Colorado State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Patricia A. Aloise-YangSocial Psychology
Patricia A. Aloise-YoungIndustrial Psychology, Occupational Health and Safety, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Hispanic American Studies
Khaleel I. AlyahyaOphthalmology, Veterinary Science Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology2009 Jim Madl (grad student)
Charles Anderson
Cynthia L. AngelExperimental Psychology2003 Vicki J. Volbrecht (grad student)
Lisa M. Angeloni
Lynn S. AnsherClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2002 Larry Bloom (grad student)
Krystle B. ArchibaldCounseling Psychology, Aging, Women's Studies, Gerontology Psychology2010 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Jesus A. Arevalo2004 Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Ryan L. Ashley2007 Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Elizabeth L. AstaCounseling Psychology, GLBT Studies Psychology2011 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Mouna AttarhaVisual perception patrick monnier (research assistant)
Patrick AvenetDrug discovery, neuroscience19901992 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
David D. Avery
Alex M. BabcockBehavioral Neuroscience, Physiological Psychology, Psychology1985 David D. Avery (grad student)
Dong-Soon BaeEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology2002 Raymond K. Yang (grad student)
James R. BamburgADF/Cofilin
Victoria Bandera Health and Exercise Science20192021 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Barbara C. BanzCognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Higher Education, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2014 Deana B. Davalos (grad student)
Michele C. BaranczykIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2009 Stefanie Johnson (grad student)
William Barber1996 Bret N. Smith (collaborator)
Karen L. BarrettSocial Psychology
Scott Baverbiology of vision, retina
Katherine M Becker Psychology20142020 Donald C. Rojas (grad student)
Matthew A. BedoukianNeuroscience Biology2006 Kathryn Partin (grad student)
Caleb Remington BeglyElectrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering20172019 Thomas Wei Chen (grad student)
Cheryl L. BeselerPublic Health, Toxicology, General Agriculture2005 Lorann Stallones (grad student)
Albertino BigianiSensory biology, neuroscience19901994 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Larry BloomCounseling Psychology
Amanda P. Borrowbehavioral neuroendocrinology Biomedical Sciences Robert J. Handa (post-doc)
Natalie E. BrescianCounseling Psychology, Gerontology2010 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Alan BrightSocial Psychology
Paul S. BuckmasterEpilepsy F Edward Dudek (post-doc)
Julie M. BuggMemory, educational psycohology2006 Ed L. DeLosh (grad student)
kyle s. burgerEating Behavior, Obesity2009 Susan Johnson (grad student)
Laura J. Burlingame-LeeSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Gender Studies2008 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Randall T. BurtzRecreation, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2002 Alan Bright (grad student)
Zinta S. ByrneGeneral Psychology
Alana M. CampbellCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology Psychology2012 Deana B. Davalos (grad student)
Silvia S. CanettoClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Shana K. CarpenterMemory, educational psychology20012004 Ed L. DeLosh (grad student)
Joshua CarrollForestry and Wildlife Agriculture2005 Alan Bright (grad student)
Jennifer E. CatoBehavioral Psychology, Gender Studies2005 Silvia S. Canetto (grad student)
Serenity ChambersClinical Psychology, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Technology of Education, Marketing Business Administration2006 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Soham ChandaSynaptic Plasticity
Laurie A. ChapinDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Multilingual Education, Hispanic American Studies Psychology2010 Raymond K. Yang (grad student)
Ernest ChavezEducational Psychology Education, Sociology of Education, Hispanic American Studies
Ernie ChavezSocial Psychology
