Tufts University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jaerong Ahnneuroscience, learning and memory2018 Mimi H. Kao (post-doc)
Joshua A. Ainsleymemory formation2009 Leon Reijmers (post-doc)
Sabine AisenbreyRetina Dale D. Hunter (post-doc)
Reem Alzahabimultitasking, cognitive control, attention Center for Applied Brain & Cognitive Sciences2018 Matthew S. Cain (post-doc)
Nalini Ambadythin slices, nonverbal communication, dialect theory
Isabel Arrillaga-Romany
Edwin B. Astwoodendocrinology, hyperthyroidism
M. S. AtKisson Kathleen Dunlap (grad student)
Gerald D. Aurbachparathyroid diseases, bone metabolism19561959 Edwin B. Astwood (research scientist)
Maria Barth2010 Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Jessica D. BartlettDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Work Child Development2012 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
Mirit T. BarzillaiDyslexia, reading development Child Development2012 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Surina BashoDyslexia, reading development Child Development2012 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Carolyn M. Bauer Biology20102014 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Laura M. BealsTechnology of Education, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Web Studies Child Development2011 Marina Bers (grad student)
Jim H. BelangerNeuroethology19982000 Barry Andrew Trimmer (post-doc)
Kristin Bellanca Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Kevin J. BenderAxon initial segment, Ca channels, plasticity19982000 Barry Andrew Trimmer (research assistant)
Adrienne M. BenediktssonAstrocyte Structure and Physiology
Alison Krupin Berger
Jessica A. BernardMotor control, skill learning, aging20062007 Haline E. Schendan (research assistant)
Nan Bernstein RatnerFluency and fluency disorders (with an emphasis on stuttering), The role of parent-child interaction in typical and atypical communication development, Speech and language acquisition in typical children and children with communication disorders
Marina Bers
Thomas Biederersynapse formation
Gretchen E. BieseckerDevelopmental Psychology2001 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
A. R. Bilge Psychology2009 Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
Jeffrey L. Birk Psychology2014 Heather L. Urry (grad student)
Aaron P. BlaisdellAnimal Cognition, Comparative Psychology19992001 Robert G. Cook (post-doc)
Margaret Bloch-Qazi19992000 Barry Andrew Trimmer (post-doc)
Kathleen R. Bogartthin slices, nonverbal communication, dialect theory Psychology2012 Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Ellen C. BoiselleDyslexia, reading development2007 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Bailey M. BonuraSpatial Cognition, Cognitive Aging, Memory, Attention Ayanna K. Thomas (grad student), Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
Christopher O. Boyson Psychology2014 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Thomas BozzaOlfaction John S. Kauer (grad student)
Eugene P Brandonneurodegeneration, stem cells, regenerative medicine19821986 Klaus A. Miczek (research assistant)
Trevor Brothers Psychology20122017 Matthew Traxler (grad student)
Amy E. BruggerDevelopmental Psychology2003 Emily W. Bushnell (grad student)
Tad T. Brunye Psychology2007 Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
Andrew R. BurkeStress and drug abuse2012 Klaus A. Miczek (post-doc)
Caroline R. Busch2002 Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
Emily W. BushnellExperimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Luke K. Butler20052009 L. Michael Romero (post-doc)
Susan F. ButlerExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2004 Richard A. Chechile (grad student)
Kristina L. CallinaDevelopmental Psychology Child Development2013 Tama Leventhal (grad student)
Rosa Cao Philosophy Daniel Clement Dennett (grad student)
Ross A. CardarelliElectrophysiology, schizophrenia, dopamine, GABA, chloride homeostasis, epilepsy, neurodevelopmental/neurodegenerative disorders Neuroscience20132017 Stephen J. Moss (post-doc)
