University of Georgia

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Adrian S. AbelkopClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2001 Randy W. Kamphaus (grad student)
Henry AdamsBehavioral Assessment & Treatment
Christopher R. AkersHigher Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2007 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
Joseph D. Allen
Benjamin J. Alper Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20052009 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Michael T. AmlungCognitive Neuroscience, Addiction, Schizophrenia, Exectutive Control, Eye Movements James MacKillop (grad student)
Maria H. Anastasiadesmindfulness, healthcare providers, behavioral health, severe mental illness, cardiac psychology Dorian A. Lamis (grad student)
Page AndersonClinical Psychology, Black Studies, African American Studies Psychology1998 Steven R. H. Beach (grad student)
Jennifer L. AxelrodNutrients and body weight regulation2000 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Amy A. BadalAdult and Continuing Education, Industrial Education2000 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
Willie L. BanksHigher Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, African American Studies, Developmental Psychology2008 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
Steven R. H. BeachEpigenetics, Marital and Family processes, marital discord, depression and anxiety in close relationships, self-processes in relationships
Kendra Rosamond Becker (Davis)Eating pathology and personality
Robert B. Beckstead
Brittany M. Berger2017 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Peter BertotSpecial Education, Higher Education, Clinical Psychology2001 Noel Gregg (grad student)
Dionnet L. BhattiMotivated behaviors, Affective disorders, Neural Circuits Neuroscience20142015 Philip V. Holmes (research assistant)
Patrick BordnickSocial Work, General Psychology, Mental Health
Emily Renee Boviernutrition and sensory psychology Billy Randy Hammond (grad student)
Bridget E. BoyleCognitive Psychology, Industrial Psychology2001 Gary J. Launtenschlager (grad student)
Gene A. BrewerCognitive, Experimental, Human Memory
Brian E. BrideSocial Work, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Margaret M. Robinson (grad student)
Lindsay BriggsFacial expression recognition, Sex differences, Mimicry, Embodied cognition
James M. BrownVisual Perception, Attention
Katherine BruceAnimal behavior, comparative cognition Dan Estep (grad student)
Amy B. Brunellnarcissism Psychology20022007 W. Keith Campbell (grad student)
John H.D. BryanSpermatogenesis and cytological studies
Bradford N. BunnellPhysiological Psychology
Matty F. ButrynHuman Aggression2000 Amos Zeichner (grad student)
Karen S. CalhounClinical Psychology
Tamora A. Callands
W. Keith Campbell
Amanda L. CaravalhoSelf-esteem, exercise
Martha CarrPersonality Psychology, Reading Education, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
David A. CharakPersonality Psychology, Reading Education, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2000 Martha Carr (grad student)
Jason K. Clarksynaptic plasticity, dopamine, cocaine John J. Wagner (grad student)
Deborah J. CleggNutrients and body weight regulation2000 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Brett A. Clementz
Amanda B. Clintonpediatric neuropsychology, learning disabilities, neuroimaging2001 George Hynd (grad student)
Amy M. CohnAddiction, Mental Health, and Violence Amos Zeichner (grad student)
Gail A. Cole-AventHigher Education, Administration Education2008 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
Brian CondieImmune system development, gene editing.
