. Wenstrup (grad student)
Jason Tait SanchezCell Imaging & Electrophysiology, Hearing Sciences20012006 Jeffrey J. Wenstrup (grad student), Donald Gans (grad student)
Peter J. SavoyDevelopmental Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Tests and Measurements Education2004 Cathy L. Z. DuBois (grad student)
Judy M. Scarpelli-Dwyer2001 Kathryn A. Kerns (grad student)
Jason B. SchechterPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2001 Terriann Crisp (grad student)
Lucia ScheffelSpeech Pathology, Neuroscience Biology Health Sciences2013 Kate Krival (grad student)
Harold E. SchroederClinical Psychology, Gerontology
Joneen M. SchusterExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology2005 Lawrence E. Melamed (grad student)
Martin O. SellbomClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2007 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Michael J. Serra2007 John Timothy Dunlosky (grad student)
Dennis M. Shaffer1998 Michael K. McBeath (grad student)
Charu Shukla College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Biological Sciences2014 Colleen M. Novak (grad student)
Pooja Sidney Clarissa Ann Thompson (post-doc)
Lynn T. SingerClinical Psychology
Eve M. SledjeskiExperimental Psychology, Physiological Psychology2005 Douglas L. Delahanty (grad student)
Mercedes P. SorgiGuidance and Counseling Education, Individual and Family Studies, Social Work2003 Cathy Telzrow (grad student)
Hunter W. StephensonRhetoric and Composition Language, Cognitive Psychology, Journalism2004 Stephen P. Witte (grad student)
Erica Lee Stevenson Biomedical Sciences Wilson Chung (post-doc), Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
Luke Thomas StewartSynaptic Physiology, Epilepsy20092012 David C. Riccio (research assistant), John David Johnson (research assistant)
Courtney Elizabeth Stewart Wilson Chung (grad student)
Gina M. StoryCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology2001 Jon M. Walro (grad student)
Omar Y. Tahboubconcurrent networking, network based systems and applications, semantic composition, complex community, man/machine symbiotic communication Computer Science2013 Javed I. Khan (grad student)
Yukari TakaraeExperimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2003 Lawrence E. Melamed (grad student)
Jill M. TallNeuroscience Biology2001 Terriann Crisp (grad student)
Anthony M. Tarescavage Psychology20092015 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Sarah K. Tauber Psychology John Timothy Dunlosky (post-doc)
Stuart Preston TaylorSocial Psychology, Pharmacology, Physiological Psychology
Mahtab A TehraniAcoustic Communication and Emotions Biological Sciences20112018 Sean L. Veney (grad student)
Cathy TelzrowClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology
Timothy J. TeylerLTP
Clarissa Ann ThompsonCognitive Development
Bradley C. TolstedtBehavioral Psychology, Public Health2001 Stuart Preston Taylor (grad student)
Patricia L. Tomich2000 Kathryn A. Kerns (grad student)
Tara L. TraviaClinical Psychology2003 Angela M. Neal-Barnett (grad student)
Ann L. UsherMusic Education2005 Daryl Kinney (grad student)
Debra N. Van Tilburgbehavioral neuroscience, recovery from brain damage2002 F. Robert Treichler (grad student)
Shivakumar Vasanth20032007 Thomas Weimbs (grad student)
Venugopal VivekPhysiological Psychology, Health Care Management Psychology2013 Jeffrey A. Ciesla (grad student)
Rachael N. Volokhov
Douglas G. WallaceSpatial navigation, hippocampus, 19982000 Stephen B. Fountain (grad student)
Jon M. WalroCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Christina Watts2018 Kristy Welshhans (grad student)
Joseph F. Wayand2003 Daniel Levin (grad student)
Alyx E WeaverNeuroscience
Kristen E. Weigand MichenerClinical Psychology2005 T John Akamatsu (grad student)
Kristy Welshhans
William C. WetselBehavioral neuroscience19701973 David C. Riccio (research assistant)
Jacquelyn WhitePhysiological Psychology, Behavioral Psychology1971 Stuart Preston Taylor (grad student)
Bridgette M. WiggersDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2002 Caven S. Mcloughlin (grad student)
Amy K. WindoverClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
J. V. WisserClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Richard D. Hirschman (grad student)
Shannah Witchey Biological Sciences2018 Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
Stephen P. WitteRhetoric and Composition Language, Cognitive Psychology, Journalism
Julie A. WojcikSpecial Education, Elementary Education2008 Caven S. Mcloughlin (grad student)
Stephanie L. WolfsonClinical Psychology2006 Janis H. Crowther (grad student)
Brian L. WoodsideLTP2002 Timothy J. Teyler (grad student)
Dustin B. WygantClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2007 Yossef S. Ben-Porath (grad student)
Seung S. Yangconcurrent networking, network based systems and applications, semantic composition, complex community, man/machine symbiotic communication2004 Javed I. Khan (grad student)
Alexandra Yaw Biomedical Sciences Heather K. Caldwell (grad student)
Erin E. YoungGenetics of Pain2005 Robin Joynes (grad student)
Cathy L. Z. DuBoisManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Raid Y. Zaghalconcurrent networking, network based systems and applications, semantic composition, complex community, man/machine symbiotic communication2005 Javed I. Khan (grad student)
Maria S. ZaragozaDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
David G. ZimpferGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health
Paul N. ZiontsSpecial Education, Clinical Psychology
Laura T. ZiontsSpecial Education, Clinical Psychology