Michael T. CarlinCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Leonard CarmichaelNeuroethology, child psychology1917 Herbert V. Neal (research assistant)
Naomi CaselliSign Language, Deaf Education, Language Acquisition
Sarah R. Cavanagh Psychology2007 Heather L. Urry (post-doc), Lisa M. Shin (grad student)
Brian R. CavotoAnimal Cognition, Avian Vision, Comparative Psychology2002 Robert G. Cook (grad student)
Jessica R. ChamberlandCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2007 Richard A. Chechile (grad student)
Clement L. ChauDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Technology of Education Child Development2014 Marina Bers (grad student)
Jana H. ChaudhuriDevelopmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Black Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2006 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
Richard A. ChechileCognitive Psychology, Aging
Chiau-Ru ChiangDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2002 Emily W. Bushnell (grad student)
Meia Chita-Tegmarkpsychology, human robot-interaction
Tony Cijsouw Thomas Biederer (post-doc)
Jerome ClasadonteEpilepsy, sleep, glial cells Philip Haydon (post-doc)
Sallly Cocjin
Sally Cocjin Occupational Therapy Ilana Jacqueline Bennett (research assistant)
Michael A. Cohenvisual cognition, visual awareness, attention20052007 Daniel Clement Dennett (research assistant)
Ariel M. Cohen-GoldbergPsycholinguistics, linguistics
Andrew Coleman2014 Thomas Biederer (grad student)
Robert G. CookAnimal Cognition, Avian Vision, Comparative Psychology
Herbert E. CovingtonBehavioral Neuroscience2006 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Daniel H. CoxCalcium activated potassium channels Richard W. Aldrich (post-doc)
Randy T. CoyPhysiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Experimental Psychology2004 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Christopher K. CratsleyEcology Biology, Entomology Biology2000 Sara Lewis (grad student)
Meagan E. CurtisMusic cognition, Emotional communication Jamshed Bharucha (post-doc)
Nicole E. Cyr Biology20022007 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Kathleen A. DavePostnatal Neurogenesis20012003 Barry Andrew Trimmer (research assistant)
Felipe De BrigardMemory, Imagination Philosophy Daniel Clement Dennett (grad student)
Robert de Bruijn Biology2014 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Joseph DeBold1975 Klaus A. Miczek (collaborator)
Kristian C. DemaryEcology Biology, Entomology Biology, Genetics2005 Sara Lewis (grad student)
Xinxian Deng2006 Victoria Meller (grad student)
Mitul M. Desai cellular and molecular neuroscience, fMRI Biomedical Engineering20072011 Christopher I. Moore (grad student)
Molly J. Dickens Biology20042009 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Jennifer A. DiCorcia Psychology2009 Heather L. Urry (grad student)
Heidi B. DobishSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology2004 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Julie R. DobrowDevelopmental Psychology, Speech Communication, Mass Communications
Katharine Donnelly AdamsDyslexia, reading development Child Development2009 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Laurel Wylde DraneLearning and Memory2010 Leon Reijmers (grad student)
Joan R. DriscollDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology Child Development2008 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
Kristin N. DukesSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies, Women's Studies Psychology2012 Keith B. Maddox (grad student)
Kathleen DunlapCalcium channel modulation Gerald Fischbach (post-doc)
Sarah E. DuRant20112013 L. Michael Romero (post-doc)
Kristen Earle2007 L. Michael Romero (research assistant)
M Ann EasterbrooksDevelopmental Psychology
Ann EasterbrooksDevelopmental Psychology
Christophe EglesNeuroscience Dale D. Hunter (post-doc)
Sara P. FaccidomoAlcohol abuse and alcoholism2006 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Sanya FanousNeuropsychopharmacology
Pier Francesco Ferrarineuroethology of social behavior19971998 Klaus A. Miczek (post-doc)
David Fickbohm 19951997 Barry Andrew Trimmer (post-doc)