Clare M. ConnellReading Education, Educational Psychology Education, Social Sciences Education2000 Cynthia R. Hynd (grad student)
Diane L. CooperHigher Education, Developmental Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
James B. CrabbeMental Health, Neuroscience Biology, Psychobiology Psychology2001 Rod K. Dishman (grad student)
Jessica CrastPrimatology, animal behavior Dorothy Fragaszy (grad student)
Deborah Crowe1982 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Mary A. Crowe-TaylorOrganization Theory, Organizational Applied Psychology2013 Garnett S. Stokes (grad student)
Sharon Crowell-DavisBehavioral Psychology
Anna C. CrowleyIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2000 Garnett S. Stokes (grad student)
Mark F. DaddonaHigher Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2000 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
John DattiloRecreation, Clinical Psychology
Stephenie DaviesClinical Psychology2000 Joan L. Jackson (grad student)
Brenda K. Davis2000 Richard L. Marsh (grad student)
Molly Faye DavisChild socioemotional development
Amanda B. DegelsmithNutrients and body weight regulation2000 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Melissa J. Denglervisual perception in infancy, macular pigment Billy Randy Hammond (grad student)
Rod K. DishmanMental Health, Neuroscience Biology, Psychobiology Psychology
Stefan C. DombrowskiNutrients and body weight regulation2000 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Shane S. DouthittIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2000 Lillian T. Eby (grad student)
Lillian T. EbyIndustrial Psychology, Black Studies
Gaylen L. EdwardsNeuroscience Biology
Katherine B. EhrlichDevelopmental/Health Psychology
Michael EnglesOcular Nutrition, Visual perception, Ecological Vision Billy Randy Hammond (grad student), Jose E. Nanez Sr. (grad student)
Dan EstepAnimal Behavior
Joseph L. Etherton1999 Steven R. H. Beach (grad student)
Lauren EthridgeFragile X20062012 Brett A. Clementz (grad student)
Sarah FarmerDevelopmental psychology, Face perception, Evolutionary psychology
Micheal S. FerraraCognitive Psychology
Lauren Few Psychology Joshua D. Miller (grad student)
Stuart ForsHealth Education, Women's Studies, Nutrition, Clinical Psychology, Mass Communications
Dorothy FragaszyPrimatology, animal behavior
James L. FranklinNeuronal Apoptosis
Jami L. FrazeHealth Education, Women's Studies, Nutrition, Clinical Psychology, Mass Communications2000 Stuart Fors (grad student)
Janet Frickinfant attention
Hannah Fulenwider2015 Jesse R. Schank (grad student)
Roni S. FunkSocial Work, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology2005 Nancy P. Kropf (grad student)
Joan R. FunkSocial Work, Higher Education2007 Margaret M. Robinson (grad student)
Eric Gaughan Psychology Joshua D. Miller (grad student)
David C. GaviskEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education, Cognitive Psychology2000 Paula J. Schwanenflugel (grad student)
Mark Gebert1983 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Peter Richard GiancolaAlcohol mediated Aggression Amos Zeichner (grad student)
Shawn GlynnEducational Psychology Education, Sciences Education, Teacher Training Education
Yasuyuki Gondo Public Health, and Psychology Leonard W. Poon (post-doc)
Tynessa L. Gordon
Barbara A. GoreIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2000 Garnett S. Stokes (grad student)
Harold H. Greene Psychology James M. Brown (grad student)
Keegan Greenier1995 Michael Kernis (grad student)
Noel GreggSpecial Education, Higher Education, Clinical Psychology
Janice S. GriffithsMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2000 Rajiv Grover (grad student)
Rajiv GroverMarketing Business Administration, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Jessica L. Groves-ChapmanNeuroprotection, neurogenesis
Knut HagtvetTests and Measurements Education, Educational Psychology Education
Jordan P. HammNeural circuits, Schizophrenia, calcium imaging, interneurons, Electroencephalography, Magnetoencephalography
Billy Randy HammondVisual System
Sherri B. Hammondself-administration, cocaine John J. Wagner (grad student)
Nancy M. HatcherEducational Psychology Education2000 Randy W. Kamphaus (grad student)
Orvil R. HauseIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2000 Garnett S. Stokes (grad student)
Richard L. Hayes
Stephanie HerrlingerNeurodevelopment, Neuropsychiatry
Jason L. HicksEpisodic memory; prospective memory; source memory; recognition memory; false memory Psychology19931998 Richard L. Marsh (grad student)