Thomas Wei ChenDesign of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Systems, Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design, Bioelectronics, Biosensors, CAD Methodology for VLSI, Low Power Circuit Design
Brian D. CherringtonEndocrinology, GnRH Receptor2005 Colin M. Clay (grad student)
Helena ChuiGerontology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2010 Manfred Diehl (grad student)
Corinna M. CincottaLearning, Cognitive Neuroscience19992005 Carol A. Seger (grad student)
Colin M. ClayEndocrinology, GnRH Receptor Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Benjamin A. CleggApplied Cognitive Psychology, Human Performance
Meredith N. CohnClinical Psychology, Health Education2006 Kathy Rickard (grad student)
Jodi L. CoochiseCounseling Psychology, Women's Studies Psychology2014 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Ray W. Cookseyresearch methods, human judgment and decision making, organizational behaviour, complexity theory Psychology Psychology19761981 Ross J. Loomis (grad student), Terry L. Dickinson (grad student)
Crista L. CoppolaVeterinary Science Biology2004 Temple Grandin (grad student)
Gregory R. CornellClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2002 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Jeffrey M. CoryClinical Psychology, Neuroscience Biology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2003 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Stewart G. Crawford-Hines2003 Charles Anderson (grad student)
Russell CropanzanoIndustrial Psychology
Amy J. DarraghOccupational Health and Safety, Public Health2001 Lorann Stallones (grad student)
Angela L. DarttEnvironmental Health Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences2010 John Rosecrance (grad student)
Marielle Darwin Psychology20122014 Rebecca J. Houston (research assistant)
Rajarshi DasReinforcement Learning, Cellular automata, Emergent Computation, Game Theory, Distributed Systems Computer Science Computer Science Department19891992 L Darrell Whitley (grad student), Charles Anderson (grad student)
Deana B. DavalosSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2000 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Patricia L. DaviesPhysiological Psychology, General Psychology
Rona Delayolfaction, pheromone, taste transduction Stephen D. Roper (grad student)
Ed L. DeLoshMemory, educational psycohology
Edward L. DeLoshCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Danielle D. DickensEducational Psychology Education, African American Studies, Personality Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies, Black Studies Psychology2014 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Manfred DiehlGerontology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Melanie M. Domenech RodriguezClinical/Counseling Psychology Psychology Ernesto L. Chavez (grad student)
Weston V. DonaldsonGerontology, GLBT Studies, Aging Psychology2014 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Alicia M. EbertNeuroscience Biology2008 Deborah Gorrity (grad student)
Ruth W. EdwardsSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Muna El-ShaiebClinical Psychology2005 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Steven M. EliasSocial Psychology, Teacher Training Education2001 Ross J. Loomis (grad student)
Buffy S. EllsworthEndocrinology, GnRH Receptor2002 Colin M. Clay (grad student)
Samantha A. FarroSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Women's Studies2009 Silvia S. Canetto (grad student)
Sydney E. FelkerBehavioral Psychology, Higher Education Administration Education, Spirituality Psychology2011 Richard M. Suinn (grad student)
Eva K Fischer Biology Kim Lisa Hoke (grad student)
Kathryn FitzpatrickSocial Psychology, General Religion, Women's Studies, Gerontology, Individual and Family Studies2009 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Brett W. FlingMotor control, Voluntary movement disorders, Aging
Gregory L. FlorantTemperature regulation,Energy balance
Cornelia FlorckeBehavioral Sciences Psychology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture Animal Sciences2013 Temple Grandin (grad student)
Amanda N. FosterCounseling Psychology Psychology2014 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Philip Douglas FoxKv Channels, Ion channel trafficking Biomedical Sciences2015 Michael M. Tamkun (grad student), Shane T. Hentges (post-doc)