Eric C Fieldseeg, emotion, memory, social cognition Psychology20112017 Gina R. Kuperberg (grad student)
Eric W. FishBehavioral pharmacology19962003 Joseph DeBold (grad student), Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Jeannine C. FoleyAstrocytes
Melinda F. Franceschini Biology20022007 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Eric Frank
Jon Freemansocial neuroscience20072012 Nalini Ambady (grad student), Ken Nakayama (collaborator)
Catherine H. Freudenrich
Stephanie A. Gagnonmemory, decision-making Holly A. Taylor (research assistant)
Laura R. W. GaineyHedonic Feeding2009 Maribel Rios (grad student)
Marcy C. GoldsmithDevelopmental Psychology, Nuclear Physics, Experimental Psychology2004 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Kurt Goldstein psychiatry and neurology, Gestalt Psychollogy
Stephanie GottwaldDyslexia, reading development Education2014 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Stephanie A. GraySocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Black Studies2003 Keith B. Maddox (grad student)
Richard Griffin Ray Jackendoff (post-doc), Francesca Happe (collaborator), Daniel Clement Dennett (post-doc), Marcel Kinsbourne (post-doc)
Staci A. GruberExperimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2002 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Carl Erick HagmannMultisensory integration, cognition, psychophysics, animal behavior, autism
Kathryn L. HandwergerPost Traumatic Stress Disorder, rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex, dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex, rACC, dACC, PTSD Psychology2010 Lisa M. Shin (grad student)
Meg HaneyAddiction Research Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Carl Heilman
Celia Herrera-Rinconneuroscience, regeneration, Biology2015 Michael Levin (post-doc)
Cecilia A. HinojosaPsychopathology; PTSD; Neurobiology Psychology2016 Lisa M. Shin (grad student)
Edward S. HodgsonChemoreception Kenneth Roeder (post-doc)
Elizabeth N. HollyPsychopharmacology, Behavioral Neuroscience20092015 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Rebecca Homan19982003 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Howard C. HowlandVisual System19551958 Kenneth Roeder (grad student)
Howard C. HowlandVisual system19551958 Kenneth Roeder (grad student)
Dale D. Hunter19861990 Neil Nathanson (grad student), Joshua R. Sanes (post-doc)
Dale D. Hunter2006 Dale D. Hunter (post-doc)
Joseph P Hustonbehavioral neuroscience Osychology A.W. Mills (grad student)
Joseph P. HustonPhysiological Psychology Psychology A.W. Mills (grad student)
Lara S. HwaPsychopharmacology of alcohol dependence20092015 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student), Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
James Matthew IntriligatorVisual system
Jonathan Issberner 20002005 Barry Andrew Trimmer (post-doc)
Maria IulianoSynapse biology, synuclein, neurodegeneration
Ray JackendoffLinguistics
Stanley Jacobson
William R. JefferyEvolution of Development George Brawerman (post-doc)
James A. JosephMechanisms involved in brain aging and vulnerability to oxidative stress and inflammation; nutritional modulation of this sensitivity
Robin B. KanarekPhysiological Psychology
Mimi H. Kao
Jeffrey S. KatzConcept learning, sensation and perception, cognitive neuroscience Robert G. Cook (grad student)
Tami KatzirDyslexia, reading development2002 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
John S. KauerOlfaction
Elizabeth R. KazakoffDevelopmental Psychology, Technology of Education, Elementary Education, Educational Psychology Education Child Development2014 Marina Bers (grad student)
Matt KelleyEpilepsy2014 Stephen J. Moss (grad student)
Angie C. KobanAnimal Cognition, Avian Vision, Comparative Psychology Psychology2009 Robert G. Cook (grad student)
Gayathri Kondakath Biology2016 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Dong KongNeural Circuitry and Synaptic Plasticity of Neuron-Metabolism
Gina R. Kuperberglanguage, fMRI, ERPs, schizophrenia Psychology Phillip J. Holcomb (post-doc)
Lauren Laifer Psychology Lisa M. Shin (research assistant)