Donna L. HightHigher Education, Developmental Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2004 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
James Holbrook1982 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Philip V. Holmes
Carl J. HuberyEducational Psychology Education
Cynthia R. HyndReading Education, Educational Psychology Education, Social Sciences Education
Walter IsaacArousal Theory & Experimental Neuropsychology
Joan L. JacksonClinical Psychology
William Thomas JamesComparative Psycholoy, animal behavior, learning
Josephine M. JohnsMaternal behavior, neuroteratology, drug and alcohol abuse1988 Lelon J. Peacock (grad student)
Cecil D. JohnsonIndustrial Psychology, Black Studies2001 Lillian T. Eby (grad student)
William W. Jones2000 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Deborah Jean Jones2000 Steven R. H. Beach (grad student)
Ryan JordanDevelopmental psychology, Symbolic understanding
Randy W. KamphausClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Lakshmi Kelamangalathneuroscience John J. Wagner (grad student)
Madhu Keralapurathsynaptic plasticity, dopamine, cocaine John J. Wagner (grad student)
Sooyeon KimEducational Psychology Education, Psychometrics Psychology2000 Knut Hagtvet (grad student)
Haeun J. Kim Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2018 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Seonil Kimneurodegeneration, Alzheimer's disease, Autophagy Cellular Biology20042005 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Whitney KnightDevelopmental psychology, Facial identity recognition, Social rejection
Deborah F. KnightSpecial Education, Reading Education, Higher Education2000 Noel Gregg (grad student)
Ranjith Krishnankutty Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20072009 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Nancy P. KropfSocial Work, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology
Sayali Kukday Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20082012 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Dorian A. Lamissuicide, bipolar disorder
Charles E. LanceIndustrial Psychology
Gary J. LauntenschlagerCognitive Psychology, Industrial Psychology
John H. Lawinsect biochemistry, protein structure and function, lipid metabolism, animal pigmentation, pathogenic fungal infections, orchid biology, and metal ion metabolism
David LeavensAnimal Cognition, Cognitive Development, Communication, Comparative psychology, Developmental psychology, Evolution of language, Experimental psychology, Gestures, Observational methods, Pointing2001 Roger K. Thomas (grad student)
P. Andrew Leynes Richard L. Marsh (grad student), Joseph D. Allen (post-doc)
Michael C. LoftinHuman Aggression2001 Amos Zeichner (grad student)
Kristin A. LoisellePediatric Health Psychology
Tyler S. LorigOlfaction, physiological testing, EEG analysis19781983 Walter Isaac (grad student)
Kristen A. LuscherClinical Psychology2001 Karen S. Calhoun (grad student)
Sarah M. LyleDevelopmental Psychology; Health Psychology; Neuroscience Psychology Katherine B. Ehrlich (grad student)
Zhongyao Ma Genetics Brian Condie (grad student)
James MacKillop
Robert P. MahanCognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Nutrition, Health Education
Madhur MangalamMotor control; Movement biomechanics; Perception & Action; Tool use Department of Psychology Department of Psychology20142018 Dorothy Fragaszy (grad student), Karl Newell (grad student)
Carol L. ManligasIndustrial Psychology, Business Education, Industrial Education2000 Robert P. Mahan (grad student)
Richard L. Marsh
Roy P. MartinNutrients and body weight regulation
David L. MayfieldIndustrial Psychology2000 Charles E. Lance (grad student)
Robert J. McCaffreyClinical Neuropsychology Walter Isaac (grad student)
Laura K. McCormickHealth Education, Public Health, Clinical Psychology
Kevin K. McCullySkeletal muscle physiology
Lily D. McNairClinical Psychology
Sharan B. MerriamAdult and Continuing Education, Educational Psychology Education, General Psychology
Brian Rounds MetcalfDrug discrimination, chaos theory, schedule induced polydipisia 19891998 William Thomas James (grad student)
Joshua D. Millerpersonality, personality disorder, antisocial behavior
Gary W. Millerdopamine, Parkinsons disease1995 Rick G. Schnellmann (grad student)
Carlin J. MillerADHD, impulse control, personality George Hynd (grad student)
David Z. Mokry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20052010 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Diana M. MorelenChild Clinical