Shannon K. GallagherNeuroscience Biology Biomedical Sciences2013 Jozsef Vigh (grad student)
Joseph T. GallegosNeurodegeneration, neuroimmunology, bioinformatics Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology20162019 Glenn C. Telling (research assistant)
Elisa GeorgeIndustrial Psychology2006 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Timothy A. GilbertsonTaste, Neuroscience19911993 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Deborah GorrityNeuroscience Biology
Heidi GrabenstatterEpilespy2007 F Edward Dudek (grad student)
Manfred GrabnerCalcium Channels Kurt G. Beam (post-doc)
Temple GrandinBehavioral Sciences Psychology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture
Ben GrangerSocial Work, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology
David F. Gregory Psychology20032005 Carol A. Seger (research assistant)
Raymond S. H. YangToxicology, Neuroscience Biology
Jodi L. HallerEndocrinology, GnRH Receptor2005 Colin M. Clay (grad student)
Robert J. HandaNeurondocrinology, steroid hormone receptors, stress and reproduction
Moriah Hanson Health and Exercise Science20172019 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Jonathan E. HarmsNeuroscience Biology, General Biophysics Biomedical Sciences2013 Kathryn Partin (grad student)
Andrew HartwickRetina, Glutamate, Melanopsin, ipRGCs, Pupils20052008 Gary Pickard (post-doc)
Kimberly C. HasteyIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Michael F. Hawkins David D. Avery (grad student)
Eric HeggestadIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology
Kimberly HenryDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Multilingual Education, Hispanic American Studies
Shane T. Hentgessynaptic mechanisms, obesity
Kate L. HinrichsCounseling Psychology, Social Psychology, Gerontology2009 Tammi Vacha-Haase (grad student)
Leah Hitchcock Health and Exercise Department2010 Brian L. Tracy (research assistant)
Kim Lisa Hokehearing, evolution
Kylie A Huckleberry Psychology20092009 Benjamin A. Clegg (research assistant)
Brian M. HurdIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration, Organizational Psychology2011 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Douglas IshiiNeuroscience Biology
Brooke Jarvie Shane T. Hentges (research assistant)
Stefanie JohnsonIndustrial Psychology, Technology of Education, Adult and Continuing Education
Kevin T Jonesworking memory, cognitive control, aging, neurostimulation, neuroimaging Psychology20172018 Donald C. Rojas (post-doc)
Shilpa D. KadamEpilepsy, Neurodevelopmental disabilities Department of Biomedical Sciences20012006 F Edward Dudek (grad student)
Arvind K. KarwanCounseling Psychology Psychology2012 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Stanley B. KaterDevelopment Neuroscience
Halldis M. KellySocial Psychology2001 Ernie Chavez (grad student)
Chase R. Khedmatgozar2022 Amanda L. Woerman (grad student)
Christa E. KierschGeneral Psychology, Management Business Administration, Industrial Psychology Psychology2012 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Dae-Joong Kim19941996 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Sue C. Kinnamontaste, physiology
Jefferson W. Kinney2000 David D. Avery (grad student)
Krystyna Kolodziej Health and Exercise Science2020 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Jill A. KuhnClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Developmental Psychology2001 Larry Bloom (grad student)
Jennifer L. LanierAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture2002 Temple Grandin (grad student)
Ping-Tzu LeeSocial Work, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology Social Work2014 Ben Granger (grad student)
Marilyn G. LeffEpidemiology, Occupational Health and Safety, Clinical Psychology2008 Lorann Stallones (grad student)
Marie E. LegareToxicology, Neuroscience Biology
Pamela J. LevineIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2006 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Megan K. LittrellMemory, educational psycohology Psychology2011 Ed L. DeLosh (grad student)