Christine R. LattinCorticosteroids, sex steroids, receptors, endocrine disruption, dopamine, biomedical imaging Biology20082014 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Ronald M. LechanHypothalamic disease, pituitary disease, disorders of the thyroid, adrenal disease, islet cell tumors1984 Stanley Jacobson (grad student)
Julie R. Leegwater-Kim
Emily A. LeungCognitive neuroscience, vision, memory
Tama LeventhalDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Guy Levylocomotion
Sara Lewis
Huai-Ti LinInvertebrate neurobiology, robotics Biology2011 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Yihsing Y. Liu-ConstantDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Fred Rothbaum (grad student)
Lisa C. LuciaCognitive neuroscience, memory, spatial cognition, perception2005 Haline E. Schendan (grad student)
Jacqueline C Ludwigmetamorphosis, myogenesis, neuobiology Biology/ PhD Candidate20162022 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Alicia D. LynchDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Child Development2011 Tama Leventhal (grad student)
Georgina MacKenzie Jamie L. Maguire (post-doc)
Keith B. MaddoxSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies, Women's Studies
Jamie L. Maguire
Stephen M. MaherCognitive neuroscience, vision, memory2004 Haline E. Schendan (grad student)
Silvia MandilloPsychobiology Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2001 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Gina Mantica
Nancy E. MartlandDevelopmental Psychology, Mass Communications, Information Science2001 Fred Rothbaum (grad student)
Cherie L. Marvelcerebellar cognitive function, psychopathology19931994 Joseph DeBold (research assistant)
E.J. Masicamposocial psychology20102011 Nalini Ambady (post-doc)
Heather D Masonjones1997 Sara Lewis (grad student)
Wendy F. MathesPhysiological Psychology, Pharmacology2000 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Jean MayerNutrition
Naya McCartneydevelopmental biology, cell biology, cell agriculture Biology Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Gary S. McDowellXenopus, biochemistry, cell and developmental biology Biology20132016 Michael Levin (post-doc)
Sally R. McIverglia, alcohol, neuropathic pain2008 Philip Haydon (post-doc)
Sara Delano McKenzie-Quirk Psychology2010 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Carlos Medina20112012 L. Michael Romero (research assistant)
Gina M. Melnik Psychology2007 Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
Devin P. Merullo20112013 L. Michael Romero (research assistant)
Klaus A. MiczekPsychopharmacology
Marshall G. MillerCognitive Psychology, Nutrition, Aging Psychology2014 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
A.W. Mills
Claudia Miranda-JulianClinical Psychology, Public Health, Social Work Child Development2013 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
Anthony P. Monaconeurodevelopmental disorders, autism, specific language impairment, dyslexia, chorea acanthocytosis and menkes disease
Sanne Moormanbehavioural neuroscience20172018 Timothy J. Gardner (post-doc), Mimi H. Kao (post-doc)
Stephen J. MossGABA receptor
Steven P. MoyseyManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2001 Arthur Winston (grad student)
Ritwika Mukherjee Biology2020 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Alison E. Mungenast20052009 Philip Haydon (post-doc)
Karin Muraszko
Matthew S. Murphy Psychology2014 Robert G. Cook (grad student)
Julie Murrell Dale D. Hunter (grad student)
Rebecca NardulliLanguage processing, signed languages
Anna Julia Nathansonpsychopharmacology, glutamate, ethanol withdrawal
Bradford Armando NaviaAIDS Dementia Complex, Dementia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Imaging
Herbert V. NealZoology
Benjamin C. Nephew19982003 L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Emily L. Newman
Jennifer L. NewmanBehavioral Pharmacology