Deanna L. MorganTests and Measurements Education, Educational Psychology Education2001 Knut Hagtvet (grad student)
Martin Mrazikpediatric neuropsychology, learning disabilities, neuroimaging2001 George Hynd (grad student)
Kristen J. NavaraSex Differentiation, Maternal Effects
Sadie E NennigAddiction, Alcoholism, Neuroinflammation Physiology/Pharmacology2014 Jesse R. Schank (grad student)
Jacqueline A. NewboldSocial psychology, culture, well-being, autonomy Psychology20132018 Leonard L. Martin (grad student)
Marilyn NewhoffSpeech Pathology, Cognitive Psychology
Kathleen M. Nielsenpediatric neuropsychology, learning disabilities, neuroimaging2000 George Hynd (grad student)
Kevin John O'BrienVision20092009 Michael Engles (research assistant), Billy Randy Hammond (grad student)
Deborah A. Otto SundermanNutrients and body weight regulation2000 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Matheus M Pachecomotor control, motor learning, motor development
Ramona M. PaniciGuidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2001 Richard L. Hayes (grad student)
Nita A. ParisEducational Psychology Education, Sciences Education, Teacher Training Education2000 Shawn Glynn (grad student)
Emily M. Parker Brett A. Clementz (research assistant)
William B. PavlikPavlovian Conditioning Kenneth W. Spence (grad student), Janet Taylor Spence (grad student)
Martha D. PetoskeyEducational Psychology Education2000 Randy W. Kamphaus (grad student)
Stacey J. PollackClinical Psychology2000 Karen S. Calhoun (grad student)
Stephen B. Porter Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20042007 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Stefany L. Primeaux2000 Philip V. Holmes (grad student)
Daniel PromislowDrosophila, Evolution, Senescence, Networks, Life history strategies, sexual selection Paul Harvey (grad student)
Mary Ann Rafoth1984 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Rajani Ravishankar2017 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Christina L. RichardsEcological genetics, epigenetics, ecophysiology, phenotypic plasticity, plant invasions, climate change, salt marsh ecology19992004 Rodney Mauricio (grad student), Lisa A. Donovan (grad student)
Margaret M. RobinsonSocial Work, Psychometrics Psychology
Robin Rosenthal2000 Richard L. Hayes (grad student)
Dean SabatinelliEmotion, fMRI, Psychophysiology
Sukhada Samudra Genetics Brian Condie (grad student)
David L. SaulNutrients and body weight regulation2001 Roy P. Martin (grad student)
Walter K. SchmidtYeast protease
Paul A. SchutzEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Paula J. SchwanenflugelEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education, Cognitive Psychology
Kerry A. SchwanzEducational Psychology Education, Behavioral Psychology, Developmental Psychology2001 Randy W. Kamphaus (grad student)
Natale R. SciolinoGalanin, Locus Coeruleus, Stress20102014 Andrea G. Hohmann (grad student), Philip V. Holmes (grad student)
Joel H. ScottHigher Education2008 Diane L. Cooper (grad student)
Elizabeth Ann Simpsonsocial cognition, face perception, evolutionary psychology20082011 Dorothy Fragaszy (grad student), Janet Frick (grad student)
Derek A. Smith Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20162017 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Michael Snell Psychology W. Keith Campbell (grad student)
Zahilys Soto-Arocho Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2018 Walter K. Schmidt (grad student)
Narayanan SrinivasanVisual Perception, Attention19921996 James M. Brown (grad student)
Garnett S. StokesOrganization Theory, Organizational
Michael Stramiellosynaptic plasticity, dopamine, cocaine John J. Wagner (grad student)
Wailani SungBehavioral Psychology2001 Sharon Crowell-Davis (grad student)
Douglas P TerryMRI, fMRI, DTI, schizophrenia, emotion, alzheimers, dementia
Roger K. ThomasAnimal Cognition, Behavioral Neuroscience, History of Psychology and Neuroscience Lelon J. Peacock (grad student)
Kathryn E. Thompson-FeithIndustrial Psychology2001 Garnett S. Stokes (grad student)
David M. TuckerClinical Psychology, Higher Education Psychology19791983 Gordon J. Chelune (grad student)
Krisztina VargaDevelopmental psychology, symbolic understanding, face perception20052009 Janet Frick (grad student)
John J. Wagnersynaptic plasticity, addiction
Gail Williamson
Randall C. WolfePsychobiology Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Sharon Crowell-Davis (grad student)
Jeffrey S. YarvisSocial Work, General Psychology, Mental Health2004 Patrick Bordnick (grad student)
Amos ZeichnerHuman Aggression Robert O Pihl (grad student)