Yinghua LiuVisual system Psychology20122013 Carol A. Seger (research assistant)
Vanessa M. Loaiza-KoisCognitive Psychology Psychology2012 Matthew G. Rhodes (grad student)
Carin Loewen2005 Noreen Reist (grad student)
Ross J. LoomisSocial Psychology, Teacher Training Education
Dan Lopez PaniaguaCognitive Neuroscience, Human Learning Psychology2011 Carol A. Seger (grad student)
Yasong LuToxicology2006 Raymond K. Yang (grad student)
Sean B. LupienNeuroscience Biology2003 Douglas Ishii (grad student)
Jennifer M. Mackler2003 Noreen Reist (grad student)
Jim MadlOphthalmology, Veterinary Science Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology
Christianne MageeEndocrinology, GnRH Receptor2010 Colin M. Clay (grad student)
Mark S. MaierToxicology, Neuroscience Biology2005 Marie E. Legare (grad student)
Michael T. MaloneyADF/Cofilin2006 James R. Bamburg (grad student)
Mike ManfredoWildlife Conservation Agriculture, Wildlife Management Agriculture, Social Psychology
Mark P. Mattsonaging of the nervous system and age-related neurodegenerative disorders19861988 Stanley B. Kater (post-doc)
Christopher MayackZoology Biology, Parasitology Biology, Physiology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Biology2012 Dhruba Naug (grad student)
Mark D. MazurkiewiczIndustrial Psychology2009 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Jennifer M. McCallum2001 Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Kristy McClellanDevelopmental Neurobiology20032008 Stuart Allen Tobet (grad student)
John G. McCoysleep and cognition Psychology19861992 David D. Avery (grad student)
Kelly S. McIntyreIndustrial Psychology2005 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Joseph P. McMonagleClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Public Health2005 Ernie Chavez (grad student)
Andrea Mendez ColmenaresNeuroimaging, MRI, aging Michael L Thomas (grad student)
Jenna L Merensteinlearning and memory, neuroimaging, aging Human Development and Family Studies20162017 Aga Burzynska (research assistant)
Paul S. MerrittMemory, educational psycohology2004 Ed L. DeLosh (grad student)
Alex M MillerNeuroendocrinology, Endocrinology, Neuroscience Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Sciences20212022 Robert J. Handa (grad student), Stuart Allen Tobet (grad student)
Carolyn J. MohlerIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2005 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Morgan J. MorrisonIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Rose Mueller-Hanson Psychology2002 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Michelle P. Murrain19871989 Stanley B. Kater (post-doc)
Michelle MynlieffVoltage dependent calcium channels19881993 Kurt G. Beam (post-doc)
Dhruba NaugZoology Biology, Parasitology Biology, Physiology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Amy M. NavratilEndocrinology, GnRH Receptor2005 Colin M. Clay (grad student)
J. R. NeilsonIndustrial Psychology2005 Eric Heggestad (grad student)
Janice NergerColor Vision
Terry M. Nett
Jason S. Nomi Anne M. Cleary (grad student)
Jennifer J. O'BrienExcitation-contraction coupling2002 Kurt G. Beam (grad student)
Wendy A. O'BrienToxicology2003 Raymond K. Yang (grad student)
Kristen Mary Shannon O'ConnellIon channels20022008 Michael M. Tamkun (post-doc)
Geoffrey O'SheaImplicit learning, attention, history20012005 Carol A. Seger (grad student), Benjamin A. Clegg (grad student)
Arianna Odom Health and Exercise Science20182020 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Theodore J. OgaldezHigher Education2003 Robert Richburg (grad student)
Kacey OinessCounseling Psychology Psychology2012 Richard M. Suinn (grad student)
Oliver Wilford Olsen
Eddie P. OrnelasSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Hispanic American Studies2006 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Kristen L. OsterlundPhysiology Biology, Endocrinology Biology, Neuroscience Biology Biomedical Sciences2011 Robert J. Handa (grad student)
Mario G Oyolaneuroscience, neuroendocrinology, endocrinology, stress, traumatic brain injury, sex differences, imaging Robert J. Handa (post-doc)
Brie E. PaddockSynaptic physiology, Alzheimer's Disease Noreen Reist (grad student)
Chi W. PakADF/Cofilin2009 James R. Bamburg (grad student)
