Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Wokje Abrahamseenvironmental psychology, interventions to encourage behaviour change, behavioural spill over, social influence. Psychology20112013 Robert Gifford (post-doc)
Sibylle ArtzClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
Gautam Bhagwan AwatramaniVisual system
Travis E. BakerCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Genetics, Public Health2012 Clay B. Holroyd (grad student)
Kenneth J. BarabashClinical Psychology2003 Geoff Hett (grad student)
J Beavin BavelasClinical Psychology
Laurie-Rae BaxterEducational Psychology Education
Deborah BegorayMental Health, Educational Psychology Education
Vinay BharadiaCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience Biology, Aging bsheaff@uvic.ca2013 Holly Tuokko (grad student)
Ron BorowskyCognitive Neuroscience Psychology1995 Michael E. J. Masson (post-doc)
Jamie BoydTwo-photon microscopy19992003 Kerry R. Delaney (post-doc)
C A. BrimacombeIndustrial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology
Craig E. Brownneural and vascular plasticity, stroke, diabetes
Magali M. BrulotClinical Psychology2001 Esther Strauss (grad student)
Daniel Nathan BubAction representations, language, object recognition
Cindy M. BukachBehavioral Psychology2004 Daniel Nathan Bub (grad student)
Jason C.K. ChanMemory20002001 D. Stephen Lindsay (research assistant), Michael E. Masson (research assistant)
Angel Chen Environmental Psychology2015 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Robert Lewis Chowvisual system development
Alison Chung Psychology2022 Theone Paterson (grad student)
Sean CloustonNeuroepidemiology, Sociology, Demography, Psychology20112013 Scott Michael Hofer (post-doc)
Martin L. CollisHealth Education, Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Psychology
Cian Dabrowski Psychology2021 Theone Paterson (grad student)
Stephen G. DannMolecular Biology2004 Craig W. Hawryshyn (grad student)
Kerry R. Delaneysynaptic physiology, dendritic physiology
Geoffrey M. deRosenrollsynaptic plasticity, retinal physiology Biology20112015 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Katherine L. Dragert bsheaff@uvic.ca2012 E Paul Zehr (grad student)
Andrea E. EidingerCanadian History, Gender History History History Department History Department History Department20062011 Lynne S. Marks (grad student), Eric W. Sager (grad student), Elizabeth Vibert (grad student), Jordan Stanger-Ross (grad student)
Eric Eyolfson
Cheuk Fan
Zen Faulkesinvertebrate neuroethology19891996 Dorothy H. Paul (grad student)
Adam Fekete Kerry R. Delaney (post-doc)
Janet Finlayneurochemistry, behavior Michael Corcoran (research assistant)
Daniel FisetVisual Cognition Psychology20062007 Daniel Nathan Bub (post-doc)
Christine Fontaine
Honore FranceWomen's Studies, General Religion, Spirituality
Jeff FrazerCognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2012 Mauricio Garcia-Barrera (grad student)
Karina Y. FuentesClinical Psychology2000 David F. Hultsch (grad student)
William H. Gaddesneuropsychology, child learning
Mauricio Garcia-BarreraCognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
James Gibson Psychology2006 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Robert GiffordEnvironmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology,
Joana Gil-MohapelNeurogenesis
Trevor H. Gilbert Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Tamara E. GoransonClinical Psychology2001 Roger E. Graves (grad student)
Gloria Gracehuman neuropsychology Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Roger E. GravesClinical Psychology
Maddie Gregory Psychology2022 Theone Paterson (grad student)
Vincenza GruppusoCognitive Psychology2003 D. Stephen Lindsay (grad student)
Kelci Harris Psychology20172019 Elizabeth Page-Gould (post-doc)
Craig W. HawryshynNeuroscience Biology
Yuko HeathSocial Psychology, Environmental Sciences Psychology2004 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Geoff HettClinical Psychology
Geoffrey G. HettClinical Psychology
Donald Hine
Scott Michael HoferCognition, Aging19891994 John L. Horn (grad student)
Clay B. HolroydCognitive Control, Event Related Potentials
David F. HultschClinical Psychology