Emily L. NewmanBehavioral Neuroscience Psychology Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Elizabeth S. NortonCognitive Neuroscience, fMRI, dyslexia, reading, ERP, mismatch negativity, reading fluency, autism spectrum disorders, language disorders Child Development20062012 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Alyssa G. O'RourkeDyslexia, reading development2002 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Kate K. O'TooleGABA(A) receptors
Reid OffringaData Science, Statistics, experimental psychology, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anterior Cingulate Cortex Psychology2012 Lisa M. Shin (grad student)
Philipp C. Opitz Psychology2013 Heather L. Urry (grad student)
Melissa OrkinDyslexia, reading development Child Development2013 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Lee OsterhoutNeurolinguistics, language processing Psychology19871990 Phillip J. Holcomb (grad student), David A. Swinney (grad student)
Martin Paczynskilanguage, fMRI, ERPs, schizophrenia Psychology2012 Gina R. Kuperberg (grad student)
Claire ParkerNeuroendocrinology, Behavioral Ecology20112009 Susan C.P. Renn (research assistant), L. Michael Romero (grad student)
Joseph J. Paton19982000 Barry Andrew Trimmer (research assistant)
Kristin J. Paukerintergroup relations, development of stereotyping and prejudice, social perception, multiracial Psychology20042009 Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Evan M. PeckBrain-Computer Interfaces
Rebecca Peretz-Langecognitive development, social cognition Psychology2015 Paul J. Muentener (grad student)
Jill M. Plevinskypediatric psychology, self-management, inflammatory bowel disease Eliot-Pearon Department of Child Study and Human Development20102012 Marina Bers (grad student)
Terri Krangel PogodaTBI, PTSD, health services research19992004 Lisa M. Shin (grad student)
Michael Polmear
Iris C. PonteEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology Child Development2008 Fred Rothbaum (grad student)
Sanjive Qazi19912000 Barry Andrew Trimmer (post-doc)
Maryna RaskinDevelopmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies Child Development2012 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
Leon ReijmersFear, memory, amygdala
Luke R. Remage-Healey2000 L. Michael Romero (research assistant)
Erin L. RichLearning and Memory L. Michael Romero (research assistant)
Shannon S. Rich2000 Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
John Rieffel Robotics20082009 Barry Andrew Trimmer (post-doc)
Maribel RiosObesity/Feeding Behavior; BDNF
Alexandra Rodman Psychology20072010 Lisa M. Shin (research assistant)
Kenneth RoederInsect Neurophysiology
Thomas Roedl20032005 L. Michael Romero (post-doc)
L. Michael RomeroBehavioral endocrinology19841988 Gregory L. Florant (research assistant)
Fred RothbaumDevelopmental Psychology, Mass Communications, Information Science
Nicholas O. Rule Psychology2010 Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Natalie RuskDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, General Psychology Child Development2011 Fred Rothbaum (grad student)
Jennifer Sasaki Russell neuroscience20092015 Leon Reijmers (grad student)
George SaveriadesNeuroscience, Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering Electrical Engineering20072013 Emmanuel N. Pothos (grad student)
Haline E. Schendanvision, learning, memory, meaning, knowledge20002003 Alice Cronin-Golomb (post-doc)
Annette Schmid Nalini Ambady (post-doc)
Luke Ian SchmittNeuroscience20052007 Richard J. Wurtman (research assistant)
Bertram Selverstone
Lisa M. ShinPost Traumatic Stress Disorder, rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex, dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex, rACC, dACC, PTSD
William Shucart
Barbara Shukitt-HaleCognitive Psychology, Nutrition, Aging
Jason SidmanDevelopmental Psychology2006 Emily W. Bushnell (grad student)
Michael A. SimonInvertebrate neurobiology, robotics Biology2010 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Sudhir SivakumaranNeuronal Oscillations, Cortical Activity, Neuronal Excitability, Ion-regulatory proteins, Epilepsy, Stroke, GABA, Development, Hippocampus, Memory, Synaptic Plasticity20132016 Stephen J. Moss (collaborator), Stephen J. Moss (collaborator), Jamie L. Maguire (post-doc)