Carla V. PallaresEducational Psychology Education, Sociology of Education, Hispanic American Studies Psychology2011 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Kathy PartinGlutamate Receptord
Kathryn PartinNeuroscience Biology
Damon S. PerezToxicology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2005 Raymond K. Yang (grad student)
Nicholas E. PerrineSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Public Health2005 Patricia A. Aloise-Young (grad student)
Janet M. PetersLeadership Education, Higher Education, Pedagogy Education Psychology2014 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Erik J. Peterson Psychology20072012 Carol A. Seger (grad student)
David A. Peterson2007 Charles Anderson (grad student)
Warren Woodrich PettineComputational Psychiatry Neurobiology20092010 Stuart Allen Tobet (research assistant)
Melissa A. PfohlColor Vision Psychology2012 Janice Nerger (grad student)
Gary Pickard19972000 Bret N. Smith (collaborator)
Sharon J. PickrellSocial Psychology2002 Wayne Viney (grad student)
Yong Pingretina, drosophila, K channels, nAchR
Michael A. Pitts2007 Janice Nerger (grad student)
Virginia E. PittsGeneral Psychology Psychology2010 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Jenny Powers Biomedical Sciences2011 Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Cynthia A. PreharIndustrial Psychology2001 Russell Cropanzano (grad student)
Bruce E. Pulfordneuroscience, prions, tuberculosis
Roxanne RasstiBehavioral Psychology, Criminology and Penology, Personality Psychology Psychology2014 Larry Bloom (grad student)
Vincent Rehderdevelopmental neurobiology Stanley B. Kater (post-doc)
Noreen Reist
Matthew G. Rhodes
Marc Vernon RichardImplicit learning20042008 Benjamin A. Clegg (grad student), Carol A. Seger (grad student)
Robert RichburgCommunity College Education, Educational Psychology Education
Sutton B. RichmondNeuromechanics, Biomechanics, & Neuroimaging Health and Exercise Science20162020 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Kathy RickardClinical Psychology, Health Education
Louisa A. Rispoli2005 Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Larry R. RittenhouseRange Management Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology, Behavioral Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology
Kerri E RodriguezPsychology
Milad RoohiInfrastructure Resilience, Structural Health Monitoring, Earthquake Engineering John W. van de Lindt (post-doc)
John RosecranceOccupational Health and Safety, Industrial Psychology, Public Health
Edward A. RothMusic Therapy, Music Cognition, Psychology of Music, fMRI, affect, trauma Music Therapy Music Therapy19982000 Michael Hugo Thaut (research assistant), William B. Davis (grad student)
Deborah E. RuppIndustrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology2002 Russell Cropanzano (grad student)
Theresa M. RussellADF/Cofilin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology2012 James R. Bamburg (grad student)
Rakhshanda SaleemClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Ursula S. SandauNeuroscience Biology2006 Robert J. Handa (grad student)
Marc F. Schmidtneuroethology19861993 Stanley B. Kater (grad student)
Gwen L. SchmidtLanguage, autism20012006 Carol A. Seger (grad student)
Natalie V. SchwatkaOccupational Health and Safety, Industrial Psychology, Public Health Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences2014 John Rosecrance (grad student)
Luke A Schwerdtfeger Biomedical Sciences20172021 Stuart Allen Tobet (grad student)
Katie L. ScottCounseling Psychology, Mental Health, Psychometrics Psychology Psychology2013 Larry Bloom (grad student)
Brandi J. Scruggs2003 David D. Avery (grad student)
Carol A. SegerCognitive Neuroscience, Human Learning
Amanda E. SensenigMemory, educational psycohology2010 Ed L. DeLosh (grad student)
Predrag SerbedzijaNeurobiology Biology, Endocrinology Biology, Pharmacology2009 Douglas Ishii (grad student)
Annette ShtivelbandIndustrial Psychology, Occupational Health and Safety, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Hispanic American Studies Psychology2014 Patricia A. Aloise-Young (grad student)
Danielle SitzmanCognitive Psychology Psychology2013 Matthew G. Rhodes (grad student)