Craig P HuttonNeuroplasticity, Neurodegeneration, Neurogenesis, Alzheimer's disease, Depression, Exercise, Nutrition, Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury
Fabio Iglesias20082009 Robert Gifford (post-doc)
Steve Insley1989 Edward H. Miller (grad student)
Julie Irwin
Michael E. J. MassonCognitive Psychology
Jamie JohnstonK channels, T-type Ca channels, calyx of Held, retina, olfactory bulb20062009 Kerry R. Delaney (post-doc)
Sandy JungClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 J Beavin Bavelas (grad student)
Martha D. Kaiservisual perception, autism20032005 Jim Tanaka (research assistant)
Justin D. KantnerCognitive Psychology2011 D. Stephen Lindsay (grad student)
Duncan Kirkbyneural plasticity Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Marc D. Klimstra2010 E Paul Zehr (grad student)
Pamela S KlonoffNeurorehabilitation
Laura D. KnoglerNeuroscience20062007 Kerry R. Delaney (research assistant)
Christine Kormos Environmental Psychology2016 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Adam Krawitz
Olav E. KrigolsonCognitive Neuroscience, Learning, Decision Making, Neuroimaging, Computational Modelling Psychology20032008 Clay B. Holroyd (grad student)
Leroy D. KruisselbrinkExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2000 Geraldine H. Van Gyn (grad student)
Christopher LalondeDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Ruth Laniusneuropsychiatry, neuroimaging Michael Corcoran (research assistant)
Lara L. LauzonHealth Education, Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Psychology2002 Martin L. Collis (grad student)
Bonnie J. LeadbeaterIndividual and Family Studies, Social Psychology
Johnnye Lewistoxicology Michael Corcoran (research assistant)
D. Stephen LindsayMemory
Brenda L. Lonsbury-MartinAuditory system, Noise-induced hearing loss William H. Gaddes (research assistant)
Stephen J. C. LuehrLearning, Decision Making, Fatigue, Electroencephalography Neuroscience Psychology20162018 Olav E. Krigolson (grad student), Adam Krawitz (grad student)
Melanie R. Lysenko-Martinmemory, depression, concussion, aging, addiction, optogenetics Psychology20192019 Scott Michael Hofer (research assistant)
Julia Macdonald Psychology1994 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Carla L. MacLeanIndustrial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2013 C A. Brimacombe (grad student)
David J. Maddenaging, brain imaging, attention Psychology19721974 Otfried Spreen (grad student), Frank J. Spellacy (grad student)
Michael E. MassonCognition
Catherine A. MateerClinical Psychology
Kyle E. MathewsonCognitive Neuroimaging, Attention, Exectutive Control20052007 Clay B. Holroyd (research assistant)
Barbara R. McCallumClinical Psychology2001 Geoff Hett (grad student)
Lindsay McCunn
Keith McPhersonEarly Childhood Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2011 Deborah Begoray (grad student)
Richard I McWalteraudition Electrical Engineering (MISTIC)20042005 George Tzanetakis (research assistant)
Alicia Meconi
Paul Mohapel Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Erich MohrNeurotherapeutics Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Benjamin L. Murphy-BaumVisual system, retina Biology2017 Gautam Bhagwan Awatramani (post-doc)
Cheuk NgEnvironmental, social, and cross-cultural psychology areas: noise, crowding, and privacy in the work and home environments, immigrants' use of space and acculturation, and more recently, retail environments and telework Psychology1989 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Jolly P. NyekoEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology2012 Alan Pence (grad student)
Brian O'Connor
Theone Patersonneuropsychology; cognitive aging; COVID-19 cognitive impairment; biological aging; chronological aging; chronic illness; cognitive measures
Wayne Michael Patrick
Anna Patten
Dorothy H. PaulNeuroethology, crustacean neurobiology, locomotory behavior, muscles, cns, propioceptors, comparative studies into cns evolution, sand crab research (Emerita analoga)1970 Donald Kennedy (grad student)
Miles PaulFertilization
Gregory EP PearceyNeurophysiology Division of Medical Sciences20142019 E Paul Zehr (grad student)