Michael Slepiansocial psychology, organizational behavior Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Lara N. SlobodaCognitive Psychology, Aging Psychology2012 Richard A. Chechile (grad student)
Karen Muller Smithbrain development, Fibroblast Growth Factors, interneurons, astrocytes, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Bradford Armando Navia (grad student)
Robert Solomon
Volker Sonntag
Salvatore SoraciCognitive Psychology
Adam South Sara Lewis (grad student)
Bennett Stein
David E. Strochlicappetite regulation20032006 L. Michael Romero (research assistant)
Rangapriya SundararajanLearning and Memory Biology2009 Catherine H. Freudenrich (grad student)
Mallary I. SwartzEarly Childhood Education, Individual and Family Studies Child Development2009 M Ann Easterbrooks (grad student)
Holly A. Taylor
Douglas P TerryMRI, fMRI, DTI, schizophrenia, emotion, alzheimers, dementia Heather L. Urry (research scientist)
Ayanna K. Thomas
Michael L. Thompson
Jennifer W. Tideyaddiction, behavioral pharmacology, psychopharmacology, behavior19881995 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Natasha TigrerosEvolution and Development Biology, Ecology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Biology2013 Sara Lewis (grad student)
Mary A. Todghamthin slices, nonverbal communication, dialect theory Psychology2013 Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Negin R. Toosi Psychology2011 Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Barry Andrew TrimmerInvertebrate neurobiology, robotics
stéphanie troucheNeurosciences, neurogenesis, hippocampus, memory, dentate gyrus Leon Reijmers (post-doc)
Sevin Turcan Biomedical Engineering Douglas E. Vetter (grad student)
Catherine V. Ullman ShadeDyslexia, reading development Child Development2012 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Heather L. Urryaffective neuroscience Carien M. van Reekum (collaborator)
Linnea I. van GriethuijsenInvertebrate neurobiology, robotics Biology2012 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Laura E. VanderbergDyslexia, reading development Child Development2008 Maryanne Wolf (grad student)
Michael B. VanElzakkerPTSD, Neuroendocronology, neuroimmunology, chronic fatigue syndrome20102015 Lisa M. Shin (grad student)
Anke Vermehren 19982003 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Anke Vermehren PetersenInvertebrate neurobiology, robotics2003 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Seth Vogel2017 Thomas Biederer (grad student)
Yvonne Wakeford2006 Holly A. Taylor (grad student)
Josh Wallman1972 Kenneth Roeder (grad student)
Elsie Wang Nalini Ambady (grad student)
Alice Wang19921998 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Tomoyuki WatanabeCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology2001 Salvatore Soraci (grad student)
Elise WeertsAddiction Research1993 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Peter Winn
James Timothy WinslowBehavioral Neuroscience1987 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Arthur WinstonManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Joanna E. Witkinattention, working memory, emotion, mindfulness Psychology20072009 Heather L. Urry (research assistant)
Maryanne WolfDyslexia, reading development Jeanne Chall (grad student)
Jie Xuhypothalamus, neuronal metabolism neuroscience2015 Dong Kong (post-doc)
Rinah T. YamamotoExperimental Psychology2005 Robin B. Kanarek (grad student)
Dahe YangExperimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2008 Emily W. Bushnell (grad student)
Jasmine J. YapBehavioral Neuroscience Psychology2009 Klaus A. Miczek (grad student)
Jennifer Yihemotion, appraisal theory, emotion regulation Psychology20092011 Heather L. Urry (research assistant)
Farakh ZamanHuman Performance, Augmented Cognition Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering20182022 James Matthew Intriligator (grad student), Jason H. Rife (grad student)
Ricardo ZayasNeurodevelopment19972002 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Ricardo M. Zayas VenturaInvertebrate neurobiology, robotics2003 Barry Andrew Trimmer (grad student)
Yu-Dong ZhouSynaptic physiology, epilepsy, adult neurogenesis19972003 Kathleen Dunlap (grad student)