Mandy Skoranski Steven B. Most (research assistant)
Bret N. Smithepilepsy, vagal complex, electrophysiology F Edward Dudek (post-doc)
Ryan Alexander SmithParkinson's disease, rhythmic cueing, motor control, biomechanics Music Therapy20192021 Blythe LaGasse (grad student)
Kyra L. SomersAnimal Pathology Agriculture, Zoology Biology2000 Mary A. Thrall (grad student)
Brian J. Spiering Neuroscience, Category Learning, Neurcomputational Modeling20092011 Carol A. Seger (post-doc)
Lorann StallonesGeneral Psychology, Nursing, Health Care Management
Zachary J. SteinerOrganizational, Cognitive Psychology, Speech Communication Psychology2012 Zinta S. Byrne (grad student)
Leslie M. Stonetaste, cell biology
Matthew S. StrattonBrain Development, Neuroendocrinology Cell and Molecular Biology (Graduate Degree Program)2012 Stuart Allen Tobet (grad student)
Richard M. SuinnBehavioral Psychology, Higher Education Administration Education, Spirituality
Clayton W SwansonMotor Control, Gait, Balance, Turning, TMS, MRI Health and Exercise Science20162021 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Lubna TahtamouniADF/Cofilin2005 James R. Bamburg (grad student)
Michael M. TamkunIon Channels
Nathan Laurence TenhundfeldHuman Factors Department of Psychology20132017 Jessica Kate Witt (grad student)
Michael L Thomas
George C. ThorntonIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology Joseph Harold Tiffin (grad student)
Mary A. ThrallNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Pathology
Ronald Tjakens
Kristen M. TooleyPsycholinguistics2004 Benjamin A. Clegg (research assistant)
Robert D TorrenceEmotion, neuroscience, attention Psychology Psychology Lucy J. Troup (grad student), Donald C. Rojas (grad student)
C. (Dick) Richard TracyEcology
Lucy J. TroupCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Tammi Vacha-HaaseCounseling Psychology, Aging, Women's Studies, Gerontology
John W. van de Lindt
Jozsef VighNeuroscience Biology
Wayne VineySocial Psychology
Kurt D. VogelAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture Animal Sciences2011 Temple Grandin (grad student)
Vicki J. VolbrechtVisual System, Infant vision, Color Vision
Simon WaldbaumEpilespy2007 F Edward Dudek (grad student)
Keifer P. Walshactin dynamics, neurodegeneration, cofilin, proinflammatory cytokines, Alzheimer20092014 James R. Bamburg (grad student)
Raquel M. WaltonNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Pathology2006 Mary A. Thrall (grad student)
Peter J WeekesCestode biology and taxonomy Zoology19811986 Gerald D Schmidt (grad student)
Autumn M. WeeksNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, General Biophysics2006 Kathryn Partin (grad student)
Hillary Wehe
Michael J. Weiser2008 Robert J. Handa (grad student)
Lucy H. WenzelIndustrial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Personality Psychology, Management Business Administration2000 Russell Cropanzano (grad student)
Sarah E Westrick Biology Biology Kim Lisa Hoke (research assistant), Cameron K. Ghalambor (research assistant)
Jennifer D. WhitesellOlfaction, prion disease, Alzheimer's, neurodegeneration Biochemistry20062007 James R. Bamburg (research assistant), Colin M. Clay (research assistant), Michael M. Tamkun (grad student)
Tyler Whittier Health and Exercise Science2017 Brett W. Fling (grad student)
Christina M. WilkensExcitation-contraction coupling2002 Kurt G. Beam (grad student)
Erin WinterrowdClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies Psychology2010 Silvia S. Canetto (grad student)
Nicole A. Withrow-McDonaldNutrition Food Science and Human Nutrition2014 Susan Johnson (grad student)
Jessica Kate WittSpatial perception, Embodied perception, Evolutionary perception
Valerie F. WoodSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Psychology2010 Ruth W. Edwards (grad student)
Renee A. WoodallClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2004 Ernest Chavez (grad student)
Carly A. YadonColor Vision Psychology2010 Janice Nerger (grad student)
Wei-Hsiung Yang2001 Terry M. Nett (grad student)
Raymond K. YangDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Multilingual Education, Hispanic American Studies
Nancy A. ZookMemory, educational psycohology2005 Ed L. DeLosh (grad student)