Alan PenceEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology
Ross PetersonSynaptic Plasticity
Chetan Purushottam PhadkeH-reflex, spasticity, EMG20052006 E Paul Zehr (grad student)
Cristina Pinar
Brett A. PoulisPlant Physiology2004 Patrick von Aderkas (grad student)
Dawn M. RabeyWomen's Studies, General Religion, Spirituality Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies2013 Honore France (grad student)
Patricia RanahanMental Health, Educational Psychology Education2011 Deborah Begoray (grad student)
Marlies RiseBotany Biology2001 Patrick von Aderkas (grad student)
Diane N. RocheClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Marsha G. Runtz (grad student)
Maria d. Rodriguez SaldanaCurriculum and Instruction Education2002 Geoff Hett (grad student)
Jessica Rourke Psychology2014 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Marsha G. RuntzClinical Psychology, Social Psychology
Jennifer L. SaltzmanDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Christopher Lalonde (grad student)
Deborah Saucier Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Scott Sawchuk
Leila ScannellDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Morgan Schaeffer Psychology2022 Theone Paterson (grad student)
Heather L. SchmidtCommunity Psychology Psychology Robert Gifford (research assistant)
Santhosh Sethuramanujamretinal circuitry biology2014 Gautam Bhagwan Awatramani (post-doc)
Rochelle M. Sharpe LohrasbeClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2012 Sibylle Artz (grad student)
James ShinSynaptic Plasticity, Fetal Alcohol John F. MacDonald (research assistant)
Ronald Skelton
Colette M. Smart
Frank J. Spellacy Otfried Spreen (grad student)
Frances M. Spencer-BensonGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology2003 Honore France (grad student)
Otfried Spreenneuropsychology, aphasia
Otfired Spreen
Ulrike StegeCognitive Psychology
Frances E.C. StewartEcology
Tim StockwellEducational Psychology Education, Higher Education, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Esther StraussClinical Psychology
David StussRett Syndrome20052009 Kerry R. Delaney (grad student)
Tina F. SuDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2011 Bonnie J. Leadbeater (grad student)
Yao Sunrehabilitation neurophysiology spasticity20132019 E Paul Zehr (grad student)
Reuven Sussman Psychology2015 Robert Gifford (grad student)
Leigh Anne SwayneNeurogenesis, ion channels, molecular chaperones, Alzheimer's disease, lipidomics, NALCN, pancreatic beta cells, N-type calcium channels, CSP
Mojtaba TaheriAdaptive Optics, Astronomical Instrumentation20152021 Kim Venn (grad student)
Jim TanakaFace recognition, perceptual expertise Taylor Marjorie (grad student)
James W. Tanaka
Stuart Trenholm Biology20102014 Gautam Bhagwan Awatramani (grad student)
Juan Trivino-Paredes
Geraldine H. Van GynExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Iris van RooijCognitive Psychology2003 Ulrike Stege (grad student), Helena Kadlec (grad student)
Erin VasudevanMotor control, motor learning, locomotion, rehabilitation20022007 E Paul Zehr (grad student)
Jennifer Veitch
Elizabeth Vibert
Andres G. Vidal-GadeaNeuroethology19982003 Dorothy H. Paul (research assistant)
Naznin Virji-Babul
Patrick von Aderkas
Allan D. WadeClinical Psychology2000 J Beavin Bavelas (grad student)
Kirk Wellerneurology Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Verner Westerbergdrug dependence Michael Corcoran (grad student)
Helen L. WilliamsPsychology, Memory, Metamemory
Linda J. Wilson Dorothy H. Paul (grad student)
Todd S. WoodwardSchizophrenia, Neuroimaging Psychology Daniel Nathan Bub (grad student)
Jordana Wynn
Buyun XuFace Processing, Autism Research, Steady-state Visual Evoked Potential Psychology2013 James W. Tanaka (grad student)
Rachel S. YeungIndividual and Family Studies, Social Psychology Psychology2013 Bonnie J. Leadbeater (grad student)
Michelle YikStructure of Affect, Chinese Emotions, Facial Expressions, Culture and Personality19992000 Robert Gifford (post-doc)
E Paul Zehr Richard B. Stein (grad student)
Philip M. ZemanExperimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Biomedical Engineering Electrical Engineering, Biology, and Psychology2013 Ronald Skelton (grad student)