University of New Hampshire

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stella Royce ArambelCognitive Neuroscience
Isaac N AtivorIPM, Pollination ecology, Agroecology
Victoria L. BanyardSocial Psychology
Kenneth E. Bell2002 John Limber (grad student)
Victro BenassiSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Victor A. BenassiSocial Psychology, Higher Education, Personality Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Victor A. BennasiSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Joshua A. BurkBehavioral Neuroscience Robert Mair (grad student)
Andrew R ButlerTerrestrial Ecology Natural Resources and the Environment2021 Rem Moll (grad student)
Elise N. CantorDevelopmental Psychology2005 Victoria L. Banyard (grad student)
John P. Christiansonlearning, stress2006 Robert C. Drugan (grad student)
Ines S. CofrinSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology2007 Rebecca M. Warner (grad student)
Michael P. CofrinSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health2006 Victor A. Benassi (grad student)
Anne E. Cook2000 Edward J. O'Brien (grad student)
Deborah J. CoonClinical Psychology
Jenna Darling Jill McGaughy (research assistant)
Joshua J. DobiasVision Research20062011 William Wren Stine (grad student)
Kara DodgeZoology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Wildlife Conservation Agriculture2013 Maryellen M. Lutcavage (grad student)
Robert C. Druganstress pharmacology Steven F. Maier (grad student)
Kari L. DudleySocial Psychology, Higher Education, Personality Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2013 Victor A. Benassi (grad student)
Randolph EastonVision
Elizabeth A. FairchildFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2002 Hunt Howell (grad student)
Ingrid G. FarrerasClinical Psychology2001 Deborah J. Coon (grad student)
Eugene T. FilleyVision19972004 William Wren Stine (grad student)
Nicole Forner Robert S. Ross (grad student)
Mihael FreamatGnRH, GnRH receptors; neuroendocrinology2007 Stacia A. Sower (grad student)
Kenneth FuldVisual System Billy Rex Wooten (grad student)
Danielle GagneCognitive Aging Elizabeth A L Stine-Morrow (grad student)
Brett M. GibsonBehavioral Sciences Psychology, General Psychology, Zoology Biology
Maureen Gillespiepsycholinguistics, psychology20042005 Stella Royce Arambel (research assistant)
Anne T. Gilman2009 John Limber (grad student)
Randolph C. GraceChoice, Concurrent Chains John Anthony Nevin (grad student)
Christopher W. GurshinFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Zoology Biology, Acoustics Physics2012 Hunt Howell (grad student)
Chris HakalaCognition Psychologyt19901995 Edward J. O'Brien (grad student)
Billy Randy HammondVisual System1994 Kenneth Fuld (grad student)
Jacqueline R. Hembrook-ShortBrain, Behavior and Cognition20062011 Robert Mair (grad student)
Richard S. HetleyVision20032008 William Wren Stine (grad student)
Philip V. Holmes Robert C. Drugan (grad student)
John HornsteinEarly Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Developmental Psychology
John HornsteinEarly Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Developmental Psychology
Hunt HowellGeneral Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Heather D. HusseyBehavioral Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Pedagogy Education, Multilingual Education2009 Rebecca M. Warner (grad student)
Scott I. KavanaughGnRH, GnRH receptors; neuroendocrinology2009 Stacia A. Sower (grad student)
Michael R. KiddBehavioral neuroendocrinology Zoology2006 Thomas D. Kocher (grad student)
Takayoshi KosugiGnRH, GnRH receptors; neuroendocrinology2013 Stacia A. Sower (grad student)
Kie J. KuwabaraDevelopmental Psychology2014 David B. Pillemer (grad student)
Lindsey E. LaPlantSocial Psychology2002 Victoria L. Banyard (grad student)
Karla A. Lassonde2008 Edward J. O'Brien (grad student)
Jennifer LechakCognitive Psychology Psychology2013 Andrew B. Leber (grad student)
Katherine Lee Psychology20152016 Lindsey Rodriguez (grad student)
John Limber
Maryellen M. LutcavageZoology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Wildlife Conservation Agriculture
Robert MairBrain, Behavior, Cognition
John D. Mayer
Jill McGaughyBehavioral Neuroscience
Carolyn MebertDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology
Eugene S. Millshistory of psychology of
Benjamin J. MirkinEnvironmental Education, Social Psychology, Recreation2013 Jayson Seaman (grad student)
Kathryn L. ModeckiSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology2007 Victoria L. Banyard (grad student)
Rem Moll
Matthew K. MulvaneyDevelopmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2004 Carolyn Mebert (grad student)
Augustine J. MungkajeEcology Biology, Oceanography Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2001 Hunt Howell (grad student)
John Anthony Nevin Fred Simmons Keller (grad student)
James M. NewcombNeurobiology and Behavior Biological Sciences19982001 Winsor H. Watson (grad student)
Lori A. Newman20042009 Jill McGaughy (grad student)
Abigail L. Noycecognitive neuroscience, attention, short-term memory, prediction20062007 William Wren Stine (research assistant), Jill McGaughy (research assistant)
Edward J. O'Brien
Kristen D. OnosSpatial Working Memory20082013 Robert Mair (grad student)
Catherine E. OversonSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2011 Victor A. Benassi (grad student)
Kelly A. Peracchi2004 Edward J. O'Brien (grad student)
Donna M. PerkinsDevelopmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology2003 Carolyn Mebert (grad student)
Jeffrey L. PerrinSocial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Speech Communication2009 Victor A. Benassi (grad student)
David B. PillemerDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Gender Studies
Inga F. PotterOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology, Zoology Biology2010 Hunt Howell (grad student)
Alison A. RheingoldMiddle School Education2011 Jayson Seaman (grad student)
Rachel A. RogersDevelopmental Psychology, Higher Education, Educational Psychology Education2010 Carolyn Mebert (grad student)
Robert S. RossMemory
Nicole E. RossiDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Gender Studies2007 David B. Pillemer (grad student)
Basak Sahin-Acar Psychology20062011 Michelle D. Leichtman (grad student)
Jayson SeamanEnvironmental Education, Social Psychology, Recreation
Elizabeth B. SmedleyBehavioral Neuroscience Psychology20132015 Robert Mair (research assistant)
Andrew P. SmilerDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Carolyn Mebert (grad student)
Emily R. Smith2013 Edward J. O'Brien (grad student)
Lisa M. Soederberg MillerCognitive Aging, Language and Discourse Processing1993 Elizabeth A L Stine-Morrow (grad student)
Stacia A. SowerGnRH, GnRH receptors; neuroendocrinology
John Edward SparrowVision19841990 William Wren Stine (grad student)
Jennifer J. Stiegler2010 Edward J. O'Brien (grad student)
William Wren StineVision, Mathematical Models, Statistics, Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Bill StineExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
James A. SulikowskiZoology Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2003 Hunt Howell (grad student)
Kateryna Sylaskapersonal intelligence, prosocial behavior, social support Psychology20112016 John D. Mayer (grad student)
Jan K. TornickBehavioral Sciences Psychology, General Psychology, Zoology Biology2012 Brett M. Gibson (grad student)
Michelle L. WalshFisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Zoology Biology Zoology2012 Hunt Howell (grad student)
Timothy A. Warner Psychology2013 Robert C. Drugan (grad student)
Rebecca M. WarnerSocial Psychology
Winsor H. WatsonZoology Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Erika T. Wells2012 Andrew B. Leber (grad student)
Phyllis A. WentworthClinical Psychology, Public and Social Welfare2002 Deborah J. Coon (grad student)